Saturday, August 02, 2014

Friday, August 01, 2014

Nam Sang Mi!

Been enjoying watching her in The Joseon Gunman (조선 총잡이).

An Opus Dei Strategy

Vatican Insider: Christian “spiritual marketing” in Korea

Bourgeois respectability...
But there is a risk that “the goal could become merely a numerical question because has been a marked drop in Sunday mass attendance: only 22% attend Sunday mass compared to 80% of Catholics twenty years ago. This says it all: “If the Korean Church wants to grow in terms of quality and richness of faith – today’s challenge – it should make their own the values the Pope will be highlighting on his forthcoming visit, starting with the “Evangelii Gaudium” and his passion for the poor.”
Spotted on a car today: An Obama in 2012 sticker, right next to a sticker of the Rosary circling a stylized image of our Lady. Cognitive dissonance?

Child of God

Twitch: Review: James Franco's CHILD OF GOD Is A Revelation


Postcarbon Prospects for Tuscany

A peek at a possible post-peak oil future by Lakis Polycarpou

AJ and Betsy Lee with Tommy Mizzone - "Be All Smiles Tonight"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Catholic Feminism

More With Andrew Nikiforuk


Vampire Medical Drama?

Korean pop culture sinking to a new depth?

다비치 (DAVICHI) - 괜찮아 사랑이야 (It's alright This is Love) MV

Hrm, a rather scandalous screenshot for the MV, which is taken from the drama. The conservatism of Korean television continues to fade.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Energy Slaves

The Extraenvironmentalist, Ep 76 - an interview with Andrew Nikiforuk and his book, The Energy of Slaves: Oil and the New Servitude.

KMO Interviews James Howard Kunstler About the Third Book in His World Made by Hand Series

425: A Cheerful Engagement with Reality

Doomstead Diner

Tazza 2

One Fanboy Is Excited

Destroy All Monsters: All The World Is Waiting For You, Wonder Woman

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, ruined already because of a loss of focus as a result of DC Comics' attempt to build a superhero franchise comparable to Avengers?

'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Set Photos Show Off Massive Destruction
Is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a Real Movie?

Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be doing well with the reviewers.

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' End-Credits Scene Leaks Online

Twitch review

An Update on the Sewol Sinking

Asia News: Korea, Sewol survivors: Crew and Coast Guard abandoned us

Deep spiritual sickness in Japan? It's not just a psychological problem. Shock in Nagasaki after 15-year-old student kills and dismembers best friend

Melkite Patriarch's Appeal

Gregory III: "Christians and Muslims, we are each other's best guarantors"

Herman Daly on Steady-State Economics

Cold War Leftovers (Resilience)

Fr. Z Links to Some News Concerning the SSJ

Dust up in Paraguay

Honey You Don't Know My Mind - Michael Daves & Noam Pikelny

More with PJB


Monday, July 28, 2014

This Will Probably Be Discussed Somewhere in the Androsphere

Sexual Harassment at Comic-Con in the Spotlight

Sex Trouble: Feminists Worry That Disney Movies Are Making Girls Heterosexual
Audrina Patridge
Freddie Prinze Jr.: 'Unprofessional' Kiefer Sutherland Almost Made Me Quit Acting
Pool, phones, yoga: world intrudes on Amish now home in Ohio after prison
Celebrity Brides Who Ditched the White Dress
Trendy Chipotle burritos show how pricing power belongs to the hip

Josh Radnor: This Decade's Zach Braff

Both annoying examples of modern Uhmerican masculinity, as portrayed in the MSM. Braff first gained prominence through the show Scrubs; he then wrote and directed Garden State. Radnor played the main character in the execrable How I Met Your Mother. He wrote and directed Happythankyoumoreplease and Liberal Arts - I borrowed a copy of the latter from the library, but beyond Elizabeth Olsen there isn't much to grab my attention. (Michael Weston's character is even more annoying - a few of the deleted scenes feature his subplot, and his character is an even bigger insult to masculinity than Radnor's.)

Finally, a Liberal Arts Movie?

Some Nickel Creek Videos

Nickel Creek: Newport Folk 2014

Patrick Buchanan Has a New Book

on Nixon...

Jack Donovan at AmRen 2014

KKB and Annie Staninec!

Block and Punch...

Tommy Caruthers shows why it's unrealistic... how about simultaneous block and punch then?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wendell Berry & Gary Snyder: Distant Neighbors


Wendell Berry: A Strong Voice For Local Farming and the Land

Wendell Berry: 'for Americans to talk about sustainability is a bit of a joke'

Yale 2013 Chubb Lecture

The Berry Center

Rhonda Vincent - Back On My Mind Again

James Garner, Quintessential Middle American?

James Garner: Anti-Authoritarian Everyman By A.G. Gancarski
"The Rockford Files" gave voice to an honorable distrust of authority after Watergate and Vietnam.

Matt Walsh, Still a White Knight

A religious Socon.

It didn’t originate with the marketers, but that doesn’t make them blameless.

Giovanni's Island

Robert Spaemann on Marriage and Remarriage

First Things

Water Wars... No mention of peak oil?

I don't think there was an explicit mention of peak oil, though since it is Mad Max, there is talk of oil problems. Should have brought in "peak oil"...

At Long Last, Our First Trailer For MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!! Official Vid Of Comic-Con Reel!!

4 character posters for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!!

Opening in a Couple of Weeks

at the artsy theaters... Calvary. Going to wait for Steven Greydanus's review.

Variety review

Interview with Brendan Gleeson