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Who could have foreseen junk e-mail would become such a problem? While they do not take up much memory, they do fill up the inbox rapidly. Time to unsubscribe to some e-mailing lists...

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PC at PC

Providence College -- interview with Holly Taylor Coolman (via MOJ -- see there John Breen's response to Holly Taylor Coolman, demonstrating her value as a female professor of theology... a useful something for SJWs.)

From the Vatican Radio Archive

University of St. Katherine

The Beatitudes

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The Teaser is Rather Generic

Even if the drama does involve something like time travel...

The Hat in the West

The Wrong Approach

A Truly Catholic History of North America by Carl E. Olson

Recognizing the foundational Catholic roots of North American history, says historian Dr. Kevin Starr, author of Continental Ambitions, helps put away faulty narratives and negative stereotypes.

The author of Continental Ambitions: Roman Catholics in North America: The Colonial Experience probably identifies himself as a California; most American Catholics need to recognize that they are descendants of immigrants and act accordingly, but assimilating the local Anglo-American culture and protecting that culture and identity, instead of using their religion and Catholic Social Teaching to impose liberalism on their neighbors.

Martin Scorsese Interview on Trump and the Pope

Probably better off for not having been in FinKL.

One doesn't hear much about Lee Jin these days, but she is probably doing well.

Probably better off for not having been in FinKL.

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Brad Miner's Review of Silence

Christus Apostata: Scorsese’s “Silence” by Brad Miner (via Fr. Z)

A Faithful Son of St. Ignatius

The Holiness of Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J.
by Edward N. Peters

A review of With God in America, a new volume containing various writings and interviews with the remarkable American priest who spent 23 years in Stalinist prisons.

Stefan Molyneux on George Michael

Bishop Robert Barron Reviews Silence

Scorsese's "Silence" and the Seaside Martyrs
My worry is that all of the stress on complexity and multivalence and ambiguity is in service of the cultural elite today, which is not that different from the Japanese cultural elite depicted in the film.
By Bishop Robert Barron

I have long been an ardent fan of Martin Scorsese's films. Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, The Aviator, Gangs of New York, The Last Waltz, Casino, etc. are among the defining movies of the last forty years. And The Departed, Scorsese's 2007 crime drama, was the subject matter of the first YouTube commentary that I ever did.

What's going on with the Knights of Malta?

As I just reconnected to the Matrix today I don't know what the latest news...

The Telegraph:
Knights of Malta tells Pope Francis to stay out of order's internal affairs in extraordinary rebuke


Roberto De Mattei: De Mattei - The Pope and Malta: A bogus commissioning

As it is still Christmas...

I need a longer break from the internet.

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Kyrie eleison.

George Michael has passed away. Probably from complications related to his lifestyle.

His website.

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Some AJ Lee Videos

Stefan Molyneux's 5 Hour Christmas Extravaganza

(via Vox Day)

FieldCraft Survival Podcast

Located in Sacramento? How do they make money in California?

website and FB and YT channel

More on The Colonel

Not sure if it is worth even the special sale price...
Pravoslavie: Keeping Christmas by Fr. Stephen Freeman
We keep the feast of Christmas, not by consuming or affirming our place within the world of consumption—we keep the feast by entering more deeply into the life of communion—with God and with others.

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A New Adaptation of Dune?


Explaining the Alt Right

T. Beale links to a blog entry at Stares at the World.

Reviews for Silence


Peter Travers and The Guardian

Scorsese's interview with America.

FOX Spewing Garbage

Is someone going to defend this as "adult comedy"? What a low standard we have for adults...
Pravoslavie: Four Saints of Aberdeenshire: Sts. Machar, Drostan, Nathalan and Fergus
Dmitry Lapa
The Christian Church and monasticism developed in Scotland on the Irish model. The Christianization of Scotland continued till the eighth century, and despite the recurring pagan reaction, it was very successful.

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

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The Anti-White Chief

Obama: "This is going to be a browner country"
Yesterday I remembered when the father of a 6th grade classmate, AJ, came to our class to give a talk about terrorism and Islam -- he was a bit of an apologist, and I don't mean of the Ron Paul sort. I think he was an academic, an "expert" on the Middle East and Islam at a local college/university/think tank. Maybe he was trying to teach us to be more tolerant or understanding of Muslims. Is he still doing the same thing today? (He's probably retired since then.)

Working for the New Evangelization

Evangelical Catholic

website (not to be confused with The Center for Evangelical Catholicism)

Heard about this organization from a friend; it is doing the same work as FOCUS, maybe the St. Augustine Institute. Can't help but make comparisons to Dynamic Catholic and other such organizations. Is there a place for these new forms of mass media and for these organizations that are marketing their ability to train Catholics how to evangelize? Why do they seem so necessary now?

Any inspiration from George Weigel? It is more likely that Weigel is part of the trend, drawing upon from the same papal resources.

Scott Hahn too:

FORMED: Catholicism on demand
Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute create a Netflix-type service for religion

Taken TV Show Trailer


Of course his boss is a woman. This is a NBC show, so it may turn out to be worse than the 24 reboot, even if the premise was more promising. (Simultaneously shooting two silenced pistols? Is this a video game?) Looks like our hero will be involved with K and R work rather than counter-terrorism. (How many white villains will the show feature?)
Why do we confess to a priest? by Fr. Andreas Blom

Hrm, Archangel Gabriel Church is in Ashland, Oregon ... a stop on a future road trip?

Do Not Resist

AmConMag: When SWAT Raids Are Routine by John Payne

A conversation with the director of the documentary Do Not Resist.

Forever Country

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Pravoslavie: How I wound up in the Arizona desert with Elder Ephraim by Olga Rozhneva
"I was standing in these amazing night services and thinking that women can’t go to Mt. Athos, so visiting the Monastery of St. Anthony the Great and the others founded by Elder Ephraim is a unique opportunity for women to feel the spirit of Athos. You’re touched by the prayers of the holy Athonite elder Joseph the Hesychast, through the prayers of his spiritual children who have themselves become great elders. This prayer and love can be felt anywhere on earth, even at a distance of a thousand miles. You pray in your mother tongue, and in some miraculous manner, by the grace of the Holy Spirit Who gave the apostles the gift of speaking in other tongues, the elder, having acquired this grace, understands you."

William Lind on Resiliency

Localism Means Security

Vincent Viola for Secretary of the Army


Will he help end the queerification and feminization of the Union Army?

The Blade Runner Sequel...

La Boum

Depeche Mode, "Just Can't Get Enough"

From the Abbeville Institute

Richard Taylor by Dabney H. Maury
Harvard Confederates by Clyde Wilson
Death of Kin by Randall Ivey

"Round and Round"

Destined to be a Korean film classic...

Eh! I was reminded that Hollywood is attempting a remake.

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Mark Zuckerberg's Sister

Up to no good, and converging Classics at the same time: Donna Zuckerberg on the Alt-Right Menace from Ancient Greece and Rome

I guess the Paideia Institute is to be avoided.

An Explanation of Courtly Love

An unexpected reveleation from someone, but not surprising. Meanwhile, continued doubts about the chinos. Should I make an effort to spend more time with some of them? Or not bother?

An Anti-Nazi Movie

in English, with non-German actors, one Irish, one British... based on a true story. Waiting for someone to compare the MSM to this protagonist, doing their patriotic duty of unmasking Donald Trump...

Orthodox Bishops and Parishes

Friday, December 16, 2016

Talk Talk, "It's My Life"

Cardinal Burke on the Dubia

CWR: Reading Silence for the first time by Amy Welborn
Shusaku Endo’s masterpiece, the film adaptation of which will soon be in theaters, can be by turns profoundly moving, disturbing, and challenging. Here are some points to bear in mind while reading the novel.


Marié Digby, WAX, As One.. who else have I've been neglecting in the past 3 years?

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Two with Marié

I had forgotten what was so appealing about her -- her cute, lively public persona, which her polished MVs in recent years don't capture. It was good to finally see her perform live.

MILO: Catholics Are Right About Everything

John Michael Greer

on why the peak oil movement failed.


More Thoughts on the Story for Rogue One

Watching the first Star Wars movie a long time ago, how did I imagine Princess Leia getting the plans for the Death Star? Through some sort of spy mission, not something too flashy but require actual spycraft. Is that what we are getting with Rogue One? Or something more along the lines of the new Mission: Impossible, with commando-spies-operatives? Are the franchise owners so eager to make an action movie that they've made the back story for A New Hope too unbelievable, almost incoherent? If Princess Leia was already a known associate of the Rebellion, why would they give the plans to her, instead of transmitting it to the Rebel fleet or bases? Or making multiple copies and sending multiple couriers?

Last Hurrah of...

a white Europe? A white Britain? Only in historical movies or movies about World War II can we see the historical truth about those peoples...


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Frankish meddling... or nattering. Does this really enhance the credibility and reputation of the Holy See?

Good luck!

The King

We must choose between Assad and Islamists in Syria – Marion Le Pen

Dirk Benedict Interview

He's gotten old...


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Epic Fail!

Will S. Korea avoid having another female president for a while? Or will another woman with a family background in politics and the resulting political connections become yet another legacy president candidate?

An Old One from Dr. Wilson

Liberal and Conservative

Should look up William Holland Thomas

They Came From the East By John Marquardt

An Evaluation of U.S. Grant

Grant Never Faced Stonewall Jackson

Living in the 16th ce

Gavin McInnes on Athletic Shoes

The Sword Master

Playing at AMC Cupertino... the Mandarin has too much of a mainland accent for xiao Jimmy. The Chinese sure love their CGI. I doubt I'll see this in the theater.

Tina Turner, "We Don't Need Another Hero"

While it's been a while since I've seen Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in its entirety, I don't dislike it, unlike many Mad Max fans. I didn't mind that the violence was toned down, or that Max was softened up a bit. And the writers did hint at a credible backstory for Tina Turner's Auntie Entity, even if it still doubtful to red pillers that she would have the charisma, leadership qualities, and strength to create and rule over Bartertown.

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Dealing with women affected by solipsism is an exercise in frustration.

Protecting an Agenda?

For now, Rod Dreher is comfortable with being associated with neo-reactionaries but he continues to reject the alt right, while perhaps mischaracterizing it. Ethnonationalism is not the same as racism, although the two distinct attitudes can co-exist in the same person. And it is not anti-semitic to recognize that Jews, secular or orthodox, do not regard themselves as being part of the same people. The Neoreactionary Ben Op

Dreher would probably be ok with blogs like The Orthosphere. But perhaps he should try his hand at forming a political community instead of posing as a theorist. And no the typical parish community, even a small, tight-knit Orthodox one, does not approximate a political community (even if William Cavanaugh would wish so), nor is it nor is it intended to. Perhaps a monastic community is closer in some ways, but even it is markedly different from a political community in various important aspects (marriage and the begetting and raising of children, for one). He could learn a thing or two from people like Mountain Guerilla or Dmitry Orlov.

I've said they should rename the franchise SJWars

Star Wars: Force for Change - news


Gail Tverberg: Why There's No Economically Sustainable Price For Oil Anymore

Celebrate the New Year with the Tuttles and AJ Lee

Hot Rize, "Colleen Malone"

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Which people are the best sheeple? It may be difficult to top the Japanese... Sometimes Americans will call attention to the samurai as evidence of the Japanese warrior spirit, but they forget that the samurai were only a small percentage of the population. The rest were peasants or serfs in the Japanese feudal system, with some craftsmen and merchant, all of whom were inferior to the warrior class. Even when Japan modernized in the 19th century and professionalized its military by appealing to the samurai ethos (and a reinvigorated but changed state Shinto?), could one really expect that to stick in the civilians who joined (and later were conscripted into) the military? How would one best describe the social and cultural mindset of the typical Japanese person? Has this mindset been an obstacle to conversion to Christianity? Is exterior "harmony" (or absence of discord) really the highest social good? Is Christianity viewed as a disruptive influence, an aversion reinforced by the persecutions of Japanese Christians? Or is there instead a sort of ethnic chauvinism that rejects Christianity as being too foreign and thus incompatible with Japanese culture?

(This objection has historically been made by some Chinese as well, but it seems to have diminished -- a consequence of the Communists destroying much of traditional Chinese high culture?)

Mark Shriver on His Book about Pope Francis

First mentioned here.

How to load your AR

Daniel Boaventura - Send in the Clowns

Who was his accent coach or English teacher?

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Fr. Reginald Foster on Vatican Weekend

Celebration of the Feast Day of St. Nicholas

Religious Consumerism...

It isn't shopping for the church that best fits me, but discipleship in the Lord.


A Short Course on Feminism

S. M. Hutchens

The Death of Sweden

The useless female security guard... Swedish security guards attacked by vicious gang on subway

NuWho... Still Needs to Die

Meanwhile old people can be nostalgic about their preferred mass entertainment...


"I love superhero movies because they make me feel like I could be a superhero and I don't have to do anything to change myself so I can be a warrior."

We are surrounded by something worse than boys. Boys love stores about brave heroes because they aspire to be one day. Our psychologically maldeveloped males aspire to be SJWs.

When the Villains Are White

Thursday, December 08, 2016

A New Metropolitan of Kraków

Cha Siu Bao BBQ Pork Buns

Was doing a search related to the song "Christmas in San Francisco"...

San Francisco’s 11 Best Pork Buns You Won’t Find at Dim Sum Spots

Heard this for the first time yesterday:

Along with "Christmas in San Francisco" the two Christmas songs don't really do much to make San Francisco seem like anything bout a soulless metropolis.

American Gunfighter, Episode 7

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Compatible with a Old Right Perspective?

Commemorating Pearl Harbor, even though FDR was arguably responsible for provoking Japan, and though an attack was expected, insufficient warning was given to those under his command.

The Case for Pearl Harbor Revisionism by Stephen J. Sniegoski

PJB: Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor?

Japan's "Nobility of Failure" in 1941 by Eric Margolis

The Colonel

Silence Ensemble

This May Sound Good

but will the marriages be sexless because of a lack of sexual attraction? Supposedly Japanese woman are not so accomodating with respect to the marital debt.

Japanese men and women 'giving up dating and marrying friends'

Anthony Bourdain on Rome

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Rome Essay

SJW whiners infesting Anthony Bourdain Says There’s ‘A Little Fascist’ in Us All by Tim Forster
Parts Unknown’s Rome episode gets political


At least it's better than Red Cross... still one would think that institutional bloating and SJW convergence would affect even Catholic organizations, especially as the liberal gospel pushes out the true Gospel.

It's About Time

Obama signs onto women registering for Selective Service

Maybe DJT will reverse this and women in combat MOS as well, maybe he won't...

2017 Message for World Vocations Day

An Early SJW Movie

The Way We Were... directed by (((Sydney Pollack) featuring a hook-up between a politically active Jewish woman played by (((Barbara Streisand))) and a WASP man played by Robert Redford, who fails to live up to her standards.

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It's great how the people living in Silicon Valley add support to Putnam's findings about the loss of social capital and trust.

Fr. Cantalamessa as Papal Preacher

If that Global Ethic is not Christianity...

This is the opposite of Realism.

Following the lead of the patriarch...
Pope Francis and the Pacifist Jesus by Andrew Latham

More with Scorsese

Needless Politicization?

An Exhibit in Faneuil Hall

Altar Girls, Of Course

St. Andrew's Day at the Pontifical Scots College

Even the Gospel May Not Be Enough

for the megapoleis... certain parts may be humanized, but all?

The end of the first female South Korean presidency?

South Korea’s Presidency On A Knife-Edge by Nile Bowie

I didn't know she could sing...

But her politics is probably crap...

A performance from 1995. Great Performances.

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A Break from the Penitential Season

Yes, it's premature, but it's Karen Carpenter...

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Friday, December 02, 2016

St. Nicholas Construction Tour

An Intentional Christianity

The Work of Father Abbot Damian

Status of TV Shows

Cancelled or renewed? I need something that has been updated -- how many of the Fall freshmen shows have already failed?

Thursday, December 01, 2016

I saw the photo and asked what country are they from.


What about overcoming globalization?

While the supernatural solution (the conversion of souls) is necessary, that doesn't mean that more proximate, human solutions aren't available as well.

Mark's Theme

梅艷芳 - 風的季節

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016

How much blame is being put on men?

And what about male victims?

Libertarian But Not Wholly Liberal?

Do the authors accept there can be a common good distinct from the private goods of the members of a political community?

Doug Casey on Globalism and the Worldwide Populist Revolt by Nick Giambruno

Mankind has gone through three main stages of the political organization since Day One, say 200,000 years ago, when anatomically modern men appeared. We can call them Tribes, Kingdoms, and Nation-States.

In prehistoric times, the largest political/economic group was the tribe. Since men are social creatures, it was natural enough to be loyal to the tribe. It made sense. Almost everyone in the tribe was genetically related, and the group was essential for mutual survival in the wilderness. The local group was all that counted. “Others” from alien tribes, were not only in competition for scarce resources, but they might want to kill you for good measure. Tribalism is probably genetic—it’s a survival mechanism. Patriotism for your tribe also served a survival purpose, because you were always fighting with the neighboring tribes. You wanted your co-tribalists to be loyal and patriotic…

In the Kingdom phase, from around 3,000 B.C. to roughly the mid-1600s, the world’s cultures were organized under strong men, ranging from petty lords to kings and emperors. With kingdoms, loyalties weren’t so much to the “country”—a nebulous and arbitrary concept—but to the ruler. You were the subject of a king, first and foremost. Your linguistic, ethnic, religious, and other affiliations were secondary. Tribal leaders who were good warriors conquered neighboring tribes and set themselves up as kings.

Then came the nation-state, one of the mankind’s worst inventions.

Except Casey then says this:

Today’s prevailing norm is the nation-state, a group of people who tend to share a language, religion, and ethnicity. Like a gigantic tribe. The idea of the nation-state is especially effective when it’s organized as a “democracy,” where the average person is given the illusion he has some measure of control over where the leviathan is headed.

I think, however, that the nation-state is approaching its end game. What will replace it? I think Neal Stephenson was right in his superb novel The Diamond Age, where he put forward the idea of “phyles.” It no longer makes sense to be loyal to a group just because they have the same government ID that you do, or because they were born in the same bailiwick. I don’t feel any particular loyalty to the people living down the road in the trailer park, or in the barrio, or the ghetto, or the next town. As a matter of fact, they’re likely adversaries and liabilities. We’ve got little in common.

I feel more loyalty to people with whom I share values—and they could as easily be in France, or Burma, or the Congo as the U.S. Now, with the internet, modern telecommunications, and jet travel, we can find each other. Birds of a feather will wind up forming phyles, obviating the nation-state.

Loyalty is not a feeling -- it is an act of the will based on trust and experience with the other. Loyalty to strangers is just stupid. An illustration of a version of political science that has not been thought out carefully.

Friendships of Convenience

They never bothered to check and see if their core values made them compatible or not ... it was about sharing common pastimes or activities. The Trump supporters in blue areas need to find their own tribe, people who share their values and commitments and start making new friends.

Trump Supporters and Their Fair-Weather Friends by Gavin McInnes

Feels Like Saturday

Go to 2:16. "What a creep!" These days Tony would get in trouble with feminists for harassing women like that...

The Green Hornet Getting a Reboot

Will they get both the Green Hornet and Kato right this time? Screen Anarchy

Because the NRA is Evil!

And willing to do anything to stop a tough, heroic female lobbyist from protecting children everywhere! Miss Sloan -- shouldn't that be Ms. Sloan? The movie-makers can't even get their politics 100% correct.

I bet Sam Waterston was happy to play an evil right-wing male.

I hope it tanks at the box office.

Music of the Southern Diaspora by Clyde Wilson and Alan Harrelson

Joni Mitchell, 2000

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Still Planning World Youth Days

A Cardinal Takes Possession of His Titular Church

Living in the Now


鄺美雲﹕ 心聲

I'll Pass

Screen Anarchy review of Allied

has Hollywood exhausted its reserve of World War II stories, even though Nazis make for PC villains? Even when they avoid SJW casting the product doesn't turn out to be that good.


A Jeffersonian Political Economy by Clyde Wilson

Hayley Westenra. "Both Sides Now"

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Prequel TV Series for Taken...

NBC trying to gain some viewers... it could work; I'd rather see this than the 24 revival. From Vikings to a Taken TV Prequel, Clive Standen’s Ass-Kicking Evolution

A Testimony to the Strength of the British Empire

Exclusive Clip: LETTERS FROM BAGHDAD Testifies to the Strength of Gertrude Bell

Could a woman wander around unmolested in that part of the world today?

website and FB

Screen Anarchy Interview with Yuen Woo-Ping

A True Legend

Good News!

Miyazaki Announces Plan to Return to Feature Filmmaking

How soon?

The Mighty Eighth: New Spielberg, Hanks WWII Series Coming To HBO [VIDEO] by Robert J Wright

Chinese Rip-Off of Mad Max

Mad Sheila

They might as well have thrown in a "flower boy" gang in the movie. The female protagonist looks like she just walked in from a modelling shoot. How did she survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and where did she find her make-up? Her transformation into a strong, ass-kicking woman defies belief. And the Chinese post-apocalyptic barbarians are not very frightening at all. Maybe they should have cast some Mongols or Manchurians instead, but they probably look too soft in appearance, now, too.

Dreher Can't Help But Comment on Spencer and the Alt Right

Failsons Of Weimar America -- Is there a crisis of masculinity? Yes. But if those pushing for the Benedict Option do so on the basis on some "Churchian" version of Christianity (a Christianized liberalism) then they will not be able to head off what they fear. Men will find something that is more appealing to their natural inclinations to being men.

Juvenile Bravado Undercuts NPI Conference Triumph, and
Alt Right Speech is a Crime, Leftist Physical Attacks Are Protests
The Long Election, Stage Two: The Left Fights to Recapture the Narrative
Brimelow at NPI: Trump's America--The Next Shoe Will Drop in 2020

VD: Controlled Opposition or Media Indiscipline and Media Discipline and Great Man vs. Cliodynamics

Gordon Ramsay Teaches You How to Cook

Finally! The trailer for Silence.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An European Cultural Institution No More

I didn't know the Vienna Boys Choir had gone diverse in its members until I saw a card for a concert being held tonight in Saratoga. Some may say that it is good to invite non-white boys who like to sing European choral music to join the choir -- they may not get a chance to do so at home. But what sort of message does this send to European boys? I doubt there is an insufficient number of European boys competing for spots in the choir.

From their Facebook:

Austrian website

Another photo.

Spiritual, Not Religious

Poster for Silence

NYT: The Passion of Martin Scorcese

Susan Boyle, "Both Sides Now"

Saturday, November 19, 2016

"That's not real Islam!"

Could be the last day of volunteering, at least for a while...

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Clyde Wilson on American Populism

Up at the Forks of the Creek: In Search of American Populism

Fr. Rutler on the Election

A Populist Election and Its Aftermath

What will the frightened half-adults do when they leave their safe spaces and enter a society where there is no one to offer them hot chocolate during their tantrums? Christ formed his disciples in a more practical way: “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” (Matt.10:16). We are here today because those disciples did as they were told, and were not shrewd as doves and innocent as snakes. It is not racist, or any other unchristian form of phobia, to recall that the Apostles are Dead White Guys. If that was a liability, they managed well. Their Master, who wills that none be lost and that all be saved, was a Dead White Guy for just three days. That haunts those huddled in safe spaces and hallows all who court danger to follow him.

Robert Keller on Carbine Reloading

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Working Against the American Interests?

SJWs Always Lie

Vox Day

Advice for East Asian-Americans

Over at Vox Day:

However in saying that, I can see a situation where a certain percentage of East Asians can remain in Western countries. They are education focused, productive and low crime etc. However they need to recognise some things and recognise them fast.

These being:
1) Recognise Western countries are white countries and become very vocal and supportive of White culture and keeping Western countries White. Become an ally of the developing White identity.

2) Become more Western, try to fit into our culture and values. Generally better than any other immigrants but a key would be becoming Christian and changing their mindset from a Shame based culture to a Guilt based culture.

3) Do not act economically clannish, dodgy or create negative economic outcomes for Whites. Unaffordable housing is a key issue in this regard. Do not try to take advantage of our welfare system for you elderly retired parents that are immigrating with you. From my interactions with East Asians that think like this, they actually boast about this thinking Whites are too stupid to realise. We are not! The vast majority of us realise what is going on, but we are to polite to raise it, though not for much longer.

4) If they are Chinese do not act like the vanguard of China. We don't need recent immigrants of Chinese background waving Chinese flags on streets and attacking their new country's political policies on various international or even sporting issues. If your loyalty is to another country you do not belong as immigrants to ours.

Basically most East Asians I know in the UK, Canada and the USA vote left and huff and puff about social justice. From my interactions, East Asian's in Australia are generally much more conservative, and once they realise the growing ire of White majority will quickly fall in line behind them. Not sure about the UK, Canada and the USA.

I don't disagree with any of his recommendations.

More LYA Vids

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The market for sexbots...

The movie Her was prescient -- The mechanics of mechanophilia: why men find Siri sexy


What a joke...

ScarJo in the live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell...

Robert Keller

Monday, November 14, 2016

New Coadjutor Bishop for Hong Kong

Save France for the French

Fishing for Oscars

A rather blatant effort...

I Miss Hugh Laurie Playing an American

I was reminded of him because of a combox discussion comparing Benedict Cumberbatch's accent in Doctor Strange with his accent for House (at Steve Sailer's post on the Marvel movie).

Laurie's new show, Chance, may be good.

Playing House was a nightmare, says Hugh Laurie (who made £250,000 an episode)

Democracy and Populism

Claude Polin: Trump Election: Democracy Versus Populism

Vox Day

A Kennedy Writes a Book on Pope Francis

What sort of interpretation of Christianity will he give?

Russian DShK Machine Gun

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Scandal to Patriots?

Pope Francis: I Don’t Judge Trump, but I Worry About ‘Refugees and Immigrants’

Does he have any circumspection?

Inside the M4 Carbine

The first volume of his Vickers Guide on the AR-15 is now available.

Rod Dreher Should Read Sam Francis

But he probably won't. At least he's reading John Cuddeback. He wrote this last Monday: Politics, Family, & the Benedict Option

I think AmConMag put this up only a few days before the election

I was going to put a link on last Monday but then the week happened. Here it is, their regular symposium on the presidential election.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Would he ever consider doing such things without photographers and publicity?

No, these are deliberate teaching moments, showing that the pope takes a maximalist conception of "universal teacher" seriously, and is willing to use the mass media for this end, enhancing the papal personality cult in the process.


Priests who were laicized...
CWR: Get married and be submissive? One woman’s recipe for marital happiness by Sean Salai, S.J.

Italian journalist Costanza Miriano has written a book, now available in English, about the struggles and joys of modern married life, and why complementarity between spouses is much bigger than who does the housework.

Does God Hear the Prayers of Those Who Are Stubbornly Unwilling to Learn?


God of all nations,

Father of the human family,

we give you thanks for the freedom we exercise

and the many blessings of democracy we enjoy

in these United States of America.

We ask for your protection and guidance

for all who devote themselves to the common good,

working for justice and peace at home and around the world.We lift up all our duly elected leaders and public servants,

those who will serve us as president, as legislators and judges,

those in the military and law enforcement.

Heal us from our differences and unite us, O Lord,

with a common purpose, dedication, and commitment to achieve liberty and justice

in the years ahead for all people,

and especially those who are most vulnerable in our midst.


A temporary stay of execution but it is time to prepare.

Collapse will happen; if Trump is sworn in January then it will be the case that collapse will not be hastened by a Hilary Clinton presidency.

Are we witnessing the rise of Anglo-Celtic-European-American ethno-nationalism? Or merely just the rejection of politics as usual? How many are reacting against an overt anti-white bias in the media and the Democratic party?

The Alt Right is not moving for just a return to what the national identity was before leftists began exploiting identity politics among blacks and other ethnic minority groups, as that national identity seemed to have been focused on some version of civic nationalism or the proposition nation and is dead. Rather, a true ethnic identity based on ethnicity (or race) and Western culture (of which Christianity is an important part). This is what Vox Day calls the Alt West part of the Alt Right but I think he is correct in thinking that it will become the dominant part of the Alt Right. The Alt White part, in so far as it is focused purely on race and may even reject Christianity, will not gain in influence.

Rod Dreher may not like identity politics, but is he like delusional whites (and East Asians) who think that virtue signalling in real life and on mass media is proof that they are members of an actual people, or that they will be recognized AS A "righteous white (or Asian) person" by NAMs?

A people has a shared identity and culture and recognized mutuality, with ties of intermarriage. (What a political organization adds is a constitution (not necessarily a written one, but a constitution in the Aristotelian sense) -- and the resulting organization need not be some version of a legitimate Aristotelian polity, as the priorities may be focused on a certain group rather than the organization as a whole -- e.g. the clan.)

Liberal atoms who shriek the same ideology or SJW concerns to others do not make a people.

Will there be just one white American people or many? Perhaps there will be at least two, if white Southrons can hold on to a distinct heritage and culture. It is not clear that the paleo project of preserving an American heritage and culture going back to the colonies will be successful everywhere.