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AsiaNews: Week of Unity in Jerusalem: Christians as satellites around the only sun that is Christ

The week (20-28 January) is currently underway in the Holy Land with Church members gathering at a different venue each day. Each Church members of other Churches to participate. Bridges are built “in truth."
AsiaNews: The Vatican asks legitimate bishops to step aside in favour of illegitimate ones

John Baptist Lin

Last December, Mgr Peter Zhuang Jianjian of Shantou (Guangdong) was forced to go to Beijing where "a foreign prelate" from the Vatican asked him to leave his see to illicit bishop Joseph Huang Bingzhang. He had received the same request last October. Mgr Joseph Guo Xijin, ordinary bishop of Mindong, is expected to become the auxiliary or coadjutor of illicit Bishop Vincent Zhan Silu. Sinicizing the Chinese Church means supporting the principle of independence and follow the leadership of the Communist Party.

AmConMag: The Hypocrisy and Tyranny of ‘Who We Are’ by Paul Gottfried

Media elites decide what “we as a people” should or shouldn’t be. Who asked you?

Happy Birthday, Fr. Schall.

Saturdays with Father Schall: A young Jesuit on the older Jesuit’s 90th birthday by S. Hendrianto, S.J.

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Jordan Peterson on the Channel 4 Controversy


They Were Never Ordained to Begin With?

Where Are the Churchmen With Chests? by Fr. George W. Rutler

To have been the proverbial fly on the wall during a conversation, one good time would have been during dinner in the White House on September 2, 1943 when Franklin [...]
After all, it is encouraging Muslim women to adorn themselves like prostitutes. What, Muslim women don't have a moral problem with make up? Then why do they wear a head covering? After all, one of the primary purposes of make up is to drawn the male gaze to women. What hypocrites.

L'Oreal Muslim Model Steps Down after Anti-Israel Twitter Posts Surface

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Joseph Pearce Critiques a Speech by Viktor Orban

Europe and the Faith: Arguing With Viktor Orban by Joseph Pearce

Gods and Generals, Heroes and Patriots

Eternal memory.

Attendance seemed to be rather small. And too bad there were no real state militias accompanying the people. I have no idea who the last man in the video is, the one disavowing the alt right, but he didn't sound Virginian.