Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

CWR: St. Thomas Aquinas, Vatican II, and the “Benedict Option” by John Paul Meenan
We should all adopt some sort of interior ‘Benedict Option’, to ensure our souls are not conformed to this age, to keep our thoughts and motives as pure as we can.

Monday, June 25, 2018

How would the modern-day patriarchate of Rome respond

If the Aztec Empire were still around today? Interfaith dialogue? Issuing statements from afar?

You see the carnage that the empire wrecked upon others and you may conclude that punitive wars are right and just, maybe even wars of conquest. Maybe the Spanish conquest of the "New World" could have been handled better. If it were avoided, what would prevent some other group from replacing the Aztecs and then implementing the same system of horror? A Spanish military force to police the area? Coupled with evangelization by the Church? But otherwise leaving the natives to manage their affairs on their own?

He Should Stick to Chinese Philosophy

UNZ.COM NYT: Why should stupid people like Ann Coulter, Jordan Peterson, and Charles Murray have as much freedom of speech as a smart person like Ta-Nehisi Coates?
From the NYT Opinion Section: THE STONE The Ignorant Do Not Have a Right to an Audience By Bryan W. Van Norden Mr. Van Norden is a professor of philosophy. June 25, 2018 On June 17, the political commentator Ann Coulter, appearing as a guest on Fox News, asserted that crying migrant children separat...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

What is post-Temple Judaism?

One view... UR: An Interview with Michael A. Hoffman II by The Saker
CWR: Reuters’ misrepresentation of Francis’ remarks on Trump will fuel further distrust by Carl E. Olson
We need essential media coverage that can be trusted, but it’s increasingly hard to trust mainstream media outlets to do such basic journalistic work.