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I don't know if Whiskey ever wrote about the show or the character, but he'd probably have a field day with Luther (played by Idris Alba) -- an intelligent black man with a passionate, even homicidal streak? A cuck fantasy for the Brits, a complex character who is more sexual attractive than the boring, pale white Briton?

Which reminds me...

A mom brought her child's favorite book to read to the class as a part of the star of the week activities. It was a children's book featuring LEGO versions of comic book characters; in this story, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl. During the story Batman and Superman argue, rather bicker, about who is a better superhero and is more powerful, while Wonder Woman and Batgirl do the actual job of saving the day. The standard sort of role reversal that is PC these days. Batman and Superman make up temporarily, but go back to bickering, while the woman complain about the boys and go have an ice cream or something. As if men in real life don't know how to cooperate in spite of differences or alpha competitiveness -- how have men managed to make war all this time? The mom and dad thought it was funny, but it is another example of how mass culture is being used to poison the minds of children.

Who will rally to the Stuarts?

In the creation of a new republic, is a transitional monarchy necessary? If so, should the last legitimate dynasty be asked to help, for the sake of history and tradition? Or would any old strong man do?

Once I Was a Clever Boy: Jacoabite Commemoration

On 8 January 2016, with the gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen, the British Ambassador to the Holy See Nigel...

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Fostering Accountability

More on the Into the Breach video...

Accountability depends on trust and friendship, which should not be given freely to strangers but must grow in proportion to the friendship that develops; male friendship does not happen instantaneously, nor does accountability. Hence to create the conditions of stability and permanence that are required for the growth of friendship, one must devote attention to the political economic problems that destroy these conditions. Exhorting men to be friends with other Catholics and to be accountable to one another so that they can grow in virtue isn't enough.

Looks like the Diocese of Phoenix is really pushing this sort of thing within the diocese. For example, on January 30 there is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the JPII Resource Center for Theology of the Body and Culture (FB), with keynote speaker Damon Clarke Owens, executive director of the Theology of the Body Institute.

Rob Hopkins on ST: TFA

From his blog:

And the plot is just ridiculous. Rey, a young woman who grew up on a planet that's basically a big desert with a market on it, finds that in spite of having no training at all, she's an incredible Jedi who has mastered The Force (thereby making a mockery of the Jedi training schools in previous films and rendering Yoda redundant at stroke).

She randomly finds the old Millennium Falcon spaceship from the first film, which no-one has flown for many years, but is able to not just fix it up single-handed but then fly it incredibly skillfully. She doesn't have an operating manual or a YouTube 'how to' video. Indeed, it doesn't even look like she's got the key, but somehow it starts first time. Even my car doesn't do that.

Poorly-written fan fiction.

Moral Quandary

Why would I want to move somewhere that I have a greater affinity to and inflict on the natives the same sort of diversity problem that has been created here? It would be good to be invited to do so, but how is that going to happen? Except perhaps through a church community

"A Call to Battle"

(via Fr. Z)

Into the Breach

I can see why they would use military music; the ascetic struggle is called spiritual warfare and being a soldier for Christ and so on, but the actual use of such music may be misleading and even patronizing.

Whatever Happened to Manhood? by Louis Markos -- a review of Whatever Happened to Manhood? A Return to Biblical Manhood, by Wayne Braudrick (Lampion Press: 2015)

Alas, the reviewer praises the CBMW and the makers of Fireproof. He should read Dalrock. The video has its pulse on the problem but there are some problematic elements in it (notably those that pertain to the standard "social conservative" view of things that puts the blame of pornography use solely on men). Do men need to be in Christ and purify themselves from sin accordingly? Yes. But what else is there to being a man? While there is properly a focus on the family, what about his obligations to the community? Not mentioned in the video. Then there's the theology of "work" that is similar to that of Opus Dei. To love and to sacrifice -- what are the problems with which American men are confronted? The video does talk about male friendship, at least...

Jack Donovan, "The Tribal Mind" - Axis

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Bet a friend wishes he could have been there

in San Diego: Their cups overfloweth!
Two days late: The Death of St Edward the Confessor: It was on this day 950 years ago in 1066 that King Edward the Confessor died.

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Not a Philosophical Speculation... -- Fr. Schall

Not Finished With Movies Yet

Sammo Hung...

We have a poster and a trailer for THE BODYGUARD, starring Sammo Hung, who also directs and action-directs! Oh, and ...

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New High-Rise Trailer

Who fancies a new trailer for Ben Wheatley's HIGH RISE?

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Sometimes a generic Western done well is all that one needs. That said, I'll probably wait for this to become available on disc.

Christopher Bourne has seen Lawrence Roeck's DIABLO, and says it'll need the devil's help to beat the other current westerns:

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Implicitly Anti-GG

In other words, Counterpunch is still leftist... On Women, Coding and Capabilities by Mateo Pimentel

Something more interesting at CP: Korea: the Reunification Guessing Game by John Feffer

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Fr. Hunwicke Speculates

On who might replace Vincent Nichols if he is "promoted": Sede vacante?

One name caught my attention: Dr. Stephen Wang - Bridges and Tangents

Author of Aquinas and Sartre?

Bigoted, misogynistic, and controlling – scathing critique of Catholic Church by its own members
Cardinal Vincent Nichols reveals surprisingly frank assessment of views in the pews ahead of Pope Francis’s historic family Synod

Cardinal Nichols Speaks about the Crucial Role of Pope Francis in the Synod

Less talk, more action... if patriarchy or the commandments are stumbling blocks, then Christianity must be preached through action more than through words? That is to say, one must break down psychological barriers through the practice of charity first.

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Nestorianism or a Latent Arianism?

Fr. Z: Did the young Christ apologize for being “lost” in Jerusalem?

With what heresy or historical trend should the Latin emphasis on the humanity of Christ be linked?

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Trouble for Axanar?

Thanks to Paramount trying to protect its property.
"Star Trek; Axanar" and "Star Trek: Beyond": Can They Coexist? by Colin Fredericson

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Yesterday morning in the security line, I overheard a father remaking to his son about a female POG, "They can fight too now." He also said, "She can probably kick my butt," even though he at least recognized that he is physically stronger than her. Why? "Because she knows how to do it." Unlikely, as she's POG. What sort of father emasculates himself in front of his son? To prove how humble he is? Or how he recognizes his limitations? Has he ever been in a fight? His son seemed to mocking him a bit, though I don't know if he caught it: "What do you do all day? Sit?" Probably a white knight you can't rely on to defend patriarchy. Did his son lose some respect for him as a result of his "confession"?

Which reminds me of the latest Star Wars movie...
Dalrock: Weak men screwing Star Wars feminism up and Is "The Force Awakens" Too Feminist?

Male rites of initiation? Can't have those in a radical egalitarian (i.e. misandrist) society.

SJW George Lucas doesn't like it? Should we accept him as a good judge of what is a good movie? His comments sound a bit pretentious, as his prequels were junk. If he wanted something different he could have overseen the designs but left the story-telling and directing and someone else. (Apparently he tried to get someone else to direct but no one accepted the offer.) He just sounds like a whiner.

George Lucas Says He Sold 'Star Wars' to 'White Slavers'

And of course, he apologizes.

Christian Moderation

"Emeritus Professor of Theology Georgios Mantzaridis speaks on extremist positions in Life as well as in Theology."

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Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa Seeking Priest Chaplain

Fr. Z has the details.