Saturday, June 10, 2017

The US Army Needs Better Uniform Designers

And its soldiers need to look less Uhmerican. The rest of the anglosphere benefits from having uniforms being derived from British ones.

New Gerber Knife

Too bad tactical medics are usually already police officers and such.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Southron Economics?

Yankee Finance Capitalism Made Simple by John Devanny

Part One: Definitions and Origins Money is a great mystery. In my years of teaching economics courses and economic history nothing so confuses students, and their elders, as the subject of money. Or rather I… »

Yankee Finance Capitalism Part II: The Jeffersonian Triumph by John Devanny

“The revenue of the state is the state.” Edmund Burke The rise of the modern nation state in the 1600s was founded upon monarchies securing independent sources of revenue to pay for the royal armies… »

Boyd Cathey on the Goings-on in NOLA

Robert E. Lee, Revolution, and the Question of Historical Memory by Boyd Cathey

Two weeks ago New Orleans removed its Robert E. Lee Monument, one of four that the city decided to take down. As well, Charlottesville, Virginia, currently finds itself in the midst of a rancorous debate… »

New Orleans Mayor Hypes His Cultural Cleansing by Gail Jarvis

Political correctness didn’t succeed as well as the Left had hoped it would because PC conflicts with the concept “two sides to every story.” National media only presents the side that bolsters its socio/poltical agenda,… »

The Alabama Memorial Preservation Act and the Political Market by Marshall DeRosa

The political market, as the economic market, has the demand and supply dynamic. Interest groups make demands and the politicians provide the supply. In the case of Confederate memorials, interest groups demand Confederate memorials be… »

Lt. General Hal Moore

Tommy Robinson's BANNED speech: "The British Police State"

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Feminist But Willing to Share a Presumably Alpha Male

The movie description:
The unconventional life of Dr. William Marston, the Harvard psychologist and inventor who helped invent the modern lie detector test and created Wonder Woman in 1941. Marston was in a polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth, a psychologist and inventor in her own right, and Olive Byrne, a former student who became an academic. This relationship was key to the creation of Wonder Woman, as Elizabeth and Olive's feminist ideals were ingrained in the character from her creation. Marston died of skin cancer in 1947, but Elizabeth and Olive remained a couple and raised their and Marston's children together. The film is said to focus on how Marston dealt with the controversy surrounding Wonder Woman's creation.

Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union in 2015

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Glory Be...

Stills from the Mary Poppins Sequel


At least Julian Fellowes kept up with history in Downton Abbey. This looks rather unoriginal; they should have just done a remake.

Replacement Migration: Weapon of the Elites

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Latest Kpop Group to End

Maybe not the latest but the most significant of the three or four prominent Kpop acts that recently disbanded.

Colorized D-Day Photos

Daily Mail

Molly Tuttle, "Good Enough"

Sister Vassa's Response to the Zuck



In comparison...


Monday, June 05, 2017

The Great Crusade

The Union Army Continues Its Decline

So is Donald Trump and the Department of Defense going to turn this around?

18 Women Graduate from the Army's First Gender-Integrated Infantry Basic Training
First Women Finish Army's Infantry Training
Nearly Half of Females Failed to Graduate...
Fort Benning News

The Latest Thing to Be Marketed

This boot camp for men claims it’ll revive your ‘primal nature’ by Dana Schuster

How's this different from Robert Bly's Iron John: A Book about Men and the gatherings that grew out of that?

A Recent Advertising Outrage

Tiger mom and tiger cub... while the uselessness of college-aged students may be true of certain demographics, why give this image of young men? Because to do a commercial like this featuring daughters who might need roadside assistance (and doesn't that happen a lot?) would be offensive?


There's a Term Used by Gurney Halleck in David Lynch's Dune

"Bed play"? Some such euphemism.

Regarding the post on the [sexual] ascesis, I would be surprised if much was written on "love play" before the age of the manuals (and casuistry). What would be the justification for love play be? That all pleasure relating to touch/sensation between a husband and a wife is permissible in so far as it is ordered to the conjugal act/coitus? Otherwise it is "venial sin" or possibly "mortal sin." There are probably still some who have the view that this is too permissive.

What are the limits? TOB can be intrepreted in two different ways, with a permissive attitude towards everything in so far as "it is finishes in the conjugal act" and yet it may frown upon certain forms of "dominant" behavior as not being "gentlemanlike" or what have you.

I would maintain that some sorts of dominant behavior may be permissible (taking the initiative is the most bassic) while others are not because they are intrinsically disordered.

Curious if there is an academic or theological discussion of fantasy role-playing anywhere.

When St. Paul was talking about the necessity for husbands of pleasing their wives, was he also alluding to the bed?

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Not so original

Just more SJW writing...

Star Trek Discovery

Ascesis vs. the Red Pill

Would telling a husband that he needs to be more "dominant" in the bedroom be completely at odds with traditional Christian ascesis? It seems to be counter to Theology of the Body. Would a man be scandalized to hear a priest give him this advice? Even if it were a married priest, it may still be troubling to hear this from him. Would this ingrained reaction be justified? Or would it be better regardless for a man to hear this from a married layperson?

Leadership Lessons with Special Operations Veterans Kyle Lamb and John Lovell