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Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 available today.

Buddy Pair Fire and Movement: Break Contact (Front)


Pinks and Greens?

The Army is in its final push toward a decision on the iconic ‘pinks and greens’ uniform

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Processor Speed

Colt 9mm SMG

A Black Noble Englishman in the 1500s

Outrageous casting.

The feminist slant to the story is still there, too.

A More Complete Beast

Blue Pill by Omission of Relevant Considerations

concerning women, divorce, and intersexual dynamics.

CWR: Now is the time for men to rise up, follow Christ, and offer the gift of self by Bill Donaghy
We were meant – intended – to imitate the self-giving love that God used to create us, to create the world, and that flows infinitely within the Holy Trinity.

A better response:

Andrew Bacevich

The Forgotten Lesson of Black Hawk Down


full episode

More Asian Movies

at Mercado...

Project Gutenberg

Cry Me a Sad River

Hello Mrs. Money

Hrm. Loveyatri.

An Elephant Sitting Still TIFF Trailer


Korean period zombie movie?

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Samurai Movie Choreography

It has to look realistic without being realistic...

張德蘭 - 鮮花滿月樓 網中人


How many white people were involved in the creation of this story?

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Anita Lee 李婉華

Chow Yun-Fat

Something on Wong Kar-Wai

War Criminals

EW: See Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush in first Vice teaser

The Patriarchate of Rome: Ecclesial Clown World

NCReg: How the Church Can Get the Youth Synod Right
A U.S. youth delegate tells the Register that the Church has an opportunity to connect with youth, but the Pope and bishops have to ‘man up’ and address the sex-abuse crisis with honesty.
Peter Jesserer Smith

"I would love to see in this document an entire chapter about how young people should be invited to participate in leadership roles in the Church."

Leadership roles are not given, they are earned. But what understanding would a woman have about this sort of thing?

Even the supposed "right-thinking" "youth" delegates (Katie Prejean McGrady is 28) give evidence that the synod is rigged.

This is going to come off as really blunt, but it’s what I would say, and it’s what I have said to the faces of some priests that I’m good friends with. It’s the same thing I would say to a male student when he was kind of feeling down on his luck or scared of something. I’d look them straight in the eye and say, “Man up!” “Be a man!” In this moment, we need fathers who recognize that the children, the sheep, are hurting. We need shepherds who are protecting us against the wolves. And we need honest men who are unafraid to say, “We have done wrong, and we will never allow this to happen again, and tell us and help us understand how we can make that happen.”

I think they need to know that the Church is not going to hang you out to dry if you were honest. In fact, I would say that many of us right now want that honest father who’s unafraid to say, “We royally messed this up. We have failed astronomically; we have failed, and we need the help of the entire Body of Christ to protect against this from ever happening again.”

I think it is a crisis of fatherhood because there haven’t been a whole lot of mothers allowed in the room. This is not a referendum on women’s ordination, by any means. I think women in positions of leadership and power within the Church could help with some of this. I think laymen and women in the room, religious sisters in the room, voices outside “clerics talking to clerics,” is very helpful at this moment. And I think the synod needs to talk about that. I think this document that Pope Francis dropped the other day, which said that it is no longer just bishops allowed to vote in synods, but the Pope could allow for other people, leaves room for women to have a greater voice. And I really do think that that will help the Church address this and heal from this.


The "Left"

AmConMag: Culturally Radical, Profoundly Destructive By PAUL GOTTFRIED
America's left is at war with the past in a way that even the 20th century's communist regimes never matched.

He still prefers not to call them cultural Marxists.

Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Shurer II MOH Ceremony


US Secret Service


Feng Shui

Opens in the U.S. on October 5?

Black 47

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