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But How Many Are Anglos or Non-Hispanic "White"?

2? See the photo at Cal Catholic Daily or this page at the website for the house of formation..

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles: Juan Diego House robust with seminarians


Crisis Magazine: Saint John Paul II and Cardinal Kasper on Mercy and Holiness by Tom Gourlay

Time to read Dives in Misericordia (Latin)?

Is Talking About the Complementarity of the Sexes Enough?

After all, even the Catholic feminists do that.

CWR: The Complementarity of Men and Women, Across the Religious Spectrum by Aurora C. Griffin (via Insight Scoop)

A review of Not Just Good, but Beautiful: The Complementary Relationship between Man and Woman, a compilation of speeches from the 2014 Humanum Conference

"Because of their theological differences, the unified witness of the religions of the world is based largely on philosophical, biological, sociological, and psychological insights. Using these fields, they are able to build a fairly comprehensive view of how men and women work together with their different geniuses. A recurring theme is that the distinct features of each sex suit them for parenthood: femininity for motherhood, and masculinity for fatherhood."

No mention of the role of the husband as the head and protector of the family.

"This trailer for ABC’s Quantico will fulfill virtually any SJW Bingo Card."


From a comment at Sailer:

Is there any new show, on cable or commercial network TV, worse than this?

No, Not Really Surprising at All

Who do you think qualified to enter the elite "Spider" counterterrorism unit? #RealMen

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Sounds Like a Girly Drink to Me

No, this is not a marijuana-flavored soju.

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Ip Man 3

Donnie Yen-甄子丹 Official is getting excited for the release of IP MAN 3...stay tuned for US dates!!!! Mike Tyson #ipman3

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He's back! And we don't care if the subject is Mike Tyson, Donnie Yen, or the...

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The Smallest Army...

A film on the SwissGuards Guardia Svizzera Pontificia will be showing at the Venice Film Festival. Hopefully, it will come out in English soon!

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Sunday, September 6, 2015

No Concession to Tradition

Pope Francis at today's morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta.See our story at the link:

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Monday, September 7, 2015

Perhaps it is necessary that the Armenian Catholic Patriarch, Gregory Peter XX Ghabroyan, concelebrate in the Roman Rite, but to require him to celebrate away from the liturgical East?

Pope Francis’ morning Mass in the chapel of the Santa Marta residence on Monday was an extraordinary occasion: it saw...

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Monday, September 7, 2015

Latin Catholics and Monarchy

The Vatican daily newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, has marked an important milestone for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, who,...

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

If we thank God for all good things, should we thank Him for people if they have a mixed record?

Equipes Notre Dame

Pope Francis met on Thursday with leaders of the Equipes Notre Dame movement for married couples which began in France in the 1930s and has since spread to countries around the world.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Future of Europe

Wow! "Here is a photo of the European Orthodox Youth Meeting in Cluj-Napoca."

Posted by Orthodox Christian Network on Friday, September 11, 2015

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Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams



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Two by Paul Gottfried

Conservatism, Inc. and the Ideological Follies of My Youth
The Logic of Conservative Purges

SJW Remake

Variety: Ronda Rousey to star in Road House reboot

Tired of all the attention she is getting, especially from emasculated men. I wouldn't call the original a Patrick Swayze '80s action classic, and even though Sam Elliott is in the movie I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone but that's true of most movies. The point is, the remake won't be an improvement.

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Meant to Be Lived, Not Professed

And academics aren't known for taking community seriously in their personal lives.

Whatever Happened to Communitarianism? by Russell Arben Fox

Bone Tomahawk

'Bone Tomahawk' director explains how he got Kurt Russell back on a horse — exclusive poster

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No trailer yet...

Hope this is much better than Hateful Eight.


Kurt Russell's 'Bone Tomahawk' Lands Deal Ahead Of Fantastic Fest Bow

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Fantastic Fest were coming for you!!!!

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A Photo

Paul Gottfried Articles in Crisis Now

The Catholic webzine moving in a paleo direction? Compelling New Book Shreds SCOTUS Marriage Decision by Paul E. Gottfried

My one criticism of Anderson’s otherwise carefully researched brief against the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges is that the author tries too hard to distinguish between the battle for same-sex “marriage” and the continuing war against “racism.” Although admittedly interracial marriage does fit the prescribed norms for heterosexual unions, showing complementarity of the sexes and laying the foundations for procreation and the raising of children with male and female role models, the crusade for gay “marriage” can nonetheless be seen as an extension of the feminist and civil rights struggles. Common to all of them was judicial and administrative social engineering, aiming at the goal of greater equality for groups that were regarded as disadvantaged. The multiple anti-discrimination laws that the Becket Foundation for Religious Freedom lists as now being applied to partners in gay “marriage” were already enacted to fight racism and sexism.
Of course the shooter in the season finale of The Last Ship had to be a fundamentalist (i.e. part of the Immune cult) Southerner quoting John Wilkes Booth. The series has been a mixed bag, definitely pushing the SJW agenda but not as bad as other shows on TV.

'The Last Ship' Bosses Discuss the Finale and "Rebuilding America" in Season 3

An Appreciation of Fr. Schall

Celebrating Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.
By Hadley Arkes

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Another Korean Female Celeb with a Tat?

Sounds like Sistar (씨스타)'s Hyorin's got the right attitude as she takes on "Unpretty Rapstar 2."What are your thoughts on her participation on the show?

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The Latest Example of the Corporations Pushing the SJW Agenda

Disney Corp and Lucasfilm: Gay the Force be with you: Star Wars soldier comes out

A new homosexual protagonist in the new "canonical" novels.

Hollywood and the Wall

Is 32-Year Old Anne Hathaway Already Too Old To Be A Movie Star? -- see the Glamour interview with Anne Hathaway

How much of this is really to be blamed on Hollywood catering to male viewers, rather than to female viewers? How many women would prefer to see (and identify with) women in their prime rather than woman who have passed it?

Dr. Fleming's Thoughts on Labor Day

The Indignity of Labor

Ralph Nader with a different view.

Related: Anthony Esolen, Owing Our Souls to the New Company Store
Pope asks all European parishes to take in a refugee family
Pope Francis calls on Catholics to take in refugee families

Not quite what I was asking for. Let's see some refugees being put up at Casa Santa Marta, not in the parish churches within the city's walls.

He is free to ask but he has no authority to command in this regard. However, given the strength of the papal cult and ultramontanism, how many can make the distinction?

Dr. Fleming: On Second Thought II: September 6-12 2015

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Let the Bishops Lead by Example

Peter Hitchens, We won't save refugees by destroying our own country

Every one of the posturing notables simpering ‘refugees welcome’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education.
If so, they mean it. If not, they are merely demanding that others pay and make room so that they can experience a self-righteous glow. No doubt the same people are also sentimental enthusiasts for the ‘living wage’, and ‘social housing’, when in fact open borders are steadily pushing wages down and housing costs up.

So, how would the bishops asking for mercy and humaneness and the reception of refugees respond to this challenge by Mr. Hitchens?

Local ROCOR News

Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America Will Participate in the Glorification of Bishop Mardarije...

Posted by Holy Virgin Cathedral of SF on Friday, September 4, 2015

St. Silouan Monastery


Posted by Holy Virgin Cathedral of SF on Thursday, September 3, 2015

WA Diocese announcement