Saturday, November 08, 2014

3 houses on a nearby street with Xmas lights already...

Nora Jane's Kickstarter-Love Mixtape

Friday, November 07, 2014

One More Season

Next on Masterpiece Theater

Celtic Colours 2014 Live CD

Hong Jin Young

산다는 건 (Cheer Up)_홍진영_Music Video Full Ver.


On Happy Together last year...

More Political Theater

What a joke the system is. 18-year-old conservative college student will become youngest state lawmaker

Female, of course. Republicans will try any gimmick to win and fit in.

We Need More Miyazakis

The Conservative Vision of Hayao Miyazaki by Peter Schellhase

Skipped the Second, Won't See This

The post doesn't even deserve the label of Tolkien...

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Hell on Wheels Returns from a Short Break for Its Final Episodes of the Season

Entertainers and TMI

Because, Ethnonationalism is Ok for Them...

Dr. Anthony Clark on His Time with the Dominicans

Clueless Leftists

Because this isn't a representative government.

Don't Worry About Climate Change, But the Drought is Real

KSE, of course...

Netflix's Marco Polo Movie


Looks like they made it rated R to keep up with pay cable.

I still remember the NBC miniseries.

Better than ESB? No Way.

But Was it Really UBL?

EXCLUSIVE - Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden revealed: Rob O'Neill named as SEAL Team Six hero who shot 9/11 mastermind three times in head - and has already inspired series of Hollywood films

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Smothers Brothers

Kim So Eun...

The Continued Assault on the Legacy of Doctor Who

The latest episode... taking the LGBT agenda even further.
Life after RC: Constitutions approved

The Ugly Reality of the Patriarchate of Rome

The spirit of egalitarianism has taken over, in the name of meritocracy. Sister Melone: “Equality between men and women is still a long way off”

Monday, November 03, 2014

Simple Minds - Honest Town


Black Vestments for a Requiem Mass? Unbelievable!

I Hesitate to Read the Article Lest it Be Another SoCon Piece

Who Has a Greater Claim?

The Economist: A comb worth fighting for
Orthodox Christianity in China

I'm waiting for the rebirth of the Assyrian Mission in China. A greater priority than the Patriarchate of Constantinople?

RECOIL Article on Tim Kennedy

Dare to be Square West

Next weekend, in Oakland.

Pinocchio Trailer

Japan's Population Implosion

Life That Refuses Life by Rod Dreher

"I used to have a female Japanese semi-friend (friendly acquaintence) who was in the US on a student visa and who desperately hoped to get an American husband. When, finally, she had to return to Japan unmarried, she told me that meant that she would have to be celibate for the rest of her life. She wanted to marry and have children, but she was absolutely determined that she would not do so within the context of Japanese culture."

How picky was she?

Heritage Breed

The Impact of the Drought for Foodies