Saturday, September 01, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018

A Fine Example of Catholic Lay Leadership

"A day late and a dollar short."

Ave Maria president amends statement denouncing ‘defiance’ of pope

Did he not have anyone read his first letter before he published it? And did no one in his administration or the board raise any objections?

Does It Talk About Feminism and Cultural Marxism?

I doubt it.

“Unprotected” documentary tells the story of Paul VI, the Pill, and sexual revolution

“Pope Paul VI was getting at the essence of what it is to be human,” says filmmaker Don Johnson. “As I try to show in the movie, the debate over contraception is really about the meaning of sex and the meaning of love, and that discussion is ultimately about the meaning of life.”

A Documentary on Chevetogne

Tactical Cleaver

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lena Miculek

As the Church reels, is an even larger scandal building? by William Kilpatrick
As the gap widens between what the hierarchy says about Islam and what ordinary Catholics can see in the news or encounter in their own […]

AMU President Doubles Down

CNA: Ave Maria president denounces ‘defiance’ of pope by ‘conservative Catholics’

In effect, he is saying: "Conservative Catholics, don't bother to send your students to my university."

Archbishop Cordileone Issues a Letter

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Velocity Arms Glock Barrels

Rod Dreher on the "Clericalist" Crisis

Inside The Seminary Closet
A gay ex-student at a conservative Catholic seminary denounces culture of sexual secrecy

Larry Chapp’s Life As Liturgy
The loss of a sense of the sacred as key to the clerical abuse scandal

How To Groom Tame Priests
How seminary life trains straight priests to be ‘frozen’ in the face of sexually active gay priests

And an article on Cardinal O'Brien.
American and European Populists Are Talking Past Each Other by Paul Gottfried

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Farce That Was the 2018 World Meeting of Famlies

The swirl design on the chasuble is from the official logo for the meeting. (Any pedo imagery there?) This obsession with branding is making up for a lack of something.

Bishop Strickland Responds re: Archbishop Vigano's Statement

Diocese of Tyler

I didn't know we had a problem with unchaste heterosexuals in our seminaries

Oh wait, we don't...

A fluff piece from CNA designed to spin the current crisis. My confidence in that Catholic news outlet is lowered with each article.

CNA: How seminaries help men discern the call to chaste celibacy

As Expected

Pope Francis is not Christ standing in front of Herod.

Pope: ‘I will not say a single word’ on Vigano’s allegations of cover-up CNA

Bishop Robert Morlino on The World Over

full episode

Silent Sam

Abbeville Institute: A Battle for Western Civilization and the South By Boyd Cathey

On Monday night, August 20, 2018, approximately 200 to 250 raucous demonstrators gathered in a mob on the campus of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and proceeded to tear down the century-old statue, “Silent…

Christopher Altieri on Archbishop Vigano's Testimony Against Pope Francis

CWR: If Viganò’s “Testimony” is true, Pope Francis has failed his own test The testimony by Christopher Altieri

Archbishop Viganò offers is neither perfectly crafted, nor immune to criticism, but it is wide-ranging, detailed, and devastating.

Catholic News Agency: Wuerl denies he was informed of Vatican restrictions on McCarrick