Saturday, June 08, 2019

BLADE Show 19

Women's World Cup

L'Acte 30

The Future is Rural

Resilience: The Future of Food: Getting Beyond the Energy Blindness of Techno-Utopianism

And a review of Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush by John Michael Greer.

Can't tell who the villains are for this one...

White nationalists or Mexican drug cartels?

Friday, June 07, 2019

Textron Systems

From the Other Side

Point Shooting


Waiting for the inevitable SJW complaints to start flying...

Latin Traditionalists Doing Their Thing

Rorate Caeli: Three New Books in English by Roberto de Mattei

Including Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Prophet of the Reign of Mary.

Attachment to the aristocracy; maybe some TFP members have the manners appropriate to an aristocrat but what else do they do? How do they compare to Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira as a person?

A Confucian or an Aristotelian might say that someone who is kalos does not need to hector others to reorganize the system so that he is recognized as such; rather he will attract people to him and reform the system that way.

Piero San Giorgio interviewé par France Culture (en entier)

Monday, June 03, 2019

What in Vatican I

guarantees that the bishop of Rome always has right judgment or understanding of political affairs and therefore we should pay attention to them?

Full text of Pope Francis’ in-flight press conference from Romania
“Ecumenism is walking together, walking together, praying together… The ecumenism of prayer. In history, we have the ecumenism of blood.”

Pope Francis: Excuse me if I mention myself, but I do it without vanity, for usefulness. I spoke about this problem in the two speeches in Strasbourg, in the speech I made when I received the Charlemagne prize and then the speech I gave to all the heads of state and government in the Sistine Chapel — everyone was there — on the anniversary of the foundation of the European pacts. In these speeches I said everything I think. And there is also a fifth speech, but that I did not give, the mayor of Burgermeister of Aachen did. This man is a gem of yours, a German, a gem. You will read a book and find something.

Europe must talk, Europe must not say we are united, to say arrange yourselves in Brussels, go ahead. We are all responsible for the European Union and this circulation of the presidency is not a gesture of courtesy, like dancing the Minuet, a turn for you, a turn for you… No! It is a symbol of the responsibility that each of the countries has over Europe. If Europe does not look well at future challenges, Europe will shrivel up, it will be withered. I took the liberty of saying in Strasbourg that I feel that Europe is leaving being Mother Europe and is becoming Grandmother Europe. She has aged, lost the illusion of working together. Perhaps someone can ask the question in hiding, but this will not end a 70-year adventure [Ed. note: he meant 60]. Get back to the mysticism of the founding fathers. Get back to this. Europe needs itself to be itself. Its identity, its unity. And overcome with this, with so many things that good politics offer, overcoming divisions and borders. We are seeing borders in Europe. This is not good. At least cultural borders. It is not good. It is true that every country has its own culture and must guard it, but with the mysticism of the prism. There is a globalization where everyone’s cultures are respected, but all united. But please, do not let Europe be overcome by pessimism and ideologies. Because Europe is attacked not with cannons or bombs at the moment, but yes, with ideologies. Ideologies that are not European, that come from outside and hide in small groups in Europe. They are not big. Think of the divided and belligerent Europe of ‘14 and of ‘22-23 until ‘39, when the war broke out. But let’s not go back to this, please. We learn from history, we do not fall into the same hole. The other time I said that it is said the only animal that falls in the same hole twice is man. The donkey never does. I do not know how to tell you. But read that speech by the mayor from Burgermeister of Aachen, a gem.

What guarantees that he has sufficient knowledge of the Natural Law? Here is another example. Did he even bother to lecture the Romani about their responsibilities to their host societies? Why is he acquiescing their portrayal as victims?

CNA: ‘We must choose between civilizations of love and hate’ Pope Francis tells Romani

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Bullness Is a Social Construction

The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

He can sit in the grass and smell all the flowers he likes, but Ferdinand will never copulate with a cow.

How “The Story of Ferdinand” Became Fodder for the Culture Wars of Its Era by Bruce Handy

On the Nature of Daylight

Kyrie eleison.