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Patrick J. Deneen on Liberty

Saving liberty from liberalism

Also from Professor Deneen: A Catholic Showdown Worth Watching

Praying Without Ceasing

Paleo Movement Interview with Gary Taubes

Interview with NuSI Co-founder Gary Taubes

Interview with Joel Salatin from October of last year.

More on the Coca-Cola CM

The commercial was aired tonight during NBC's broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.

Fathers Cannot Be Replaced by Mothers

NYT: Book Explores Ways Faith Is Kept, or Lost, Over Generations

"Bengston's major conclusion is that family bonds matter...But Professor Bengston also found that one parent matters more than the other--and it's Dad."

The author's faculty page.

Oxford University Press

Social Work Professor Vern L. Bengston Has The Key To Jewish Continuity
The Christian Century interview

Why Johnny Can’t Pray– Why Catholic Religious Education is Doomed to Fail.

Yale 2013 Chubb Lecture with Wendell Berry

"An Agro-Ethical Aesthetic:" A Conversation with Wendell Berry
Michael Pollan & Wendell Berry Live at the Clifton Center!
Wendell Berry, Avenali Chair in the Humanities, 2012

Encore: Wendell Berry: Poet and Prophet

Wendell Berry, The Pleasures of Eating

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Monday, February 03, 2014

A Noticeable Absence

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Anaheim

No iconostasis. Built during that period when there was a reaction against the iconostasis? Still, it looks better than most modern Roman-rite temples. (It could almost be one - the length of the nave seems more Latin than Greek - Roman basilica design?)

Paying Lip Service to Multliculturalism to Gain Customers

90-second version

It's Beautiful in English
It's Beautiful in Tagalog

What else should we expect from large multinational corporations? Their loyalty is to mammon, and endorsing the proposition nation serves that end.

Corporations are not friends of the polity, and their use of mass media for advertising also furthers an ideology at the same time.

The Spearhead

Jack Hunter rebranding himself?

The Triumph of the Low Mass?

See the accompanying photos for these articles to get an idea of what Pope Francis's daily mass at Santa Marta is like:

Pope Francis at daily Mass: the fruitfulness of praise
Pope Francis at Mass: bishops, priests ordained to serve
Pope’s Santa Marta Homily: Christian mediocrity leads to a ‘loss of sense of sin’

Now it can be said that the pope's private Mass has been "low" for quite some time, and this was true of Pope Benedict. (I can't remember if there was an option to celebrate ad orientem or not, and if there was an option rather than ad orientem being necessary, if Benedict preferred it.) But it was rare to see a photo of Pope Benedict's private Mass, which was attended by a select few. Pope Francis has allowed photos to be taken and attendance has been opened up to certain individuals and groups. His ars celebrandi is an example for the Roman rite, whether intended or not.

Does a low rather than solemn Mass save "time" for the bishop of Rome, who is a busy man? And does Pope Francis' health prevent him from singing? Regarding the second question, even if he cannot sing recto tono, this does not mean that other ministers (such as the lectors) cannot sing their parts. As for the first point, one could argue that it is incumbent on the bishop to celebrate the liturgy well, even if it is "private," both for his own edification and those in attendance, and for the glory of God. To excuse the low Mass as being "good enough" for God is just that sort of minimalist attitude to the liturgy/Eucharist that is a problem for Roman Catholics. A "simple" liturgy should nonetheless engage all of man, his senses, intellect, will, and excellences, so that he might glorify God with all of his being.

A vote of no confidence? Beyond that point...

Iconography Workshop at Holy Transfiguration Monastery


The Biggest Circus of the Year

This afternoon I was driving to a Chinese restaurant in Milpitas. 280/880 were rather empty today; most people were off the road watching the Super Bowl? You won't get that sort of abstaining from unnecessary travel on any other Lord's Day.

Superbowl Sunday is America's Biggest Religious Holiday

Fr. Schall wrote a defense of Superbowl 'spectating.'
Noam Chomsky with an opposing view.

Nickel Creek Reunion Album and Tour

Tour Dates - Oakland, May 19

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Plans for the new Greek Orthodox cathedral in San Francisco.

Daniel Defense Commercial

Which the NFL refused to air during the Super Bowl, the biggest circus of the year...

Daniel Defense

More videos:

Hayao Miyazaki Comments on the Industry

Anime News Network


via AICN

If the show (scheduled to air in the summer) does well ratings-wise, Maybe Fox can take a cue from Strike Back for possible future seasons.
If I ever 'Dox,' it's not because I no longer believe in the primacy of Rome or some Roman Catholic teaching, but because the Orthodox are better in upholding patriarchy than the Latins. Despite any differences in culture or ethnicity, this could be the 'deal-breaker.'