Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Knights of Malta...

An Icon with a Political Message?

Pope Francis in Armenia

Chiesa: “Genocide,” the Word Francis Doesn’t Want To Say Anymore

He has removed it from his vocabulary on the verge of the journey to Armenia. And yet in the past he has used it repeatedly, including for the extermination carried out by the Turks a century ago. This is why he has decided to remove it

but an update...

Chiesa: “Genocide,” the Word Francis Wanted to Repeat. In Armenia

He said it again, by surprise, at the presidential palace in Yerevan, in the first speech of his journey. Departing from the written text, which was silent on it

The Abbeville Institute: Is Pluralism Enough? by Walt Garlington

Includes a contrast between Latin and Byzantine Christianity; some of the genealogy is doubtful but some of it (e.g. Latin monoculture) may be more correct than not.

Opening the Same Weekend as the Jack Reacher Sequel

The trailer for the Tom Cruise movie:

Friday, June 24, 2016

CWR: Orlando in Hindsight By James V. Schall, S.J.
While Islam is, as I judge it, a false religion, it is held by true believers who are much more accurate in their reading of their own classical texts than any of their critics.

Celtic Colours 2016

Time to Learn a Lesson

Catholic high school in San Jose stymied
South end of Santa Clara County

Opening Today

Not necessarily in all major metropolitan areas...

The Duel

The Call Up

and Johnnie To's Three

Brothers Osborne, "21 Summer"

It's catchy, but too bad it's ostensibly about fornication.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

103rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees Theme

O, Death


I Vow to Thee




The UK's EU Referendum

Bruce Frohnen on "Constitutions"

Nomocracy in Politics: “Constitutions and the Greek Problem,” By Bruce Frohnen

Bruce Frohnen on Liberal Democracy

Nomocracy in Politics: “Is Liberal Democracy a ‘Must’?,” By Bruce Frohnen

Related: “Rod Dreher and the Problem with a Return to the Land,” By Bruce Frohnen

On the Day of the Vote...

Who is feeling anxious about the results?

AmCon: Unmaking England by Benjamin Schwarz
Will immigration demolish in decades a nation built over centuries?

Fathers and Daughters

A somewhat positive portrayal of fatherhood? (even if the daughter's issues of abandonment seem to be putting the blame on the father) Based on a novel written for women?

international trailer (alt)

The Skye Boat Song

No multicultural/diversity BS here yet:

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


For the sake of those who are our brothers, either spiritually or ethnically.(The fraternity proper to all who belong to the human race is last.)

And what is "excommunication," then? This is question to be answered at the political level, not the ecclesial.

Asia News: Pope: Refugees are our brothers, we must welcome them

At the General Audience Francis urges people to "touch the excluded" and the poor who need us. "Every night I pray: 'Lord, if you want you can make me clean' and I say five Our Fathers, one for each of Jesus’ wounds". "The grace working in us does not seek sensationalism. Usually it moves quietly and without fanfare".


Septimus Waugh on His Father

Let Evelyn Waugh back into Combe Florey churchyard by Septimus Waugh
My father enjoyed playing up to his misanthropic reputation. But its consequences now are beyond a joke

(via Once I Was a Clever Boy)

It's Nice to Be Subsidized

College-educated women get to make 2nd or 3rd career changes because the first one they picked turned out to be unsatisfying or boring, with some more schooling in between career changes. Women can do this because they are subsidized by others (schools or parents or the government -- others pay for their housing, etc.), or they use their own savings and they don't need to save for a home. Because they get to rely on their future husband to do that. Sure there may be a few who are in the top ranks of management and the like and can afford a down payment on their own home and pay for extra schooling but they're not looking to settle down with someone at their level, either.

FSSP Ordinations in Europe

NLM: FSSP Ordinations in Auxerre Cathedral by Gregory DiPippo

Photos for the US ordinations can be found here. Nothing on LiveMass yet.

Liberal Assumptions

About the ability of people to reason about ethics and politics.

What may be needed in political discourse is not dialectic, but rhetoric.

Bishop Robert Barron and others (like Robert George) don't understand this. They live in a fantasy world, believing that their model of political life is actually true. Their stance is also evidence of the "nice guy" mentality and the desire to be "moderate."

Thomas Aquinas and the Art of Making a Public Argument by Bishop Robert Barron
Let's revisit a time when people knew how to have a public argument about the most hotly-contested matters: the High Middle Ages.

Scott Adams on Donald Trump, Mindset, and How to Win at Life: Part 1 and Part 2

T. Beale on that "Epic Battle" in Game of Thrones

The Military Geniuses at File 770, which is a follow-up to The inanity of Pink SF/F.

Beale also has another interview with Stefan Molyneux:

(podcast on itunes)

The Francis Effect?

Jean Vanier supports legalizing assisted suicide in CBC interview
Catholic Insight
Catholic Culture

Good or Bad Western Iconography?

When was this mosaic done?

Meanwhile, JRS...

Pope Francis to Visit Armenia

New Gracanica Monastery

It Was Inevitable

No trademark infringement, I hope.


The Holy and Great Council


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

CWR: Europe as a ‘Soft Utopia’
We in the West must decide between self-government, on the one hand, and Fonte’s “slow suicide of liberal democracy”, on the other. In the end, the struggle is really about the purpose—the telos—of politics.
By Todd Huizinga

Editor’s note: The following article is based on excerpts from the new book, The New Totalitarian Temptation: Global Governance and the Crisis of Democracy in Europe, published by Encounter Books. It contends that the Europe...

I doubt the necessary link between scale and political liberty is discussed.

Is This the Endgame for Game of Thrones

The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Girl Power On Game Of Thrones
The Penultimate Episode of "Game of Thrones" Season Six Was All About Girl Power
'Game of Thrones': Why Sansa Stark and All the Women Ruled This Season

Giving the victim classes the power they should have had all along?

Debate on Free Trade

Tom Woods Podcast Ep. 684 Debate on Free Trade, with Bob Murphy and Vox Day

T. Beale's intro

Mailvox: Debate Responses

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Church Fathers

CWR: The "Benedict Option" or the "Gregorian Option"? By Fr. Andrew Liaugminas
Since the Benedict Option appears to be more motivated by cultural preservation than a supernatural outlook on engagement of the world, the Church is better pursuing a path that holds to the necessity of spreading the Gospel in the world.

The problems:
(b) a deep concern for the state of the world, and an all-in investment of our witness in public life to bring the light of Christ to the world;

(e) clear, firm, and effective administration of temporal affairs (Gregory knew how many grains of corn there were in a husk and made sure Rome was not being ripped off in the economic trades); and

With the loss of political community (b) and (e) have to be understood correctly. The enemy is not merely "secularism" but the secular modern nation-state.