Saturday, September 08, 2018

Centurion pants

Hm, Again

Life During Spiritual Wartime by Rod Dreher
An exorcist explains why The Benedict Option is necessary for such a time as this

---- This ----

Instructors claim first female enlisted to earn Ranger tab actually quit, given special treatment

Friday, September 07, 2018

Aileron Knife

Barry Dueck on Shooting Positions

Ideology at Work

CWR Dispatch: Why was Pope Francis’ comment about homosexuality and psychiatry changed in official transcript? by Jim Russell

Everything having to do with the current politics of “sexual minorities” revolves around the lie that homosexuality is completely normal and only “unhealthy” if it’s suppressed.


More Girl Power BS

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Platatac Lookbook

The Feminist Life Plan

Regardless of whether a woman considers herself a feminist or not. To Everything a Season

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

USAF Rebranding


I can't tell if this is for real.

Mitchell Kalpakgian on Jane Austen's Novels

Imaginative Conservative: Proper Matches, Romantic Elopements, & True Love in Jane Austen’s Novels

The author of the essay passed away recently -- Joseph Pearce on the man.

Tertio Millenio Seminar: A Theocon Project

Associated with the theocons of First Things, it is of course egalitarian with respect to the selection of faculty and students, and therefore feminist in practice if not in ideology; can this really be the epitome of Latin Catholicism?

Full-immersion Catholicism by George Weigel
As this Catholic annus horibilis continues to unfold, perhaps some good news is in order.
Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society
Tertio Millenio Institute


Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Final Fifty ZEV-Winkler Knives


Rod Dreher: Joseph Ratzinger’s Benedict Option
Reconsidering the power of Benedict XVI’s retreat into contemplative seclusion

Fourth-Wave Feminism

Fourth Wave Feminism: Why No One Escapes by JOANNA WILLIAMS
Today’s outsized Femocracy is more desperate and (self) destructive than its successful progenitors.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Greek and Latin and a Classical Education

The Great Gildersleeve’s Fight for the Classics by E.J. HUTCHINSON
The idea that we can appreciate ancient Greece and Rome without learning their languages was once unfathomable.

Round-Up of Rod Dreher Posts on the Vigano Letter

Francis Gay Mafia Bombshell
Archbishop Vigano's Bright Sadness
Answering Vigano's Critics
A Time of Donkeys
The Two Faces of Cardinal O'Brien
Catholic Cold War Turns Hot


How many all-female robbery heist teams do you know of in the last 30 years? Apparently Ocean's 8 wasn't enough; Hollywood greenlit this one as well.

Air Strike

CGI looks worse than even Operation Chromite (and I really wanted to give that a chance). Did Bruce Willis get a nice paycheck for this? Will the movie do well with Mainlanders?

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Nullification and Secession

Abbeville Institute: Nullification and Secession: Solutions or Talking Points? By James Ronald Kennedy

Many of us in the South have maintained our faith in the Constitutional right of nullification and secession despite the efforts of massed, bloody, Yankee bayonets. But is the talk about nullification and secession an… »

History as a Leftist Weapon

History as a (Leftist) Weapon By Gail Jarvis
There is a tendency for each generation to assume its opinions are the ultimate correct opinions. But each generation’s beliefs are typically modified by succeeding generations. Unfortunately, societal structures are sometimes altered based on contemporary… »

Union at All Costs

Union At All Costs By Samuel W. Mitcham
A Review of Union At All Costs: From Confederation to Consolidation by John M. Taylor (Booklocker, 2016). Most of the time, finding historical gems requires a lot of work and often long hours of arduous… »

The Cornerstone Speech

Abbeville Institute: Revisiting the “Cornerstone Speech” By Michael Martin

Most mainstream historians point to the “Cornerstone” speech by Alexander Stephens as the clearest piece of evidence that slavery and white supremacy alone were the reasons for Southern secession. After all, most transcriptions show Stephens… »