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In the Area Next Friday

The Vespers, at Don Quixote's at 8 P.M. They'll be performing along with Bluetail Flies and Elisabeth Carlisle.

Elisabeth Carlisle:

Pat Buchanan on World Over

Daniel P. Aldrich on Social Capital

GlPiggy: Social Capital and Natural Disasters

His faculty page.

Another Critique of the Vegan/Vegetarian Diet

Vegan/Vegetarian Diets Can't Sustain Long-Term

The vegans will be out in force in the comments to the FB post.

Next week the 13th Annual Weston A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions Conference will be held in Santa Clara.

10 Tips for Making the Most of the Wise Traditions Conference

Can't Change a X to a Y

This photo on Facebook: Morro Bay Police Chief Amy Christey visits with Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel and Deputy Chief Steve Clark

Despite trying to look like a man, it seems that the new chief of Morro Bay Police Department cannot help but act like a woman, in this case, turning her body in towards the men in this photo. So much for being a man among equals.

It Might Seem Manipulative

but do we know all of the potential health risks of GMOs? Another ad for Yes for Proposition 37.

Punch Brothers on Austin City Limits This Weekend

Austin City Limits - Season 38

Recipe for Root Bear

Celebrate the Wort Moon: Make Your Own Root Beer!

An End to Fusionism?

What’s Paleo About Evangelicalism? by Darryl Hope

How representative of American "Evangelicals" are the commentators to this thread? Is there a possibility that Southrons Evangelicals especially may return to a more traditional understanding of politics?

"That's What Works For Her."

The Grace of Subordination by Elizabeth Duffy

How many Catholic women would reject her understanding of St. Paul?
In the Mass readings, Saint Paul exhorted wives to be subordinate to their husbands, and for husbands to love their wives as themselves, for the two have become one flesh.
I’ve never found the idea of wifely subordination difficult to stomach.  I have found it difficult to practice at times. And I wonder if difficulty practicing it has less to do with understanding subordination, than with understanding the second part of Saint Paul’s mandate: “the two shall become one flesh.”
Saint Paul backs out of explaining what it means to be of one flesh, saying, “It’s a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and his Church.”
Considering my husband and mine’s recent sleeping arrangements, if the one flesh union is all about sex, we may have reason to panic. And yet sex, in and of itself is not a great mystery. Anyone can have sex. And not everyone who has sex with another becomes one flesh with them.
“One flesh” suggests a continuous union, which is problematic if it’s only about sex. I picture Francesca and Paolo in Dante’s Inferno, glued together forever in an embrace that becomes their torment. Speaking of never getting any sleep…
The reference to Christ and his Church implies that being of one flesh is more about the Kingdom of Christ becoming present on earth and in the family, than about the sex that always comes first to mind.
I imagine the two becoming one in the bodies of our children. If the Kingdom of God is like the yeast that leavens several measures of flour, making it all rise, then making babies requires a little of my DNA, a little of my husband’s, a bit of yeast, and poof, little dough-balls rising in corners all over your house, growing while you sleep.
And yet, strangers can make babies together without undergoing the mystery of one-flesh union. And some married couples never conceive, but it doesn’t mean they are not of one-flesh.
I imagine then, it’s the orientation of our family–the constant challenge of directing ourselves towards God– the prayers we say with the kids at night, before we all go our separate ways to sleep. It’s the one-mind we share in this sleepless, suffering night–that in the morning, we’ll dwell together in eternity.
Or perhaps, it’s the way surrendering my constant need to be the authority on all possible opinions that may affect our family creates peace between my husband and me.
I think it’s all these things.
What holds man and wife together in the flesh? Sometimes its the kids, sometimes the sex, sometimes the prayers, sometimes the community in which we live, sometimes it’s the bond of thinking alike. All of them work together like blood, bone, heart, and head to keep the flesh intact.
Maybe Catholic feminists would not object to the following of St. Paul; but they would not surrender the goal of having a career (in the name of living out one's vocation or "serving the community") nor leadership positions (especially within the Church). (It may even be that these are the views of the author of this piece.)

An Unexpected Briefing

Air New Zealand - YT Channel

The Kiwi Sceptics, Episode 1

The latest character posters for The Hobbit.

Several Recommendations by Jack Donovan

Getting the Gang Back Together by Frost
Art of Manliness: Memento Mori: Art to Help You Meditate on Death and Become a Better Man

Joel Salatin at This Year's Ancestral Health Symposium

AHS12 Presentations
AHS channel

If Only It Were That Easy

CNBC: Seeking a New Startup Idea? Try Farming

The Delta Force, by Marvel

with action figures by Hasbro.

I remember seeing the promos for the cartoon series before it came out; I can't remember if I was already familiar with the comic books (to which my cousins introduced me). We played with our action figures a lot that one summer, but I wasn't a big collector of them. This version of SFOD-D may be laughable to us now, but the characters, with their backgrounds and specialties, did seem elite to us back then.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Parachute Parents

A riff on the term parachute children.

Parents who come to the U.S., have children and raise them here, and then bail, returning to their country of origin when it is time to retire, leaving their children (and their children's families) here. I know of at least two Taiwanese parents like this; one set has already moved back to Taiwan, another set is planning to, once it is time (children have finished college, settled, and so on). This sort of thinking does seem less than virtuous - making use of another country's resources and benefits so that one's children can have a better life, while never completely identifying with that country. How many of them held dual citizenship? (I believe Taiwan permits that.)

Probably the children do not want to live in Taiwan, as they grew up here, so what are the parents thinking in putting such a great distance between them and their children (and grandchildren)? It is convenient and cheap to get a plane ticket. For now, sure. In the next 20 years? Doubtful.

It would probably be incorrect to attribute to crass materialism the source of their ultimate motivations; after all, cultural comfort does play a role in their decision to return to Taiwan. But the decision to come and reside in the U.S. is less than praiseworthy, and given their cultural loyalties, would it not be right to be suspicious of whether they have the good of the "group" in mind, while they are living here.

Tuesday, Tuesday

Qualified Write-In Candidates for President/VP in California include:

Virgil Goode/James Clymer (Constitution Party)
Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano

Gary Johnson is on the ballot for the Libertarian Party. Decisions, decisions.

TAC: Conservative Vote: Round 2

Five more principled conservatives tell us how they're voting. (via CHT) - CHT has their own symposium. (I was interested in what Michael Cushman and Michael Hill had to say.)

Dean Koontz on World Over

Restless Movie to be Shown in Campbell Next Week

Restless is being shown at Cinelux Theater in Campbell on Nov. 7 (4 P.M.), Nov. 8 (7 P.M.), and Nov. 10 (9 A.M.). Tickets are $10 - advance sales only, no tickets will be sold at the door. To purchase tickets call Barry or Charlotte LeMay at (408) 379-6518.

Lissa Schneckenburger and Bethany Waickman

"Reel de Montreal", "Bay of Fundy" & "Bow on the Strings", Lissa Schneckenburger & Bethany

I need to come up with an appropriate and specific label...

The Dear Companion

From last year:


Mark Sisson Gets It

At least part of it -- the question of culture and identity is not addressed, but very few take a look at those issues, of whom, unfortunately, ethnonationalists may be the most vocal.

How to Survive a Natural Disaster

The importance of having people nearby on whom you can rely (and they you).

In my experience, most discussions about disaster preparedness overemphasize the individual aspects of survival. You’ve got your bug out bags, your go kits. You’ve got your fantasies of building underground bunkers capable of withstanding a direct hit from a nuclear weapon, amassing as much ammunition as you can find, stockpiling an arsenal that would put Michael Gross from Tremors to shame, and lining your property with machine gun nests, bear traps, and a moat full of great white sharks, piranhas, and salt water crocodiles. Ultimately, these folks are assuming the worst – not just of the situation, but of the people around them – and end up preparing to face the coming onslaught all by themselves. It’s important to be self-reliant, but is it enough? Is it even possible? Are you prepared to move that fallen tree blocking your front door all by yourself? What about the extrication of your living body from the ruins of your house – think that’s a one man job? Can you wrap wounds, set bones, and fashion slings? Do you have carpentry, hunting, and masonry skills? If not, you might want to think about having a group of people upon whom you can rely (and vice versa). You might want to think about obtaining the one resource you can’t simply buy and store in your garage (without going to jail, that is): friends.

Friends can help each other hunt, forage, and garden. Ten pairs of hands (or guns, or minds, or sets of legs) are better and far more effective at doing the things required for survival. Ten guns can defend better than one gun. Ten pairs of hands can chop more wood, carry more water, build more things, and pull more weeds than one pair of hands. Ten minds can come up with a better solution for water purification or shelter fortification than one mind. Ten sets of legs can cover more ground and find more survivors and food than one set of legs.

We all have friends, of course. But in today’s world of Facebook, Twitter feeds, message boards, email, and mobile phones that allow instant connectivity with anyone and everyone anywhere, our friends often live far, far away from us. Or perhaps across town, which doesn’t help us if the roads are blocked and our cars are underwater. For friends to be helpful in disaster recovery, they need to be close. What about our neighbors – the people who we do have at arm’s reach? These are the people who will be able to help us when disaster strikes. These are the people with whom we’ll be able to share supplies and divvy up responsibilities. However, research shows that these people are increasingly not our friends. We might share casual words on trash day with them, but we probably feel awkward asking them to feed our cat and water our plants when we’re away.

When life is going as planned, strangers are fairly civil to each other. You bump into someone in the mall accidentally, you apologize. You see someone coming up behind you as you enter the bank, you hold the door open. This is basic common decency. Easy stuff. But when the world is falling apart around you, what do you do? Your innate sense of preservation kicks in. You grab your kids, your spouse, call your friends, your parents, and stuff the cat into a pet carrier. In other words, you don’t even have to think about saving you and yours; you just act. This is an incredibly Primal response.

When you expand your circle of “yours” to include the people who live around you – and they expand their circles to include you – everyone looks out for everyone. Everyone’s better off. Most importantly, each individual person is better off, because if you’re the unlucky one whose ceiling fell in or whose canned goods were washed away, your neighbors are that much more likely to pull you out and invite you in for some canned tuna and water. And you’re more likely to do the same for them. The beauty of it is that because these are now your friends that need help, you don’t feel “put upon.” You want to help them, because, well, they’re your friends and that’s what friends do. That’s what a tribe does.

Research even shows that in real life disasters, it’s not the government aid, the fire trucks, or the emergency responders that really help people survive in the immediate. It’s the friends, the neighbors, the community. It’s Paul from next door who you let borrow your tool set last year who’s going to pull you out of your collapsed kitchen, not the anonymous emergency responder coming from fifty miles away. A government worker isn’t going to know how many people live in the house across the street, nor will he know whose room is whose; you will. The official response is important, but we can’t rely on it (or ourselves) for everything.

Read More

While members of the paleo/primal movement tend to identify themselves as "libertarian," one sees that there is, nonetheless, a convergence towards some version of communitarianism from disparate perspectives, all rejecting those obstacles and institutions which impede authentic liberty. While the divide between [traditional] conservatism and libertarianism [liberalism] may be as sharp as Russell Kirk claims, it may be that most Americans retain an understanding of the importance of family and friends that they are not wholly liberal in their beliefs and open to being convinced of "communitarianism."

Christopher Shannon Reviews Ferrara

A Declaration of Catholic Independence by Christopher Shannon

He offers a critique at the end of the piece, but he ends it on more of a "traditionalist" note than not:
Any honest look at American history will show that negative liberty, “freedom from,” has consistently triumphed in its battle against positive conceptions of human flourishing and the common good. It will also show that there is nothing in our quasi-Masonic public religion, from Washington and Lincoln to Ronald Reagan, which could have prevented this development. Catholics can work with the American system, but they first must realize what it is. When the Church converted the Roman Empire, it knew that it was dealing with a pagan institution. American Catholics since John Courtney Murray have approached the U.S. Constitution, and the American ideal of liberty, as somehow crypto-Catholic and in need only of our full-throated assent. If Catholics are to be truly Catholic in America, and not just a branch office of the Church of Liberty, we need to first stand apart from a political tradition born in a revolt against the Catholic Church.
"Traditionalist" may be too narrow a term, in this case. Maybe there are some Catholic intellectuals on the "left" who would agree with Dr. Shannon, rejecting liberalism in favor of their own version of "Catholic" statism. (But Dr. Shannon himself is not a man of the left, as far as I know.)

Christianity Today Interview with Ross Douthat

Can't remember if I posted this already.

Q & A: Ross Douthat on Rooting Out Bad Religion

Alas, he cites Lincoln:

How has Christianity historically tempered nationalism? 
The idea that America has some distinctive role to play in the unfolding of God's plan is compatible with orthodox Christianity. But it should be tempered by recognizing that America is not the church. It's fine to see ourselves as an "almost-chosen people," as Abraham Lincoln put it, but if we decide we're literally chosen, then we've taken a detour away from a healthy patriotism towards an unhealthy nationalism.
Lincoln was not an orthodox Christian, but we can look at his second inaugural address as a model for how Christians should think about these issues. He was open to the idea that history unfolds in a providential way, that the American Civil War could have theological as well as political significance. 
But he tempered that by emphasizing that providence and God's purposes are mysterious. He emphasized that God simultaneously passed judgment on North and South alike, that the war is a chastisement rather than a pure apotheosis of the American idea. If you're too confident in assuming that America's and God's purposes are one, you tiptoe toward idolatry.

Clyde Wilson, More Dubious Notions

Paul Gottfried on Romney

Romney Is an Impediment to ‘Burkean Conservatism’

Daniel Larison, There is No Realist Case for Romney

And here is a video with Joel Salatin at LPAC 2012:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Only one visitor tonight for Halloween - she was white, too. Does that say anything about the neighborhood? Or maybe I just turned the exterior light on too late... 30 minutes or more after sunset.

More at AICN on the SithNey Takeover of Lucasfilms

AICN: So, STAR WARS... What Happens Now?

Lando was on NCIS last night, playing the best friend of Gibb's father. Will any of the original cast be back for the new trilogy? They say that it will be marketed to a new generation of fans, but shouldn't we have learned our lesson by now, and be wary of introducing it to our children? And then there's the possibility of a reboot/remake of Indiana Jones! Those movies can't be made in multiculturalist/girl-power Hollywood anymore. No River Phoenix roughing it with his scout troop - he'll have to have some girl as a buddy, and she orders him around. Or worse, Disney will re-do the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. (Did they have an episode on the American suffragettes? There will be one in the new series. Young Indy demonstrating because his mother isn't allowed to vote!)

Would the new Star Wars be dumbed down even more, with Lucas's oversight and Disney's influence, or will some fresh blood be allowed to restore the franchise to a level that can be appreciated by people older than 10? Some are optimistic because of what Disney has done for the Marvel movies. Will the state of the global economy in 2015 enable anyone to care?

Vox comments on the news.

American Conservative Symposium on the Election

The Conservative Vote: A Symposium

PJB voices his opinion here. Daniel Larison adds some personal notes, and he also has this post: Replacing the Congressional GOP’s Leadership.

Gutzman on the Tyrant Lincoln

In advance of the release of Steven Spielberg's propaganda movie (FB)... Lincoln: An invented hero

From 2011:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Richard Heinberg's Fibonacci Tiny House

Patriarch Bartholomew on Vatican II

From several weeks ago: Greetings of Ecumenical Patriarch at Vatican II anniversary celebration
Over the last five decades, the achievements of this assembly have been diverse as evidenced through the series of important and influential constitutions, declarations, and decrees. We have contemplated the renewal of the spirit and “return to the sources” through liturgical study, biblical research, and patristic scholarship. We have appreciated the struggle toward gradual liberation from the limitation of rigid scholasticism to the openness of ecumenical encounter, which has led to the mutual rescinding of the excommunications of the year 1054, the exchange of greetings, returning of relics, entering into important dialogues, and visiting each other in our respective Sees.

Our journey has not always been easy or without pain and challenge, for as we know “narrow is the gate and difficult is the way” (Matthew 7.14). The essential theology and principal themes of the Second Vatican Council – the mystery of the Church, the sacredness of the liturgy, and the authority of the bishop – are difficult to apply in earnest practice, and constitute a life-long and church-wide labor to assimilate. The door, then, must remain open for deeper reception, pastoral engagement, and ecclesial interpretation of the Second Vatican Council.

Food MythBusters -- Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

I Didn't Think It Would Get a Third Season

Cowboys & Indians: It's Official: 'Hell On Wheels' Will Return For Third Season

I think the main character is interesting, but I didn't agree with some of the "casting changes" that took place in the finale.

Circe Institute Video: Wendell Berry Accepts 2012 Paideia Prize

Circe Institute

Another Supporter of Proposition 37

Slow Food International Congress Adopts Statement in Support of California's Proposition 37, To Label GMOs


Empire: Star Wars: Episode VII For 2015
As Disney buys Lucasfilm

Has Lucas been lying all this time when he denied that he planned for a 9-part series? (He already flip-flopped once.) Just waiting for a big company to buy him out so he could put the blame somewhere else? Or does he want money so badly that he changed his money because of this lucrative deal?


Something better... Cary Elwes looks back at 'The Princess Bride' at 25. Any possibility of a Princess Bride homage on Psych?


I saw a promotion for this book. So why did they choose Indivisible for the title of the book? It may be a reference to a proposed interdenominational alliance of Christians, especially Evangelicals and Catholics, but is it also an allusion to the Pledge of the Allegiance? If so, then does it not reveal a nationalist understanding of the federal union, which coupled with more movement politics is just more of the "same old." Any talk about economic freedom is naive, if the authors do not deal with those factors which curtail that freedom, and plays into the hands of the Republican Party.

The book may sell, but IP should choose more carefully...

James Robison on the book.
Currency of the Founders

Video with Glenn Beck: Parts 1 and 2

A Book I May Get...

It has been mentioned over at the Archdruid Report, in conjunction with his fictional series on the end of America and the discussion of regional identities. A good supplement to Albion's Seed?

Colin Woodard, American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America.

His blog.

Author Takes Fresh Look at Shaping of U.S. Cultural, Political Landscape
(YT copy) Google Books
Excerpt in Rolling Stones Magazine.

Eleven Nations, Most Under God

Running for President of 11 Nations

Related: Steve Sailer: "Ben Franklin: "Britain was formerly the America of the Germans""

天使の絵の具(New Recording)-超時空要塞マクロス-

Monday, October 29, 2012

Super Cool Biz

The Japanese government started to push a more casual summer business/work dress code last year, after the tsunami and earthquake, in order to get people to adapt to reduced availability of electricity, and by extension, air conditioning. There was a feature on clothing for this trend on NHK World's Tokyo Fashion Express. It confirms what I thought about the compatability of the traditional Western business dress code and hotter climates - they're not, unless one has cheap energy for A/C. Which makes one wonder: what the British do during the hot summer months? Bide their time until they make it inside a cooled environment? What did the gentlemen do in the 19th century? Pampered nobles probably would not put up with the sweat that comes with wearing a dress coat in hot weather in the name of tradition.

The wearing of a jacket may be a marker of status, or just required by tradition, but what can one do to make this possible and healthy when the weather is hot? It is one thing to have multiple layers in a hot dry climate for protecting the body and conserving water, but what about where it is more humid?

Japan's MOE Promoting 'Super Cool Biz' Campaign for 2012 to Help Save Energy
Japan’s “cool” summer dress code
It’s Baaack! The Return of (Super?) Cool Biz
Cool Biz

A Little Way of Homeschooling

Or, unschooling.

Audio: Suzie (Zeiter ’87) Andres on “Unschooling” - Judy Dudich

The book is published by Hillside Education.

CNA interview
A review by a TAC alum.
Catholic Mom review

Not Finished Yet.

Will I stay with CM? Even now I feel like bailing if it were at all possible, though it's more because of the behavior of the students and the excessive amount of "management" they require. If they don't take CM seriously, then they should just sit outside the classroom instead of being disruptive, but I haven't taken that rather extreme measure yet. I could call their parents, but what is preventing the spark of charity from catching on fire? A poor children's liturgy? Poor lifestyle habits at home and within the family?

Why bring feminism up with the other teachers or with the community when the ecclesial establishment stays silent or worse, accepts it? Someone might complain and report me for sexism. I suppose if the priest were sympathetic to the concerns then something might be accomplished, but if someone complains against him to the bishop or the chancery, what is the likely outcome? Until the Church rejects this culture it will continue to lose members and be irrelevant as a sign and vehicle of salvation.

A student (the same girl, in fact) asked if it is ok for Catholics to participate in Halloween/Trick-or-Treat. Since none of their priests had spoken against it, I told them that it was up to the decision of the parents, though I added that they should not be a source of scandal to others, nor should they celebrate or glorify death, or the ugly, the macabre, or the horrific. Those who dress up as zombies or corpses and the like do not do so in the spirit of those celebrating the Day of the Dead - remembering one's ancestors. Rather, they are having fun grossing people out and playing on exaggerated fears of death and the like. It doesn't seem psychologically healthy. So how many Catholics will be dressing up their children as saints?

The Problem with Belief

Whether it is true or false, is that it influences the exercise of conscience and moral judgment. An example: this position of health educator.

Looking at the activities employed for nutrition education, one sees an emphasis on "calories in, calories out" and the acceptance of current Fed. Gov't. recommendations: fruit, wheat products. No explicit mention of fats and protein (and how little they should be consumed because of heart disease, obesity, etc.) but for a program that is funded by the state, one should expect that it follows both the state and federal guidelines on nutrition.

If I were not inclined to think that the low-carb/paleo movement is right about healthy diets, I could easily apply for such a job. But because I do, my scruples about miseducating children come into play. I suppose I could get confirmation of my suspicions if I am asked to be interviewed, but why compound frustration and disappointment?

Special Lecture Series at Holy Transfiguration Monastery

From the Announcements:
Holy Transfiguration Monastery invites you to participate in a six week lecture series on the DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHRISTIAN LITURGY (communal worship) as experienced in the Church of both East and West. The renowned liturgist and patristics expert, Fr. David Anderson, will lead the course of studies. Lectures will be offered at the Sheptytsky Hall of Holy Transfiguration Monastery, 17001 Tomki Road, Redwood Valley, Ca 95470, on:

NOVEMBER 13, 20, 27, and DECEMBER 4, 11, 18
at 7 P.M.



The monastery is a bit far for me - Redwood Valley. I didn't remember I had gone that far by bus.

Fr. Anderson had a series of classes in September in Marin on the Fathers of the fourth century. He is the pastor of St. Peter's Church in Ukiah.
No more news and photos from Daylife, apparently since August.

Monastic Family of Bethlehem of the Assumption of the Virgin and of St. Bruno

Remembering the existence of this group, I did a search to see if there were more links since I last looked into it. I did find some.

The Birth of the Monastic Family of Bethlehem
Artes do Mosteiro

A video:

Monastic Brothers of Bethlehem (in France) from onecatholic on GodTube.

The Cornerstone #14 - Sacred Eastern Architecture

The Cornerstone #14 - Sacred Eastern Architecture by AirMaria

I think I posted this last time: Chant from the Desert.

Foghorn Stringband in Town in November

Sharing the stage with Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys, at 9 P.M. , November 5.


The schedule in the Bay Area:
11/07/12 Foghorn Stringband Berkeley, CA Ashkenaz with Eric and Suzy Thompson United States
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: TBD.
Age restrictions: All Ages.
Address: 1317 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702. Venue phone: (510) 525-5054. Come get your Cajun! This is going to be a dance party!

11/08/12 Foghorn Stringband Oakland, CA Marxist Library United States
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: TBD.
Age restrictions: All Ages.
Address: 6501 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94609.

CBA on the Web

Some videos:

On WAMU's Bluegrass Country

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Conservative Feminist?

Severing the Ties That Bind: Women, the Family, and Social Institutions
by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
From the beginnings of the woman’s movement in the mid-nineteenth century, feminists focused on the injustice of women’s subordination to men within the family, and they gradually secured a number of reforms, beginning with a married woman’s right to own property in her own name. Second wave feminists even more sharply condemned the family as the cradle of women’s oppression, and they successfully campaigned for no-fault divorce, recognition of marital rape, and other forms or assistance for the wives of abusive husbands. Many of these changes represented significant progress for women, many of whom had previously lived in dependence and without any resources they could call their own. As recently as the 1960s it was often extremely difficult for a married woman to get credit in her own name.

Few today would, I think, dispute the positive value of these and related changes, but some are also beginning to worry that they have come at an exorbitantly high price.
If a married woman does not have income because she is a full-time homemaker, is it right for her to be able to get credit "in her own name," if it is her husband who will be held responsible for it? Unless it was the case that she would be solely responsible for her debts, but what evidence is there that the laws were written in this way?

Why did the feminists seek? It could be argued that what they wanted was a license to despise their beta husbands and to be free of his authority, not being equal to them in law but surpassing them.

Who Has the Guts?

In CM class today we were discussing the election briefly, and one of the boys said something to the effect that we had to choose between two men (since we were talking primarily about the presidential election). The one of the girls corrected him, saying that there are women on the ballot too. It seemed less of a statement of fact and more of making an egalitarian point, that there are female politicians, and to ignore this or to claim that women should not be in positions of leadership would be wrong. The word "sexist" did not come up in the classroom, fortunately. How do the Western churches fight against this feminist indoctrination? They don't, because they've already capitulated.

I note that making a comment  in front of children or students that could be deemed sexist is considered child abuse, according to the standards of the local church. Weak and erroneous bishops bring chastisement upon themselves and their flocks. Small wonder that traditionalists stick together - they wouldn't be tolerated by the ecclesial establishment.

Despite accommodating to the mores and beliefs of the world, the Western churches have done nothing to diminish its enmity. Let those who obstinately reject any part of Church teaching be cut off, and hold fast to preaching the truth to the faithful, regardless of the consequences that the world may inflict upon the Church.

Should I Watch This?

Does he contradict St. Paul or St. Augustine?

Fr. Z: Archbp. Chaput: “We are Catholics before we are Americans”

One of the comments at Fr. Z's:
Maybe you don’t have an American identity but I do. I’m descended from colonists that fought the Revolutionary War on both sides of my family. This may be trivial to you, but not to many of the oldest American families. That said, it’s not the same thing now to say you’re American that it was just a few short years ago. The condition of the country is disgraceful. The country lies face down in the gutter. It’s very painful to watch.

It’s also very painful to have to make a choice between being Catholic and being American. It’s not like we will run off to some other country though. Patriots stand their ground and do the right thing. A person can be both Catholic and American and that must always be the case. Otherwise America no longer exists, and this is just real estate.

Catholics should not be "partisan," ignorant members of one party or the other, but they should have a group identity, starting with the local. The "national" identity is the weakest and it is also founded upon a misunderstanding of the federal union. Will there be parties at the local level, if we had a more "decentralized" situation? Probably, but they should be more accountable to the members of the community?

More on OODA Loops

Chet Richards, What does a “broken OODA loop” look like? and How OODA loops break

Mozart Piano Concerto No 15 B flat major K 450 Hogwood

Beverly Meyer's Farewell Episode

Farewell to “Primal Diet – Modern Health”; Everything I Know About Health, in a One Hour Show

Bearfoot on Mountain Stage

NPR: Bearfoot On Mountain Stage
"October 10, 2012 This was one of the bluegrass band's final concert appearances featuring its current lineup, as singer Nora Jane Struthers and bassist P.J. George are set to leave Bearfoot behind."