Saturday, April 13, 2019

Will There Be a Third Series?

Truly a Godsend

For the first time, a state’s National Guard command staff is made up of all women

Body Image and Self-Esteem Problems

Linked with hang-ups about sex? Only the author knows the truth about herself.

The Newest War on Women by Abigail Favale

She misunderstands feminism and the hypergamy which it cannot rid itself of.

The idea that women exist primarily for the pleasure of men has never been more explicit, more omnipresent, than in our ostensibly feminist age. Some feminists have even embraced this, singing the sex-positive praises of pornography and prostitution as somehow empowering for women. And even those willing to name and criticize the pervasive sexualization of women and girls are less willing to acknowledge the ways in which feminism itself has contributed to it. I often find it exhausting—and, yes, infuriating—to watch self-identifying feminists decry the rotten fruits of the sexual revolution while they simultaneously tend the roots.

Unlike the author (see what she writes later about her own experience as an adolescent), many women have no problem recognizing their sexuality and sexual desires, and they, before men, are the ones who sexualize themselves, so that they are desirable to men, even if they intend this display to be for only the right men.

The Empty Box is the Ark of the Covenant

and Jar Jar Abrams is trying to fill it up with something to replace the Aseret HaDibrot.


Amateurs. Sounds like that game where people put a story together by contributing a line or two and then the next person adds something, etc.

But even if he had a plan, Abrams is a hack who has shown very little creativity.

J.J. Abrams and the Unopened Mystery Box - Success Magazine
J.J. Abrams Creates Locked Mystery Boxes You Can Look Inside
J.J. Abrams Is Using the Mystery Box All Wrong - Film School Rejects
Screenwriting Article – JJ Abrams and the Mystery Box - ScriptShadow

You Go, Girl!

Who is leading the American Church? Do we need stats on who occupies diocesan leadership roles in order to confirm our suspicion?

Catholic Extension: Women Lifting up the Church: Feminine Genius

Wilson Combat Glock 45

Oh Canada

Still Trying...

CNA: Chaput: ‘Rebuild a Christian society without divided loyalties’

But why would anyone want to embrace a weak, enemic sort of Christianity that has no real political consequence? We are not in a time of murderous persecution yet.

Joe Scotchie, Writing on the Southern Front: Authentic Conservatism For Our Times

Paul Gottfried reviews the book: Joe Scotchie: Recovering Authentic (= Politically Incorrect) Conservatism


L'Acte 22

A NuAmerican At Work

Steve Sailer: Kim in "Time:" Vikings Were Multiracial

More on Star Wars

Friday, April 12, 2019

Absolutely Craptastic

Real Genius!

Let's Have a Band...

or songs named for other conspirators...

Interview with Jared Staudt

CWR: The Beer Option and feasting, fasting, and friendship

“Beer is one example,” says Dr. R. Jared Staudt, author of The Beer Option: Brewing a Catholic Culture, Yesterday & Today, “of how we should order our habits, including eating and drinking, to the glory of God.”

NCReg: Of Podcasts, Painting and Beer: Laypeople Usher in Revival of Catholic Culture by Katie Warner
How crafts can also usher in a revival of Catholic culture in the modern world.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

"Miss Photogenic"

The Patriot Nurse, in this video.

Masculine Geek #13 - Special Guest, Rollo Tomassi - Warhammer, D&D, Shakespeare, Fencing, & More!

Or Maybe People Don't Know What Real Friendship Is

AmConMag: Porn, E-Mail, And Human Contact by Rod Dreher

I almost never do things like this — get together with friends face to face, I mean. It’s not because I don’t want to, certainly, but I have to concede that I don’t try very hard to make it happen.

Priorities. Where are people's priorities? Or do people find it easier to live in their head? For young people, they probably believe they prioritize friendship, but their friendship is based on feeling rather than virtue and a shared life of virtue. Hence they will not even understand what it is to actually live in community.

It is a familiar hypothesis that young men today don’t make the same efforts that they did in the past to court women because the ease with which hardcore pornography is available to them satisfies their immediate erotic desires. I have a feeling that the same kind of thing is at work with me and maintaining friendships.

A familiar hypothesis from blue pill tradcons, of whom Dreher could be counted as one.

Dreher should be asking himself how many real friends does he have within a 10-mile radius, as should we all.

New Role for Chuck Norris

Another Contract for Glock

Thus Confirming Their Irrelevance

CNA: Next task for pope’s cardinal advisors: Women’s leadership in the Vatican

PCR on the Effect of Diversity and Identity Politics

America Is No Longer A Nation by Paul Craig Roberts

Brian Davey on Green New Deals

Green New Deals….yes….but what does that mean? by Brian Davey

Updated Norms for the Anglican Personal Ordinariates

CNA: Vatican updates norms for Anglican ordinariates

"Pretty Fair Maid"

Monday, April 08, 2019

A Faker All Along?

Or did he fail his vocation along the way? Thomas Merton.

Gary Wills reviews On Thomas Merton by Mary Gordon.

Rod Dreher's reaction, with some memories of Merton from Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon: Thomas Merton: Pious Fraud?

Southrons, Stand Up for Yourselves!

Abbeville Institute: Teach Your Children Well by Alphonse-Louis Vinh

Compatriots, how do y’all seek to maintain alive the Confederate heritage within your family & relatives? This would be a great discussion point for any Sons of Confederate Camp or United Daughters of the Confederacy… »

Season 2, June 19


Uniforms of the Late Unpleasantness

Parts 2 (2 other parts unavailable)


Sunday, April 07, 2019

Less Lecturing, More Leading by Example

Not sure what business a freelance journalist has lecturing men about masculinity -- of what community is he a part, and how has he modeled his own suggestions? Because he seems to be very naive about the existence of community in major population centers, and the power of the opposition.

How the West Can Save Masculinity by Paul Brian
If we want fewer racists and incels, we need to build a society where men can once again flourish.

Because We Don't Have Enough XYZ Programming

"Bonaparte's March"

2019 USASOC International Sniper Competition

Thierry Baudet

An interview with PanAm Post

Michael Hudson's New Book

The Delphic Oracle Was Their Davos by MICHAEL HUDSON AND JOHN SIMAN
A Four-Part Interview With Michael Hudson About His Forthcoming Book The Collapse of Antiquity

1 Royal Irish Regiment

What would Thomas Hardy think?

of his novel Far from the Madding Crowd as a polemical tool against feminism?

Something by Trevor Lynch on the 1967 film adaptation of the book.