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SHOT Show Coming Up


The Times: Millennials shun modern liturgy for ‘bells and smells’
Twentysomethings are flocking to Anglo-Catholic services for traditional worship with not a tambourine in sight

Amusing for a Few Reasons

Stereotypes, anyone?

A Woman Believes...

That just because she was given a mouth and an emotional inclination to talk that she has the right to use it as she pleases.

Hence the list of sins of the word are much more important for women.

More Evidence of the Effects of Hypergamy

Vox Day citing this study: Working women destroys marriage

l'Acte 8

Some More Thoughts on Podle's Next Book

You can find the link to the excerpt here.

Was Nietzsche correct in characterizing Christianity as a "slave morality" which men with spirit should rightly reject? How should St. Paul's admonishments be understood, then? As an implicit approval of slavery? (Or approval only of just forms of slavery and not "chattel" slavery?) How long did it take for slavery to disappear from Rome? Is it correct to say that serfdom replaced slavery? And how was the rise of serfdom linked to changes in the societies of Germanic tribes?

How should the reaction of those unjustly oppressed or "disrespected" by traditional elites (landowners) be understood? Did the elites commit the first sin by failing in charity and Christian fraternity? Could the Christian churches have acquiesced in the rise of medieval kingdoms, followed by the modern nation-state, in different ways that would have prevented the emasculation of their men?

Vietnamese-American Bluegrass Musicians

Bach Bui on Rabbit in the Grass with Cameron DeWhitt

Leah Darrow

Another video to scrutinize...

What's Going on with FOCUS

I will try to return to this later... does FOCUS have the key to evangelizing the United States, as it is promoted by George Weigel and others? Or is it still behind in understanding the major spiritual problems of the United States?

Day 1 Livestream
Day 2 Livestream

Mass for Day Two

Lisa Cotter, who has endorsed the book put out by the author of the Catholic Feminist Podcast.

From 2018 Steubenville East

Raven Concealment Systems

Friday, January 04, 2019

Stan & Ollie

Wow, John Schneider!

Looks good for his age. As for the women...

John Schneider Studios

Let Us Be Pharisees and Reinterpret Scripture and the Law

More from POF


Crisis: On John Crowe Ransom’s Newly Discovered Agrarian Classic BY JAMES MATTHEW WILSON
In 1930, “Twelve Southerners” published a thick volume of essays entitled I’ll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition. Led by the already venerable poet and critic John [...]

James Kalb on Nationalism

Crisis: What Nationalism Means Today BY JAMES KALB
A piece I wrote last month on globalism and nationalism led to some extremely spirited discussion. A few more comments may be useful. Journalists and commentators today use the word “nationalism” [...]

Confirming what had been swirling around on the internet right before Maciel was punished

Edward Pentin: Vatican Knew About Legionary Founder Maciel’s Abuse From 1943
The head of the Vatican’s dicastery for religious life blames ‘a mafia’ for the cover-up, adding those responsible ‘were not the Church.’

1Peter5: 13 Years after Maciel Crimes Revealed, Legionaries of Christ Still Celebrating His Legacy by Steve Skojec

Abbey of Our Lady of Ephesus

Remnant: Bishop Morlino Consecrates New Abbess and New Church for the Benedictines of Mary by Michael J. Matt

Yes, There Is Girl Power BS in HK Too

in the name of "fitness" and "health"

Thursday, January 03, 2019

The Nag in Chief

who can't get things right... the current bishop of Rome.

The problem with Pope Francis’ letter to the U.S. bishops by Amy Welborn
The framework and assumption that what’s most at stake here is institutional credibility is exactly what led to cover-ups and protection of clerical perpetrators. Exactly.

Dreher on Apocalypto and Sacrifice

Religion, Violence, And ‘Apocalpyto’
Revising Mel Gibson’s bloody 2006 drama about human sacrifice and the end of a Mesoamerican civilization

But is Girard reliable on this point?

Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung of Hong Kong Passes Away

Vatican News
Hong Kong FP
Asia News
UCA News

Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

David Pinault Speaks with Cardinal Zen

CWR: An Advent dinner with Cardinal Zen by David Pinault
The Vatican’s “provisional agreement” with the Chinese government has had a demoralizing effect on the country’s faithful Catholics, according to Hong Kong’s Cardinal Zen.

Women in charge of the MIC

Steve Sailer: Trust Women!, referring to this article: How women took over the military-industrial complex

An interesting thesis from Leon Podles

Though I have my doubts; it is one thing to reject Christianity because it has been feminized. But it is enough to do the demonic things done by many of the leftists during the Spanish Civil War. Even if Christianity is no longer part of one's identity, what of country or king? Or upholding the aristocracy?

Still, if women were in charge of the spiritual formators, that is a problem, and reveals that if there was a form of patriarchy in Spain, it was lacking in something very important with respect to the role of the fathers, who should have been in charge of religious education and the primary exmeplar of a Christian life. Did they abdicate this role because they preferred some idol or pagan way? Or was it due to something else after the Reconquest and then the decline of the Spanish Empire. And are there parallels with Spanish-speaking territories in Ibero-America?

Roots Of Spanish Anticlericalism by ROD DREHER

The landowners thought they were good Christians because they gave charity to the poor; but what the poor, especially the men among them, wanted was respect. The men saw that the Church, the priests, could attract women and would interfere in male sexual pleasures, even in marriage. The revolutionaries were not ideologists, but wanted recognition, independence, and respect, so that they could be respected by others as men and respect themselves as men.

Would they even care for the words of St. Paul? And would the words of St. Paul concerning the relationship of slaves and masters even be relevant?

Wednesday, January 02, 2019


So I finished the rest of the series, and I did rewatch the assassination scene.

Like Korean dramas that have similar set-ups, Bodyguard is a drama written for a woman. I am not sure how a man could enjoy watching this, especially with all of the SJW messaging thrown in -- minorities in every scene, women in authority, and so on. I'm surprised there was actually little LGQBTXYZ messaging in this one. Maybe in the next series. As for the mystery part of the procedural, it actually isn't bad for a contemporary BBC production but you'd have to sit through all of the SJW noise to appreciate it.

Le Peuple

Chinese Nationalism

How's that inferiority complex coming along?

Chad in Charge of Brazil

Is that his wife?


The Permafrost Mystery: Exploring the giant Yamal Sinkhole

Nu Who Nu Year's Special

Apparently it was a poopfest.

Memories of a better Nu Who...

Is Ouellet Part of the Problem?

Or is the problem a Latin conception of the Church being above the authority of the state with regards to even civil matters and civil cases? If the Church hierarchy won't agree to the state policing it, then will it allow lay people to do so? How can the hierarchy be made accountable? (Appealing to the pope as the chief ruler of the Church is not the solution.)

CNA: Ouellet letter: US bishops’ vote on abuse reform measures was blocked to allow more discussion

The Spanish Civil War

Dreher still has to play the moderate...

When is he going to talk about the role of fathers?

Pope Francis: ‘The Human Family Is Built Upon Mothers’

Not an Apologia for Patriarchy

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Amy Grant, "Stay For A While"

The beginning isn't the good but the refrain is memorable. But I didn't remember all of the electronic instrumentation.


Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou Ending FULL「WISH」by ELISA


Steve Sailer: Houellebecq's "Sérotonine" - Edition Flammarion

le Figaro
Culture Box

Monday, December 31, 2018

The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon


Pope Francis Isn't the Only One to Be Too Conciliatory

What of John Paul II?

Pope Francis, Indifferentism, and Islamization by WILLIAM KILPATRICK

Vol. 7


More on the LMT CSW

The Patriot Nurse on the Flu


Colonel Knives Update

Remake of a Japanese Movie

which was based on a Japanese novel. Son Yeh Jin looks good. She should settle down. But the entertainment industry is rather screwed up and the sort of people it draws...

Joyce Tang 滕麗名

Never Gets Old

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bore Sight Solutions

Speaking of Narratives

Martyrs and heroes of the new globalist order, and not traitors, the targets of Anders Breivik...

The Narrative Must Be Protected

Is it faithful to the novel?

Despite the CGI, it doesn't strike me as being more interesting than the animated adaptation from the 70s.

If only a Japanese studio had been chosen to animate a new adaptation.

Nice Try, STD

But this won't over those who are disgruntled because it does nothing to address their concerns with the show.


Max Martini

關詠荷 in 2015

US Army Pack Mules

NATO's Justification for Its Existence

Return to Hope

Best Part of the Original Tron Soundtrack