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Another Jack Donovan Interview

Heathen Harvest

Ron Moore, Complicit With the Feminist Propaganda Machine

Outlander (FB) - see this previous post.

Something that was already revealed with Deep Space 9 and nuBSG? He eidn't have to get involved with the TV adaptation of the novel, after all.

"Outlander" Is The Feminist Answer To "Game Of Thrones" — And Men Should Be Watching It
Outlander: It’s a great feminist adventure. I wish it were a little more of a cheesy romance. By Willa Paskin

Would Scots of that time really tolerate such a bossy woman? How sexist/misogynistic can these Scots be when they acquiesce to her bossiness? No response to her sass? Just some dumb men who are not verbally clever enough? What about responding with force? What, even those who are rough around the edges might adhere to some measure of "chivalry" in their treatment of women instead? Talk about undermining the case against men.

Look at the comments at the Buzzfeed article. Why waste time on engaging with them in "dialogue" instead of demolishing them with rhetoric, as Vox suggests?

So in connection with this novel/TV show when a feminist claims she wants respect for who she is, what she really wants is authority over men. It's not meritocracy.

How Much of the Current Hate-fest Is Warranted?

On Taylor Swift's latest moves: 'We look tacky'

Video after the jump:

H&K VP9 Review

by Larry Vickers...

Slow Cooker Grass-Fed Korean Short Ribs

Another bone broth recipe...

How Good is Your Water Filter?

Better or worse?

How Many Divisions Does the Pope Have?

Another Response to George Monbiot's Critique of Allan Savory

Patrick Holden

The Dubliners - Maids when you're young never wed an old man

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The Influence of Doc Watson

Jean Redpath Has Passed

0% at the moment on RT, but The November Man has a sequel being planned already.

Jim Caviezel on The World Over Again

Béla Bartók String Quartet No. 2

Avocado Stuffed Meatballs

Women Speaking for Men (and Themselves)

Good or bad? How is it different from the attempt by some to make them spokeswomen for the androsphere?

Uhmerica - Thy Name is Sprawl

Joel Kotkin thinks you want to live in Houston. Here's why you don't.

Sacramento's Priorities?

Stile Antico's Newest Album

And Lee Ann Womack's...

Also from Sugar Hill Records...

Our Drought

The Early Church

But Who Will Defend Them?

Asia News: For Eastern Churches, the use of force is legitimate to defend Iraq's Christians

Wrap-Up of the Pope's Visit to South Korea

The Pope after Korea: “Christ does not destroy cultures”. Prayers for Iraq

“I’d go to China tomorrow”: Pope Francis’ new beginning
Pope writes to China again: “God bless your country”

More on Chaput

More Church Items:

Now Playing at AMC Cupertino

The Admiral: Roaring Currents

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

RUROUNI KENSHIN: THE LEGEND ENDS. Watch The Stellar New Trailer For The Epic Finale.

Album from Earls of Leicester Next Month

Hope It's More than Just Eye Candy for the Female Audience

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Didn't the Movie Finish Things?

Buddy MacMaster Has Passed

Kyrie eleison.

His website.

A Russian Orthodox Mission in Pakistan

Chesterton on Liberal Arts Education

Popular TOB on Sex Differences

Guys and Dolls by Marina Olson

A Response to George Monbiot’s Recent Criticism of Allan Savory

Why George Monbiot is wrong: grazing livestock can save the world by L Hunter Lovins

How to fight desertification and reverse climate change
Another critique


What about the men?

The Ballad of the White Horse

A Possible Challenger to Putin?

Putin's Right Flank

Jerry Salyer on Wendell Berry

The Ultimate Protestant: Wendell Berry, Same-Sex Marriage, and the New State Religion

Sierra Hull, "Chasin' Skies"

Hope she will return to California soon...

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More Casting News


One Day It Will Be Cancelled

Another Oratory-in-Formation

Jesuit Calls on Catholic and Orthodox Churches to Restore Communion

From 2010...

A copy of his paper.

Apparently Catholic...

US confirms video of journalist's execution
James Foley's parents: 'He was a martyr, a martyr for freedom'
Fight them over here
Confronting the Islamic State

One Day Late

Caesar Augustus Died 2000 Years Ago
40 Maps That Explain the Roman Empire

Can't Win With the Critics Either Way

The March Continues

The continued invasion of male spaces...

Another Familiar Face

Other videos

Repeating a Mem

'Demographics is Destiny' Archbishop Chaput Tells Latino Catholics

Anything about assimilation?

Remington Steele

First Aid, "Master Pretender"

Rhonda Vincent Interview

From a while back...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Sniper Training

Tribute to Johnny Cash

Norwegian Folk Music

The Meaning of Icons

More BC Movies

AHS Dinner

Donnie Yen Video

VIDEO: Donnie Yen is The Tom Hanks Of Kick Ass

100 Man Fight

Spiritual Leaders

Mere Comments: Men as Spiritual Leaders. Whether You Like It or Not.

Found the following yesterday. I don't think I read this when it was first published, but it resonates with what I have thought about worship being both "intellectual" and "sensual" but with the latter being ordered to the former.

Please Me, O Lord
S. M. Hutchens on the Roots of Romantic Worship

Nor do churches that may elect their own pastors without interference from the denominational intelligentsia favor the women that have been forced on mainline congregations. The Evangelical churches, in accordance with their tradition, can remain “merely feminized”: “soul-winning,” now in the sense of gravid with “seekers,” full of the warmings sought by Evangelicals, and marked by preaching and music that present no particular challenge to the mind or tastes of a child of ten—a child that in traditional cultures has not yet, as Leon Podles observes in The Church Impotent, left the society of women. The church feminized is not only the church demasculinized, but inevitably the church infantilized as well.

The excuse for this is that to “reach” people, the churches must operate on this level, but this becomes suspect when it appears that nothing deeper is available in these congregations for those who have for many years been “reached.”

More Bubblegum Country

Taylor Swift, "Ours"

Seems like there's always someone who disapproves
They'll judge it like they know about me and you
And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do
The jury's out, but my choice is you.

So don't you worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine
And life makes love look hard
The stakes are high, the water's rough, but this love is ours

That is, "people gonna hate."

'Cause I love the gap between your teeth
And I love the riddles that you speak
And any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos will be ignored
'Cause my heart is yours

So is she writing about a bad boy and not heeding the advice of those warning her about him?

She hasn't released any new songs recently, guess she's working on a new album?


A Real Pastoral Problem

What I Want is Mercy, Not Sacrilege: The Dangers of “Routine Communions” - What I Want is Mercy, Not Sacrilege: The Dangers of “Routine Communions”

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sexual "Orientation" and Friendship

James Chastek replies to Michael Hannon regarding marital friendship.

The Impact of A/C

How air conditioning remade modern America

Paleo Lunch Boxes

No better than the wiki article?

Some complaints in the comments section...

George Strait Fans Will Buy This

Videos of the Pope's Visit to South Korea

VOD thanks to KBS.

The Old Guard

Thinking Outside the Boxes by Thomas Fleming
Last of the Romans by E. Christian Kopff


If you don't want to watch the entire video - put in an impossible situation because he can't refuse those who offered his hands, nor did he repeat the clarification given in previous pontificates that holding hands is not appropriate during the praying of the Our Father. His defenders will say that this was during a youth rally, not during a Mass, but the principle is the same. An inauthentic gesture of closeness and intimacy in order to mimic community and solidarity.

More photos:

And another photo that will disturb traditionalists of any rite...

Half a heart...

Traditional East Asian Painting of Pope Francis

Will the Meeting Bear Fruit?


Do They Look Alike?

Will Have to Try to Catch An Episode - Hulu?

FB page
press conference

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Day in Korea for Pope Francis

"Walk Slow"