Saturday, August 06, 2016

Crimes Which Should Never Be Forgotten

A comment at VD:

Speaking with millennials as a millennial, there is a little dance you do in conversations, raising an issue and then seeing how they react. As someone above pointed out, there's no middle ground (except the apathetics who are mostly busy trying to catch pokemon now), so either you get wide-eyed horror/uneasy contempt when they discover you're "one of those (un)people," or else cautious but direct eye contact as the other person wonders if maybe, just maybe, you're sane too, and an ally.
There's an alliance of the sane building underneath all the progressive hysteria, but millennials have never been taught to lead, nor seen much good leadership in their life. The young Alt-Right at present is coalescing around those willing to take the societal condemnation most millennials (sane or not) don't dare face. There's a nascent social revolution brewing, but it lacks critical mass and the willingness to "go there" and face the shrieking condemnation of society. Living or dying based on the approval of their peers and wider peerdom of society is a weakness of millennials, but one that older generations can help them grow out of.

Lee Young Ae!!!

Blue Summit at CBA Festival

Friday, August 05, 2016

Zika Festival

Actually the opening ceremonies for the Olympics is to be broadcast on NBC tonight, I believe. A SJW festival? Will video be archived at the Youtube channel? It will be livestreamed:

and on

Taste of Russia

October 9

The Trailer Starts Off Well

and then the obvious CGI hits the eye... Tsui Hark's latest.

AmConMag: The Federalists’ Revenge by Joseph R. Stromberg
America’s Counter-Revolution: The Constitution Revisited, Sheldon Richman, Griffin & Lash, 135 pages

Dunkirk Teaser

(via Breitbart)
What is the utility of coed Catholic young adult groups, beyond mere socializing? Is it possible these days for men to strengthen attraction in subtle ways? And what's the time frame for him to follow through, such that he is friendzoned after a certain point? It seems to me that most Catholic men who try to be "nice" and "friendly" probably get friendzoned immediately by the women there. Even mere socializing might get them there, since it is not exciting or bold. But would flirting and anything stronger lead to someone no longer being welcome to the group, because he is being too socially "disruptive"?

American Catholics really need to rethink the ways they are trying to get young people to meet.

HK 416 Machine Gun

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

A Review of Blood Father

Can't get excited about this despite the cast

because of the obvious cgi, but apparently Mainlanders love this sort of thing...

Gold Star Families

While the name itself may be associated with something going back to World War I, "Gold Star" has modern associations that may lead to the name being seen as patronizing or trivializing the death of a loved one serving in the armed forces. (After all, we give gold stars to kindergarten students.)

If a family realizes that their loved ones died in vain, in service of furthering the goals of the American Empire and not in defense of patria, how will they react? Would this be an honor or recognition they would wish to receive? What does Andrew Bacevich really think of the honor?

HK 416

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

If True, A Failure of Pastoring

Is Bishop Frank Joseph Caggiano not familiar with prudence? How about "stranger danger"? Another bishop who is ignorant of the problems of human scale -- what can be done in a traditional community of small scale cannot be done in a megacity of large scale.

Mercy Mania at World Youth Day by Elizabeth Yore

The bishop has FB and Twitter.

His Installation Mass.

The Entrepreneurial Bishop: Can The Catholic Church Learn From JetBlue?

Because Feminism.

How else to explain the gender parity?

"Experts" in history or theology maybe, but holiness? Why is such a show of "equality" even necessary? Why not just have a commission that is 100% women? After all, they wouldn't be biased in their findings, would they?

Deaconesses could be restored in the Roman rite, but for what purpose? With respect to ecumenism, such a commission would not have the competence to make a judgment about whether deaconesses constituted an ordained ministry or not. And would such a restoration be beneficial to all of the Roman Patriarchate, or would it only confuse things even more in the industrialized West?

The Patriarchate of Rome would do better to restore some order to relations between men and women first. (The day jobs of the female members of the commission would be examples of this order being violated.)

Who’s on the Vatican Commission to Study Women Deacons

NLM: Pope Appoints Commission to Study Matter Exhaustively Studied by Earlier Papal Commission by Gregory DiPippo

St. Nicodemus

Staged Photo Op?

Because diversity.

The one Church of Christ has members of all ethnic backgrounds, but this photo does seem staged to sell an image of the Church or of the pope.

Dancing Polish Sisters

In Camo

Monday, August 01, 2016

Looking at Gas Piston Rifles Again

The Lesser of Two Evils?

Bill Kauffman on Why We Don’t Need a President

Peter Hitchens: To the Trumpoids: It is You Who Made This a Choice Between Trump and Clinton

Good for the IVE


Another Bad Experience With Teaching Nuns

actually sisters, not nuns.

Jim Goad:

I spent 12 years in Catholic school being scolded by nuns. I was reminded of this while watching Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the DNC last week. I was reminded of Sister Brigid Mary, who in fifth grade kept a closet full of yardsticks she’d broken over the posteriors of misbehaving boys—it was always the boys, never the girls. I was reminded of the nun in first grade who confined me for hours to the dark basement of her convent for misbehaving in class. I was reminded of the female lay teacher who told me I’d burn in hell for jokingly singing “Happy Birthday” out loud when she told the class that Jesus was born on Christmas. I was reminded of another female teacher, a real bulldozing rhino that one, who liked to yank me by the hair and drag me out of class for indiscretions real and imagined.

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Fifth grade? Should boys be removed from female authority at that age?

Did women's teaching orders have a net positive or negative impact on Catholic men in the United States?

Can women, having renounced marriage, who have no substantial experience with men be adequate in raising and educating boys?

Can Panama Afford It?

The Ultramontane Cult of Personality

It didn't start with Pope Francis...

Waiting for the Queen

What Korean SJW came up with the English translation for the title of the drama? Is that present in the Korean original (사임당, 빛의 일) as well?


The Pope Has No Competence on Islam

i.e. with respect to defining what it is and what it isn't...

It survived the Borgias and Avignon
Rod Dreher

Flatfoot Dancing