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K1 Field Knife


Meanwhile, the surface warfare junior officers are not up to snuff:
Vox Day: Losing the Next War

Hawktail at Paste Studio

Anthony Esolen on Raising Boys

What Mothers Cannot Give to Their Sons

This part is objectionable:
"though the public arena should ultimately be placed in the service of hearth and home, rather than hearth and home merely supplying a temporary haven of relief from the arena."

Is the community or the common good or the "public arena," the domain of men and their fraternal cooperation, subordinate to the good of the household? Or is the good of the household part of the common good?

Red Man Group Ep #14

The 12th Man

Seeing the Creators...

now we understand why Cobra Kai ended up as it did...

What Hugh Grant Has Been Up to...

Murphy Brown Revived

Because Hollywood can't help itself -- it must remind Americans that despite Trump being president, they are in control of the culture.


Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Who is Arthur Chu?

And why should I care?

Spring Cleaning for the Blog

Too late for that, as it is almost summer -- but I should check the links and drop the ones that are defunct or no longer recommended.

Ken Hackathorn on the M1 Carbine

Rational Male Interview

Focus On: D-Day, The 82nd Airborne Division

The Mimic

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Ethno-Religious Animosity

Hating Russia Is a Full-Time Job Neocons resurrect tribal memories to fan the flames by Philip Giraldi

An Essay on the Loyal Son of Virginia

Lee the Philosopher by R.M. Stangler
Our culture has, of late, become rather fixated on the idea that every historical figure in our past should have anticipated how moral worldviews would evolve after his or her death. Now, clearly, this is… »

Lib-Progs Controlling the Narrative

The Wrong Side of History by Gail Jarvis
I’ve always been fascinated by those tricky slogans politicians and social activists use to dupe the public. These cleverly crafted catchphrases are short, simple, easily understood and tend to stick with people. A currently popular… »

Related: Boyd Cathey, Defending the Monuments

Wilson Combat Vickers Elite Glock

Do they know there is more belt-tightening to come?

CNA: CUA board approves much-debated academic renewal plan


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The Work of Italo Gismondi

Blade Show 2018

Rockwell Tactical Group

What a Crapfest

The remake of Magnum, P.I.

"Teen Culture"

Zero Hedge: "Teen Culture" is the New Imperialism, and it is destroying the world

Two on World War 2

American Pravda: When Stalin Almost Conquered Europe by Ron Unz
Introduction to HITLER'S WAR by David Irving

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