Saturday, May 06, 2017

And the Results

A Beautiful Altar

Listen to St. Paul

A woman raises a question about another woman: "Where do bloggers and speakers like Hatmaker derive their authority to speak and teach?"

Neither woman should have been accorded any sort of authority to teach in the first place.

Rod Dreher: Hatmaker Heresy

Of course, Dreher does not question whether women should teach. Any lay Christian who thinks that he should be teaching others should receive permission from his spiritual father, the bishop. However, given the infection of the Church with liberalism, any Christian who dares to oppose liberalism in its various forms, including feminism, may risk the possibility that he will be condemned by his bishop. In that case, he must present a case against liberalism to his bishop, warning the bishop of heresy, or deviating from Sacred Tradition, or at least asking the bishop to support the case for liberalism from Tradition. And if such a defense is not given? Should the Christian continue to teach (or blog)?

Boyd Cathey on Conservatism and the Trump Administration

UNZ: The Conservative Rout and Donald Trump by Boyd D. Cathey

Unfortunately, Many Orthodox Bishops Follow the Same PC Line

Non-White Migrants and the Catholic Church by Tom Sunic
The Politics of Penitence

Bobby Hicks, "Faded Love"

The Summer Movie I Want to See Above All

If they're using CGI for the Spitfires I can't see it in the trailer.


Friday, May 05, 2017

"Based on a True Story"

That is, a life in service of an agenda... unclear why Amazon would think this would be a winner. White men won't watch it; it's questionable that white women will.

Poor Attempt at an '80s Look?

Thursday, May 04, 2017

What's wrong with this cast?

While there was definitely a lot of girl power going on in the previous seasons, the new season seems to take it even farther -- neither male character can be said to overshadow the females by their size. Even if they have the same technical advisers and trainers as before, I suspect the new season will not be as good.


The Modern Nation-State

The Strange Career of Individualism by Donald Livingston

Was It Not Worth Fighting for the Identity of PC?

Dr. Esolen explains why he left Providence College. Was Thomas More really that much more attractive? (via Mere Comments)

Benedictine Options

CWR: Benedictine Options by James Kalb

When worldly life is brutal and disordered, and the Church is persecuted, she needs a place where she can remember her ultimate goal. And when it’s easy and prosperous, she needs to have examples of heroic dedication to her fundamental vision.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry: More Than a Southern Thoreau by Thomas McDonnell

It was pure brag on young Henry Thoreau’s part to say that he had gone to Walden Pond in order “to front only the essential facts of life,” to take a Spartanlike stance against its… »

The Trump-Jackson-Lincoln Controversy

Trump as Historian by Ryan Walters

In a recent interview on Sirius XM, President Trump, now completely enthralled by Andrew Jackson, made a couple of interesting remarks about the War of Northern Aggression, specifically theorizing that if Andrew Jackson were President… »

Was the Civil War Necessary? by Brion McClanahan

Is There One?

Southron and Author

A Bit of Britt

Sure to Trigger

Even if it may seem like a girl-power movie: Pax Masculina.

via RoK

Well, if we aren't being trolled...

Meanwhile SJWs can watch The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu.

Our current reality: I Just Found Out That A Girl I Grew Up With Is An “Instagram Model”

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Heyday of Cheap Energy

Reminds me of...

Produced by Charles Barkley

He himself may be outspoken and have his own opinions, but I don't think this series will really lead to an "honest" conversation about race and identity.

The Primary Benefit?

Eastern martial arts schools often tout that children will learn "discipline" by attending their classes. Perhaps this is true -- expecting a commitment to a training regiment and the following of the school rules, along with an enforcement of consequences for breaking those rules, with male "role models" in the school to provide guidance -- it is possible that a martial arts school can have this salutary effect.

But there is something to be said for males (in their teens and beyond) to have a controlled exposure to the reality of violence and taking a punch (to the face or elsewhere), as Vox Day points out. This will encourage self-understanding, necessary for "self-mastery" with regards to dealing with anger and the use of violence, when today many harbor dangerous fantasies about their capabilities in a fight. Might it be that the benefit of discipline is not really possible until this basic self-understanding has been achieved?

Monday, May 01, 2017

Not PC Even for a Jew to Say

Eastern European Jews and the Case of the Marginalized Elite by Paul Gottfried

But his nuanced response will not satisfy many in the alt right.

If a Film Geek Should Watch This...

Then I'm glad I'm not a film geek. If Alec Guinness had been able to warn more children about the franchise.

CNA Interview with Jim Caviezel


Mike Whitney on Vladimir Putin

Putin's New World Order

Macross Valkyrie

Nice try.

Another Promo for Space Battleship Yamato 2202

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Some Speeches in Berkeley on 4/27


Will Trigger Some and Be Ignored By Others

Women's Brains by James Thompson
Brain size and intelligence


Fr. John Maitland Moir

Pravoslavie: St. Cuthbert’s Eccentric Heir

The following is a Life from an official obituary for Fr. John Maitland Moir, who reposed in the Lord on April 17, 2013. His legacy and spirit is so alive in the Orthodox Community of his former parish. This article was used from the blog, Orthodox Christian Faith and Life.

Rollo Tomassi to Be at 21 Convention

via The Rational Male

Hypergamy --> "Don't settle"