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The Chimay Trappist Beers, official video in English

(French language version)

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Memorial of St. Dominic, 8 August

A photo taken by Fr. Lawrence:
Icon of St Dominic

St. Dominic's Church in SF
St. Dominic's Church in Benecia
Contemplation and action: Pope reflects on example of St. Dominic
General Audience: Pope speaks about prayer of Saint Dominic

On the Prayer of St. Dominic

Was this movie ever completed and released?

Gun Control and Civil Liberties by Daniel McCarthy

Risk is a corollary of freedom, and while there may be irresistible political pressure to compromise liberty when there are enormous risks to the general public, it’s with good reason that there is little constituency for such things otherwise — unless, that is, dangers are magnified out proportion by ideologues and ill-premised fears are indulged by people who wish to wallow in timidity or paranoia.

Casino M8trix Opens

San Jose's Casino M8trix opens Tuesday after all

Apparently it is the replacement for Garden City. May of San Jose Chuck Reed was on the news talking about the casino as a source of revenue for the city. How long will it be the cash cow the city needs?

NYC Food and Beverage

Will BevMo! Carry It?

NLM: A New Monastic Beer from the Monastery of Norcia: Birra Nursia

More NLM Posts on Benedictines:
Monastère Sainte Marie de Lagarde
Tune in Daily for the Divine Office from the Abbey of Le Barroux
Going to NYC to attend a wedding. Planning to be back by Monday!

Paleo and [Paleo-]Libertarianism

Karen De Coster, Lew Rockwell on Ancestral Health and Government Schemes - 299. Take the 30 Day Primal Test. "Robb Wolf talks to Lew Rockwell about doing the opposite of what the government tells you, to live longer and better." (mp3)

So Robb Wolf is starting a separate podcast for things political - the Controversial Truth . Karen De Coster, Food Freedom: The Controversial Truth About the Bullshit Lies

More from Karen De Coster: Joel Salatin on Knowing Your Farmer: “Link up with the tribe.”

Meanwhile... Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 starts tomorrow, in Boston. Those Bostonians are lucky, if they cared enough to attend. I hope videos of the sessions will be made available again.

Ancestral Health Society - FB

Liberalism and Eudaimonia

Liberalism and the Absence of Purpose by Thomas Storck

Is freedom really the ultimate good of liberals? Or is it necessary for an end? I think liberals would concede that freedom is ordered to individual happiness; this is combined with an agnosticism about what happiness entails, and for them, it is not the function of the state to bring it about, nor to "impose" one view on all. Proponents of the New Natural Law Theory recognize a social good, or the good of friendship/associations/community. Liberals probably recognize friendship as a good, but do they understand the civic community to be an instantiation of friendship on a wide scale? Most Uhmericans cannot, because the form of community is absent - what holds is an aggregate of isolate individuals who associate with one another from time to time.

Is it proper to point to Jefferson's modification of Locke in the Declaration of Independence as the guiding ideology of the United States, as Mr. Storck does?

"The United States is firmly committed to the liberal theory. Governments derive “their just Powers from the consent of the Governed” and the purpose of government is simply to “secure” the rights to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Indeed, it would seem to follow from the argument in the Declaration of Independence that if any people did not think a government was necessary in order to safeguard those rights, then it would be perfectly just for it to have no government whatsoever. This seems to fit in very well with the logic of those libertarians who maintain that in actual fact government is not needed to procure the goods usually associated with it."

I am skeptical of the use of the Declaration of Independence as a proof text and unsure of the claim that the United States is firmly committed to the liberal theory. On the part of the elites? Maybe. On the part of average people? When it comes to justifying their moral stances - but the living arrangements in which they find themselves? It's "normal." Liberalism probably has become more and more the dominant ideology, but I do not think that people consciously adhere to it as the theory behind their own code of life. Do they support liberalism because it justifies and enables their own choices in life, and protects that "freedom"? I doubt we can make such a generalization covering all of the United States, though it may be more applicable to those living in a megapolis than older Americans living in small towns.

I am reminded of Jerry Salyer's Freedom is Not the Good and his comment on the Catholic confessional community.

If we were more willing to share land, would we have as much a problem with groups separating or secession? Is Christianity more "successful" in intact communities or in mass urban areas, where political community is no longer possible? What of the difficulty of converting the American aborigines (the story of the French Jesuits and the North American Martyrs)? It may be attributable to ingrained vice, but what about the factor of social cohesion and a strong group identity? And what of the tribes in South America - were the Jesuit reductions, and the American missions in general, a necessary tool of missionary effort and evangelization? How many hunter-gatherer groups have converted and yet remained hunter-gatherers?

The early Christian kingdoms (Armenia, Georgia) might be a sort of counter-example. I don't think conversions happened by force in those areas, unlike what happened with some of the Germanic tribes.

Humans are inclined to live with others, but that does not mean that there is a social good (or, good of community) that can be abstracted from how it is lived out (especially with respect to "higher" goods, like friendship with God). Those who lived together and enjoy debauching themselves - we would not say that this was a healthy community or "good friendship" even though they were enjoying each other's company and pursuing the same pleasures. If the pursuit of hedonism is a part of their group identity, how can they not feel estranged from those who do not participate, or see them as outsiders?

That hedonism may not be "required" by law but it is part of the culture that makes the community what it is, nonetheless.

Bishop Cordileone on KQED Forum

The program. I don't know how much longer the interview will last, but you can listen to it here.

He uses a version of the "seamless garment" argument (that put forth by John Paul II in Evangelium Vitae - a "consistent ethic of life"), and he does appeal to the language of human dignity. And then there is the talk about immigration and immigration reform. Is this as "conservative" as it gets?

The appeals by bishops to the common good need to stop, as it is meaningless when applied to a group that is simply too big (as the nationalistic conception of the United States entails). Without community there is no common good, and without assimilation there is no one community. If the bishops want to protect the common good then they need to start talking about the duty of immigrants to assimilate. (There may be a question of whether they should assimilate to Yankee culture, but that's another battle.)

The Land of Opportunity

Vox Day: Immigrants and the Economy

Most non-Anglo Americans have a very retarded and romantic attitude about immigration because their grandparents or great-grandparents were immigrants. First, they don't understand how those nineteenth and early twentieth waves of immigration harmed the USA for the obvious reason that they don't understand the Constitution or the English Common Law any better than their immigrant forebears from Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Scandinavia did. They may have the emotional attachment to the flag and the pledge of allegiance - the latter only created in 1892 - but they are not genuine Americans in the sense of having been born in a tradition of sovereign rebellion.
The've absorbed the Yankee national myth and an understanding of citizenship proper to servitude, not self-governance? (Does the latter go hand inhand with wage slavery?)

Dr. Fleming:
Our country was founded by certain sorts of peoples with a particular language, culture, and religion. It welcomed an increasingly diverse set of immigrants--Eastern and Southern European Catholics--but on condition that they make an effort to assimilate to our way of life. Since Catholics were here from the beginning--or in the case of Louisiana and the Southwest--even before the beginning, they only presented a problem if they tried to reproduce some of the Catholic institutions of the Old World.

The Gold Mountain attracted many Chinese men in the 1800s. What percentage of immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries came to the United States because they were fleeing persecution, as opposed to seeking greater [financial] prosperity? I'm betting few were coming for the sake of entering into a community with Anglo-Americans and being friends with them.

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A Rather White Movie

Though Terrence Howard does appear in the movie - he's not listed in the main credits in the trailer, however. Did they find American men to play the characters, or are they relying on Anglo imports? I don't recognize any of them.

AICN: Trailer for Walter Salles' adaptation of Jack Kerouac's ON THE ROAD is on the web!

I've never read Kerouac. Does his writing live up to the fuss? I found it interesting that the movie is produced by Icon.


I've been waiting at least 6 or 7 years for this book to be released by Ignatius Press; it should be out in November - Enchiridion Symbolorum, new, updated bilingual edition.

The Traditionalist Benedictines in Italy

Via NLM: Investiture in the Monastic Habit, Benedictines in Italy


Three Kitcheneers

3K meet Joel Salatin (Food Inc.)

Their website and YT channel.

More with Joel Salatin:

Parts 3 and 4

A Barefoot Running Debate: BORN TO RUN

The description for the video:

In this episode of BOOKD, find out what a podiatrist, an urban caveman, a professor of evolutionary biology, a world record setting masters runner, and author Christopher McDougall have to say about BORN TO RUN and the barefoot running debate.

Dr. Michael Perlstein is a podiatrist who owns his own medical practice and goes by the name of Brooklyn Foot Doc. To learn more about him, visit his website:

John Durant has been taking a paleo approach to health for the past several years. He is a founder of Barefoot Runners NYC and writes about being an urban caveman on his own blog:

Dr. Daniel Lieberman is a professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard University. Not only is he interviewed in the book, his studies greatly contribute to the idea that humans are born to run.

Kathy Martin is a real estate agent who, in her 40s, discovered a gift for running. She has set nine American and two world records in her age group.

Christopher McDougall is a journalist and author best known for his book, BORN TO RUN. To learn more about him, his book and the barefoot running debate, visit


Welcome to

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Obedient Wives Club

One Westerner responds against the organization and its purpose: Margaret Fox, Obedient Wives, Helpless Husbands

Christian MRAs can take this apart. A short comment on this:

For all you good men out there—fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and friends—let me just say, I believe in you. Because yes, Mr. Seminarian, Paul told wives to submit to their husbands. But he also told husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That means completely, self-sacrificially, and with her joy as the primary goal.
Her joy as the primary goal? Questionable. Christ loved the Church to the point of sacrificing Himself for it, but this was first of all to make manifest God's love and goodness, by making it possible for men to be in (supernatural) communion with God. Joy as an emotion? Does St. Paul not see that as a "problem" with marriage, that spouses (or hsubands) are preoccupied with pleasing the other? A husband does not subordinate his happiness to his wife's - his happiness may consist in loving his wife, but both spouses must love and cooperate with one another, and marital love is subordinate to the love of God.

Are Muslim women really pushing this because they've been brainwashed by selfish Muslim patriarchs? Or might it be that despite polygamy, Muslim women have more power in a marriage and Muslim men are less assertive (and aggressive) than we think? (Could it be that there is a problem with Muslim women withholding sex from their husbands?) Could it be that Muslim men have the same problem as Christian men in Uhmerica? It may be necessary for Christians to be critical of Islam as a false religion for its errors and it may be that its notion of patriarchy is exaggerated and wrong, but should we be so quick to draw conclusions about a particular society without knowing the causes of infidelity or spousal abuse? What if Muslim women are actually termagants behind closed doors? What do we foreigners know about what happens in the Muslim home? Are Muslim wives wholly blameless? Do feminists and socons have the pedestalization of women in common?

First, I recognize that sex is and should be an important part of marriage. For both partners. The Bible says, “Let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband. Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.” (1 Corinthians 7: 2-4)

Scripture’s picture of marriage is remarkably even-handed. A woman should be concerned with pleasing her husband, but a man’s first priority in sex, as in everything, is also to please his wife.
Is she inferring the second from the first? Please can be rather ambiguous - "rendering the conjugal debt" is not necessarily the same as [physically] ensuring climax for the wife (though this is supported by some TOB advocates), and it may even be that (1) climax for a woman is more dependent upon psychological factors (her mood, how she views herself in relation to her man, whether she respects him, and so on) and (2) the process leading to it is not as "egalitarian" (or "idealistic" or "romantic") as some might suppose.

If women are actually stimulated by someone who can be gentle and "manly" (rather than just gentle, maybe even to the point of not taking the initiative), whom are we to blame for this? Patriarchy? Could it be that female sexuality (as rooted in their "animal nature") is a bit more complicated than some would admit? Catholic moral theologians may debate whether following such impulses is venially sinful or a consequence of concupiscence, but I am thinking that so long as it is not gravely sinful (and I am not justifying certain acts which TOB supporters claim are "ok"), it would be better not to make such a big fuss about husbands and wives indulging in the sensitive parts of their nature. (Or issuing proscriptions in order to define the intent of the husband as being "pure" or in consonant with "love.") There are much bigger fish to fry.

If a married couple is experiencing discord in the bedroom, it would be better for them to get advice from a wise Christian than for theologians who may have been too influenced by feminism to issue so many directions.



Two Matthew on Suburbs

Matthew Cantirino, Get Off My Lawn and Matthew Schmitz, Deregulating the Suburbs

Kirk Sorensen on Thorium Reactors

Kirk Sorensen: A Detailed Exploration of Thorium's Potential as an Energy Source

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem - A Current Affair (June 22, 2012)

Her latest release. No MV yet.
60 Minutes interview.

Today Show

Dorothy Day, Marxist After Her Conversion?

The Thinking Housewife links to a piece at Tradition in Action: Socialist Dorothy Day Being Prepared for ‘Beatification’. Under the topics of related interest: The Catholic Worker Movement: A Critical Analysis
The Spirit of Madonna House
Why is The Angelus Promoting Socialism?

Does Carol Byrne (the author of the first two links) give a correct definition of socialism? Or is distributism being identified as socialism (as is done in the last link)? It's a rather ignorant association, but TIA, which prides itself as being "traditionalist" is not a reliable source of Catholic teaching or analysis. (We see in the third link a sweeping condemnation of the Liturgical Movement and of the Orthodox.) I'm not going to procure Byrne's book to double-check her facts.

The downside of lay people (especially those who lack proper formation in theology and philosophy) having too much access to electronic means of spreading their opinions...

"Articles on Distributism - 2" By Dorothy Day
"All the Way to Heaven is Heaven" By Dorothy Day

Bradford on Kirk

I most recently mentioned Russell Kirk and his books about the origins of the American political order in this post. The Imaginative Conservative posts something by Mel Bradford that is relevant: A Proper Patrimony: Russell Kirk and America's Moral Genealogy, in which Bradford discusses Kirk's The Roots of American Order. Not that Obama or most Democrats care. Who can revitalize the Southern Democrats?

Conservative Heritage Times posts a letter by Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South: The Poison of Multiculturalism. I was somewhat puzzled by his exclusive focus on white Americans, since I thought the LOS was open to black Southrons and was dedicated to defending traditional Southern culture as the common inheritance of Southern whites and blacks. (See the outreach from the Arkansas LOS.) The focus on whites is understandable in so far as Anglo-American culture was first the culture of white men, and multiculturalism seeks to eradicate its pre-eminence and simultaneously make white men almost personae non gratae in their own country. In the LOS FAQ it is stated:
Q:Why does the LS seek to protect the Anglo-Celtic core population and culture of the historic South? 

A: The Anglo-Celtic peoples settled the South and gave it its dominate culture and civilisation. We believe that the advancement of Anglo-Celtic culture and civilisation is vital in order to preserve our region as we know it. Should this core be destroyed or displaced the South would be made over in an alien image — unfamiliar and inhospitable to our children and grandchildren. We, as Anglo-Celtic Southerners, have a duty to protect that which our ancestors bequeathed to us. If we do not promote our interests then no one will do it for us.
But should the letter be taken as signalling a shift in direction for the organization? Or is it just a protest against the attacks by radicals upon white America?

As a result of the elite animosity towards average, middle American whites, it is acceptable to make "comedies" like The Watch and The Campaign, in which white men are mocked. Yes, there is a minority member in The Watch, but he seems to be more socially inept than anything, while Vince Vaughn's character is an obnoxious jerk and Jonah Hill's characters is a loser. (That's how they seem from the trailer, at least.) The four do become accidental heroes, but that doesn't make the set-up any less offensive.

Red Band

What was the last American comedy featuring white men who were not idiots and fools?

It's not surprising that the Ben Affleck movie, Argo, features mostly white faces as the story takes place during the '70s. Does the movie reflect a nostalgic love of the '70s in Hollywood? '70s chic? The '80s are tainted by Reagan and the rise of the yuppies.

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Tonight at the Freight and Salvage

Gillette Brothers - their website.

Cowboy music! Wish I could go.

Dominican Rite Mass in Seattle

Solemn Dominican Rite Mass, Seattle WA, 8 August 2012

The celebrant is someone familiar.

Found This Looking Through Regency Ball Videos

Civil War Ball: Duke of Kent's Waltz

From the Midwinter Ball 2012 - part 1 (subsequent parts haven't been uploaded yet?)

Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?

website & FB

Seeds of Freedom

Food Justice Conference: Closing Address with Vandana Shiva

Food Justice Conference: Sustainable Agriculture Panel
Food Justice Conference: Keynote Roundtable -- "Food Justice & Farm Advocacy in the U.S."

Chris Masterjohn's Lecture for the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise

Mother Nature Obeyed: Why Animal Fats Are Good for You — My Low-Carb Cruise 2012 Lecture

Embedded videos.

ABC's Last Resort

With women serving on US submarines taken as an everyday reality (and without any problems). I would be surprised if the US Navy gave support for the production of this series, as the plot involves insubordination, disobedience, etc., even if the plot justifies these actions.