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“Called and Co-Responsible”

CNA/CWR: What Catholic clergy and laity have in common: a Gospel mission

“Many of us were involved in missionary activity, but at least in the West and the North, our main concern was ministering to our own, especially immigrants and new children being born,” he said. “So we opened parishes and schools like crazy and they all followed basically the same model: we have to look out for our own because sadly no one else will.”

The new Latin churches should have sought assimilation, inculturation, and integration, and if they met with resistance they should have emphasized the obligation of their immigrant congregation not to test the limits of hospitality and to discourage others from immigrating. The opportunity to assimilate, inculturate, and integrate has passed for many churches, and now their leaders are pushing for a religious form of civic nationalism that will fail.

archived video

The Repudiation of Hierarchy?

Or subverting it so that it becomes a form of narcissism?

Servant leadership is a term that needs to disappear from the Christian lexicon and from any form of catechesis. The theological objection? Christ came to serve not men, but as the Son who serves the Father.

Authority and leadership should be at the service of love, but they requires different from the obedience that is required of the man who serves another.

"Find your tribe"

Maybe the least objectionable episode in the series. (Ben Mattern's bit was problematic. Scott Hahn's truncated account of divine adoption has problems too.)


I don't care what Dr. Jeanne Schindler's institutional affiliation is or to whom she is married (D.C. Schindler, also of Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Studies) but the fact that the producers of the series thought it appropriate to include her and her opinions about masculinity for this video shows how blind they are to the fact that they have been conquered by feminism.

Guess place of the men involved in this video in the SSH.

Blue-pilled "man up" message.

A KoC Project

Given the demographics of the Knights of Columbus and the men featured in the series, I don't expect anything more than blue-pilled whiteknighting stuff. It's 2020. Social conservatism lost on the 75 years ago, even before the first shots of the culture war. There's some nice imagery meant to appeal to men but it's without substance. How many cultural Marxists and feminists are going to denounce this campaign as misogynist or patriarchal? Probably only a few who are in need of clicks.

Youtube list

As far as I can tell, not a single episode dedicated to explaining the authority of the husband over the wife.

Full Auto Recoil

The Simpler Way

Resilience: The Simpler Way: Editors’ Introduction
By Samuel Alexander, Jonathan Rutherford

The Simpler Way is an ‘eco-anarchist’ vision of a world where self-governing communities live materially simple but sufficient lives, in harmony with ecological limits. Central themes discussed in the following pages include a radical critique of consumer capitalism; the need for fundamental system change; and a transition theory based on building a new society from the grassroots up.

Simplicity Institute

I’ve Seriously Tried to Believe Capitalism and the Planet can Coexist, but I’ve lost Faith by Samuel Alexander

Interview with Helena Norberg-Hodge

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Agilite K19

MARSOC History

The English Game

A Girl Missing

Ali Wong

An analysis of her script for her life. I don't know how accurate it is but I do know that she is a rather annoying "comedienne" who uses a lot of vulgarity to pass for humor (as all "comediennes" tend to do) and is not a flattering representative of Asian-Americans.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Gunship Crew Honored

No More CIF

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Western Delusions

USCG Will Get Pushback?

Gotta be diverse like this...

Another Federal Welfare Program

2020 Salomon Forces Catalog

Kingdom Season 2

No Messaging Here

Towards Expat Nationalism by Guillaume Durocher
Technological and Psychological Factors for the Rise and Decline of the Nation-State

The family – especially if the two parents are of the same ethnicity – seems to be a powerful driver of ethnic identity creation. All across Europe, the society may speak one language, the state may prescribe another, but if enough families speak another language at home, then we have an autonomous ethnic group and resulting ethnic tensions. See: Catalonia, Flanders, and indeed most of the Balkans.

The Latest Tom Hanks Ego Project

The quality of the CGI isn't better than that for Midway.

USASOC Suppressor System

St. Timothy and St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church

AmConMag: How Coptic Christianity is Finding a Refuge in America by Casey Chalk
A new church in Northern Virginia finds the historically Egyptian faith traveling to new shores.

STSA website and YT channel

A documentary on Coptic Orthodox Christianity:

The ASP Candidate

CNA/CWR: He won’t win. So why is Brian Carroll running for president?

A comment at CWR:
"Trump was a fluke who was not acceptable to the duopoly, and even now many Republicans in the Federal legislature oppose him, as well as those who control the Republican party at all levels. The only possible benefit from this attempt at mass politics is that people may get to know other people who live near them who share their values and network, but networking is not enough by itself to make a community."

His website and FB page.

Catholic Herald: Pro-life but not Republicans: meet the American Solidarity Party

There are those who like to signal online to others about their conscience or choosing a candidate who fully aligns with their beliefs, making a principled choice. But they are statist in their beliefs about the Federal Government, just like many of the "National Conservatives" and Latin integralists as well. Fortunately, the great majority of them would not back up their beliefs with the force of arms if they had the choice.

Don't Be This Sap

Truly Out of Touch

What pastoral sensitivity? He should show the agreement to Cardinal Zen and any Chinese bishop who asks to see it.

CNA/CWR: ‘Be truly Christians and good citizens’ Pope tells Chinese Catholics

The Narcissist Female on Display

Who does she think she is, threatening to leave the Church? She has already left it.

CNA/CWR: Mary McAleese writes to Pope Francis over Jean Varnier

Croats Defend One of Their Own

As would Serbs. Does the patriarchate of Rome need to be entangled in a dispute between Croats and Serbs?

If the Croats feel so strongly they can promote his local cult. Otherwise maybe it would best for the patriarchate of Rome to wait a century, after more neutral or "fair and balanced" histories have been written about the Balkans.

Crisis: Aloysius Stepinac: Hero, Martyr, Saint by Matija Štahan

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"Do you hear the people sing"


LAV on Point Shooting

Call 콜 Trailer 3

Clown World

Chris Chibnall Destroyed Doctor Who | The Timeless Children Review

Amazing Stories Reboot

If this is a limited run, Apple TV won't have to worry about cancelling it if some scandal hits the show because of its executive producer.

Rangers in Action

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Brigantes Issue Esssentials

HANA菊梓喬 - 我不是她 (劇集 "法證先鋒IV" 片尾曲) Official MV


July 2019: U.S. Places First at International Mathematics Competition in U.K.

The Feminine Imperative and Polyamory

Hypergamy requires choices.

Can the MIC find a replacement for the B-52?

The Battle of Haditha Dam

Not My Friend Luke

Who Funds the International Rescue Committee?

From a year ago:

The founding of the IRC.

Picard: "We must help the Romulan refugees!"

Zombie Devil Mouse

A bunch of clips from The Last Skywalker were uploaded today -- "greatest hits" of the movie? Devil Mouse desperate to keep the buzz alive and make some blu ray sales. So stupid -- these clips are just reminders of what garbage the movie was.

Chris Patten on the Vatican-China Agreement

The Tablet: Vatican 'got it wrong' about China says Pattenby Sarah Mac Donald

Monday, March 02, 2020

Glory to Hong Kong | Sign language version | English subtitle


Dreher Interviews Douthat

about his new book: The Decadent Society: How We Became The Victims Of Our Own Success

No mention of cultural Marxism, feminism, or Christian leaders watering down the Gospel and failing to respond properly to the state and its elites.

Decadence has enabled female vice and narcissism. Have many men in the West become soft? Sure. But how much power did they have to begin with, either to correct the state, the elites, rebellious women, or revolutionaries? 0.


Cardinal Zen Responds to Cardinal Re

CWR Dispatch: Cardinal Zen invites Cardinal Re to show claimed China documents from Vatican archive

What a Joke

Two female constables to initially handle some sort of altercation?

"Mom (or Grandmom) in Black Robes"

Judge Judy
may be entertaining and some of her behavior made be exaggerated in the name of theatrics but that shouldn't be tolerated in a real judge. Undoubtedly there is a lot of nannying going on in the courtrooms in the name of state paternalism or something.

Doctor Who Is Finished

The Sound of Hagia Sophia

NPR: Listen: The Sound Of The Hagia Sophia, More Than 500 Years Ago

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《願榮光歸香港》香港人製造之榮光交響樂團 MV

Darwyn “Tony” Snyder

Video: WWII Veteran receives French Legion of Honor medal
France Will Never Forget

Interview with Hans-Hermann Hoppe by Jeff Deist

LRC: The In-Depth Interview by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

John Lovell on Order of Man

Mid-80s Pat Mac

Blade Show 2020 in Atlanta

Kyrie eleison.

Woobie Full Zip

One Peter Five

I rarely have time for 1P5 podcasts, but the last one, on the LCs, was good.

In general I find the articles at 1P5 and the commentariat participating in the combox to be reactionary, showing ignorance of other ecclesial traditions, and a presumption that the Latin ecclesial tradition is normative for the Church. A Latin triumphalist view of salvation history is still operative in the minds of Latin traditionalists. Steve Skojec seems like he might be more open-minded and willing to learn more about alternatives to the Latin view, but then his associates on his website seem like they are strict Latin traditionalists.

I was somewhat of a Latin traditionalist for a while, but exposure to the Church Fathers, other ecclesial traditions and other viewpoints on Church history in order to be more ecumenical towards other Apostolic Christians helped me grow beyond that. Are Latin traditionalists willing to take the same step?

March 1, 1781

FPR: Liberty or Empire? Reconsidering the Articles of Confederation by Alexander Salter

In general, the pro-centralization party was dismayed at the democratic and egalitarian consequences of the Revolution. Too many plebeians were getting elected to state legislatures. Instead of a decentralized, democratic federation, the centralizers wanted a quasi-aristocratic “empire of liberty,” led by wealthy men of leisure, authorized to build a state that would rival the empires of Europe. The Constitution, in comparison to the Articles, grants the central government extensive powers to impose taxes, micromanage trade, raise an army and a navy, and otherwise undertake the activities expected of a late-18th century nation aspiring to international greatness.

Viewed this way, the Constitution was an attempt by conservatives to create a fiscal-military state. Our civic religion trumpets the Constitution as a triumph of freedom. In reality, as historian Sheldon Richman argues, “it was a counter-revolution, in many ways a reversal of the radical achievement represented by America’s break with the British Empire.”

Family went to see Hamilton last night.

History on the Net: #100: Alexander Hamilton’s Broadway Musical is Great, but Brion McClanahan Thinks He Screwed Up America

AKUS, "You're the Lucky One"

The Battle of Haditha Dam

Yellow Check Proposers Respond to Critics

See this previous post for the link to the original proposal.

If they weren't affiliated with Catholic institutions and thus had some credibility as Catholic leaders, would their opinions really matter? They can claim their arguments are reasoned from moral theology and canon law, but who would be paying attention to them if they were unknown bloggers just making this proposal?

How Much Dreck Would a Yellow Check Check? by Gladden Pappin & Gregory Caridi

I'll focus on the critical point:

Claim 7: The bishops will favor certain viewpoints and disfavor others

This objection fails to distinguish between levels of theological discussion and thus highlights a situation that is not in itself problematic. A yellow check would not imply, any more than a mandatum does, that those who have it are not permitted disagreement over matters that are open to discussion. The task of determining what matters are open and closed is already undertaken by bishops as an essential part of their authority. Consider canon 216: “No undertaking is to claim the name Catholic without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority.” This canon permits the bishops to solemnize certain associations and organizations as “Catholic” while denying others.

Among associations deemed Catholic, there can be a divergence of viewpoints on nonessential matters, as well as different emphases. A yellow check system would foster better intra-ecclesiastical discourse by forbidding those with the yellow check from criticizing each other as non-Catholic or the like. At the same time, the yellow check would promote unity around the essential matters of the Church’s magisterium.

They can say this, but do the bishops realize this? Do they acknowledge that much of what the USCCB publishes on its website is not dogma? (Their statements on gun control, health insurance, immigration...) And other opinions, like those positive statements about Judaism or Islam, even if they appeal to Vatican II or papal statements, are not dogma either, since they do not pertain to Tradition but are the private judgments of bishops about ideas or religions or other particulars?

Until the bishops themselves clarify and show that they are familiar with the difference between Tradition and theological opinion, the fundamental objection remains.