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Shemagh Tying

Getting Feminine Symbolism Right | with Rachel Fulton Brown


"This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things"

Naive chivalry isn't coming back.

Race Unrealism

Those who are mixed ethnic parentage will probably have even more difficulty finding an identity in an atomized world. We are probably passed the point for successful wide-scale solutions and attempts at social re-engineering.


More with Kyle Harper

She Actually Wants a Different Fire Lit



Even Jesuits?


Published on the same day: A Monk’s Guide to Quarantine by Teresa Mull

One might think that one would find similar articles by Orthodox Christians, but I have not seen many -- rather there is more of an awareness that Christian faithful should be building up their "domestic churches."

A Snapshot of the Uhmerican Church

Because Latin Bishops Couldn't Do This on Their Own

Muh Conservatism

As an attempt to create an intellectual or political mass movement, conservatism is pretty much dead. Why debate about a word and who the conservative intellectual authorities are? Conservatives tried to play the mass politics game through the use of mass media, but what success did they have, especially against enemies more adept at using the mass media and capturing institutions, tools needed for indoctrinating urban mass population centers, which by their very patterns are opposed to true communal living and communitarian solutions? How many conservative intellectuals devoted time to trying to rebuild community in the places they live? Publications are insufficient for producing republican virtue -- there must be a living community that trains the young and provides the social nexus for people to grow in virtue.

Populism seems like it is here to stay, but it may be a populism cares less about principles, ready to embrace socialism if it promises to benefit the average American. The destruction of community and the churches has also left its mark on red America, who may be willing to accept the victories of their enemies in sexual matters and some of the identity politics issues.

Hulu's Mrs. America

The Armenian Genocide

The Katyn Massacre

PCR: Churchill’s War: An Addendum

A Soldier's Revenge

It's a bit low-budget. The acting seems ok though. Maybe Dr. Wilson would like this one.

What if There Is No "Society" to Begin With

Over That Mountain 저 산 너머

The life of Stephen Cardinal Kim 김수환. (Infogalactic)


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No idea if this is good...

Valley Girl as a Musical???

Who was asking for a musical remake of the 80s movie Valley Girl? And the look is not early 80s but mid-80s.

And I don't care if the musical score can't accomodate Modern English; if the soundtrack doesn't include the song it's a lame remake.

Yes, in the context of the movie (and probably the lyrics as well), it's a song about fornication. But if they wanted to keep to the spirit of the original movie...

The Warfighters: The Green Berets of 7115 Strengthened By Hardship


A Church of "Social Justice" and "Solidarity"

A reason why Latins are not getting any vocations? Don't dismiss the possibility so quickly.

Liberalism is certainly a false gospel.

CNA/CWR: Following Trump’s halt to US immigration, bishops call for solidarity

“In this moment, our common humanity is apparent more now than ever. The virus is merciless in its preying upon human life; it knows no borders or nationality,” read an April 23 statement issued by Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, president of US bishops’ conference; Auxiliary Bishop Mario Dorsonville of Washington, chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Migration; and Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, chair of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

“The President’s action threatens instead to fuel polarization and animosity. While we welcome efforts to ensure that all Americans are recognized for the dignity of their work, the global crisis caused by COVID-19 demands unity and the creativity of love, not more division and the indifference of a throw-away mentality.”

The full statement.

CLINIC: Joint Press Release: Catholic Leaders Respond to Administration’s Halt to Immigration with a Call for Unity in the Effort to Overcome COVID-19
Ignatian Solidarity Network

Community 101

The Truth About Neighbors, Coworkers, & Friends In Survival Situations by Daisy Luther (ZeroHedge)

More BCM Advertising

CZ 805 BREN A2

Union Army BS

Ranks and uniforms for women.

The 40th Anniversary of Operation Eagle Claw

More Disappointing Words from Cardinal Ouellet

CNA/CWR: Involve more women in seminary formation, urges Vatican cardinal

What the Latin churches need is not continuing institution-guarding in the name of "openness" and "fempowerment." What is needed is genuine reform before there is a total collapse of those churches as a "public institution." What is needed is a reconsideration of seminaries, especially during a time of shrinking diocesan budgets and low numbers of potential vocations. Women are not needed in seminary formation; those who are considering holy orders should be working in a parish during their formation, and here they can be scrutinized as well as learning how to relate to others. If there is a problem with "human" or "integral" development for Latin seminarians, it is a problem that women are not going to solve, nor by academics or bureaucrats, for that matter. Not only that but it is clericalism for clerics to think that they are the only judges of what is necessary for human development, and unfortunately many of them are getting advice from those who wish to advance a certain agenda against tradition and the Divine Law. In fact, many of these clerics are the wrong sort of men to whom the formation of men as men should be entrusted.

The Latin seminary is perhaps the last development of the Latin churches as an institutionalized existence during a period of urbanization which has exceeded scale and limit. In the future it is probably not sustainable in many areas, and whether it is even ideal for regions marked by diversity of peoples and cultures is debatable.

Really really related:
CNA/CWR: 2020 priest ordination class is slightly smaller, more diverse, survey finds

Just wait until next year: probably numbers will continue to decline. More “diversity” means that the Latin churches are unable to attract vocations from white Americans in diverse blue urban mass population centers. There is a reason for that.

Rod Dreher Interviews Kyle Harper

The Germs That Destroyed an Empire

The Fate of Rome

Revolution of the Heart

FPR: Christian Anarchy Come of Age: Dorothy Day and the Common Good by Myles Werntz


PBS - MPT Presents:

"Yeah, Thanks"

William H. Pitsenbarger

The hero whose story is told in The Last Full Measure.

The Last Full Measure: History vs. Hollywood


Taleb on Risk, Of Course

Too many people, including well-meaning Catholics, are talking about "herd immunity" and "low morality rate" and so on without understanding risk. Do we have a handle yet on COVID-19 and how it does what it does? No. Until we reach that point and know what the effective treatments are, we need to continue with social distancing rules and such.

No retractions from "journalists" posing as pundits or admissions that they were wrong?

"It Wasn't A Black Swan" - Nassim Taleb Blasts Bail-Outs As Misguided And "Morally Unacceptable"

Tom Woods with Michael Boldin

10 Years of Nullification

The 10th Amendment: An Introduction
The 10th Amendment: Sovereignty of the People of the Several States

Brion McClanahan Speculates on the Future

The Time to Prepare for the Future Is Now

James Howard Kunstler: Where Will You Live in the Post Covid-19 Future?
Cities are cramped, sprawling suburbs are a dead end. That leaves two places well equipped for uncertain times.

The after-effects of the crisis will prompt enormous changes in our living arrangements, especially in matters relating to how we inhabit the landscape, recasting our ideas about what our towns and cities will look like, and will determine the fate of those vast, incoherent suburban outlands that are neither urban nor rural. You can check most of your prior assumptions about all that at the door now, especially schemes based on electric cars, “Green New Deals,” government largesse, and centralized power.

No Ordinary Dog

Michelle Malkin: The Catholic Church and Immigration

Thursday, April 23, 2020

5 Items for a Field Shelter

FSSPX and Religious Liberty

How Will SSPX Latin Rad-Trads Deal With This?

Given their notions of authority and hierarchy, will they do anything other than appeal to the SSPX leadership in Switzerland? And what if those leaders fail? Why would one expect the SSPX to not have inherited the problems of Latin ecclesial culture? Let's stop being naive here. So here, Dreher is being too optimistic with one of his closing lines: "A society built on lies and cover-ups deserves to fall, so it can rebuild on the foundation of truth." The truth is not enough.

Rod Dreher: SSPX Scandal: Michael Gonzalez’s Story
Michael Gonzalez, an alleged child sex abuse victim of an SSPX priest. Gonzalez later killed himself

Business as usual...

Critical Drinker's One-Year Anniversary Livestream

Apparently HBO has money to burn as it's going to make another season of Westworld, which will presumably be as woke or even more woke than season 3.
Hollywood Reporter

Justice for Duncan Lemp!

AmConMag: Duncan Lemp’s Parents Threatened With Jail For Protesting His Killing by Jim Bovard
While mum on why a SWAT team shot the software developer while he lay sleeping, a Maryland prosecutor suggests COVID order trumps Bill of Rights.

Dumb Devil Mouse

Boys and men may rely on the "classics" for entertainment, but fantasizing about being a warrior isn't enough. Even the new Dune franchise and the Lord of the Rings Amazon series will probably be woke mass entertainment. Go lift, train, and get the right mindset to be a real warrior.

Soldier Systems Daily: Operation Eagle Claw – 40 Years On

Disney Developing Female-Led Star Wars TV Series

SF Combat Diver Capability at Risk?

St. George, Pray for Us and for England!


Crisis: St. George, Shakespeare, and the Plague by by Kenneth Colston
Catholic Insight: Saint George, Shakespeare, Brian Boru and the Fighting Catholic Spirit by John Paul Meenan, Editor

New SOG Knives

Jordi Savall: Lachrimae Caravaggio (Hespèrion XXI)

Old Man Logan Replaced By the Best Heroine Ever

Reminds me of one of my nieces.

Good Job Devil Mouse!

Burn Star Wars down faster!



Alberta too.

Free Range American: Ep 005 Jariko Denman - Army Ranger

Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Mike Green Sons of Liberty Gun Works Rifle

To Love Others

CWR Dispatch: Loneliness, disconnection, and our divine vocation by Brian Jones
Without a reference to human nature, and the specific inclination to live in community as essential for its flourishing, the prescriptive for civic decline can fall on deaf ears.

The reality of our social breakdown seemed to surround us on all sides. Our cities, towns, and neighborhoods have been built in ways that do not appear as though they were designed for human life and flourishing. We have even constructed tall fences around our homes, along with an abundance of trees to surround us in a sort of military fortress. Front porches were once an essential feature of homes, so as to incline us towards fulfilling our vocation as neighbors, and good stewards of those places where we live. These have given way to the back patio, that place of refuge which has conditioned citizens to seek to be removed from others, detached as a further means for celebrating our individual liberty. How many of us actually know the people who live on our street, especially those right next door?

Welcome to suburbia. A look at the social and political factors at work behind the destruction of community would probably be too much for a short internet essay, but they do merit an examination so that Christians know what the causes were and from which they need to be on guard.

[M]uch of the literature that accurately describes the decline of community in American civic life tends to lack a deeper explanation as to why human beings are in need of association at an ontological or metaphysical level.

The author doesn't develop this in the direction of communion ecclesiology and personhood as relation right away, but in the direction of apprenticeship in love [agape]. Later he talks about imitating God and writes  "Human sociality is meant to be an imitation of the Trinitarian Sociality"

那些年-胡夏 不能說的秘密-周杰倫 大個之後-許靖韻 女校男生-Twins 那些年校園 medley cover by 許靖韻 Angela Hui

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Peter Hitchens on the UK Lockdown


Who's Running Devil Mouse?

They released this movie on Devil Mouse+ not too long before they released Call of the Wild in the theater, despite the two movies having the same sort of visual appeal and maybe even the same fake CGI? Are they desperate for content to throw on their streaming service?

Face Masks

Something for the Vehicle

More on SERE


Dumbheaded Duo 꼴통 2인조


Heroes? Or Villains?


Roman Catholicism in Korea

The Terrible Craziness of Industrial Ag

Attention is the coin...

Denver doctor's 4-year-old son diagnosed with COVID-19

Thanks, Oligarchy!

Who Lobbied for This?

The First Wave of English Nationalism? How England got its name (1014-1030)
- the paper itself by George Beech.
Introduction: The creation of a new ethnic identity of the English people was one of the most important developments of the later Anglo-Saxon period from the ninth to the eleventh centuries. Five centuries earlier, there had been no political or linguistic unity among the different peoples of German/Danish origin who had settled in the country and who spoke different dialects and were ruled by a handful of small tribal kingdoms. Then, from the reign of King Alfred onwards, Scandinavian invasions and the rise of dynasty of Wessex gradually led to the emergence of a single kingdom controlling most of the land and population, and to the belief that the English constituted a single community bound together by common descent, cultural tradition, language, church and loyalty to the king. In the later stages of this development, around 1000 AD, a new name, Engla land, came to be attached to the kingdom of the English and it has lasted until the present day as one of the most famous and long-lived the later country tenth names in European history.


Rod Dreher: The Pandemic And Our Heimat

The genius of Heimat‘s storytelling is that Eduard’s becoming a Nazi functionary is never explained. He just turns up one day wearing an armband and a party uniform, like it’s the most normal thing in the world. That’s how most others treat him. You get it: there wasn’t any real moral struggle for Eduard in this choice. It was just what people did, becoming Nazis — and for him, it finally gives him respectability and a sense of mission, after having spent the postwar years struggling to find a place for himself. Eduard’s mother is quietly against the Nazis, but doesn’t say anything. All too human.
We have an ongoing crisis of meaning; the potential for that to be exploited by those with power to take advantage of the lost is there, and those on the left have already used it to their advantage. (Look at those who participate in Antifa.) We must provide a different vision, one centered on authentic communal life and all that entails, and we must live it, even if we have to oppose those who supposedly share the same religion. We [men] cannot water down our principles in order to have their acceptance or approval.

Defend community and liberty.

Trailers from the German TV series Dreher references:

Cultural Marxists Always on the Offensive

Rod Dreher: The Culture War Never Ends

We Are Stuck

until there is a consensus on how COVID-19 causes the effects associated with it and on how to best or effectively treat it, especially at the onset of symptoms if possible.


HBO Reboot of Perry Mason?!?

Devil Mouse Has Its Hands on Everything

Avengers - Rigg's New Rigs (1967)


Loretta Lynn, "I Fall to Pieces"

official audio

Patsy Cline:

Clyde Wilson Reviews Country Music by Ken Burns


Having Someone Photogenic to Deliver Propaganda Helps

Zero Hedge: China State TV Host: COVID-19 Came From Lab Leak... In United States

In contrast... Watch: China Releases Video From Inside The Wuhan Bio-Lab.

Still, I am not ruling out the possibility of a Deep State action mean to hurt China and maybe even Trump. Vox Day: Everyone Is Lying.

What Form of Nationalism Permissible for All?

The full interview, with timestamp:

Frontline: India-Israel partnership finds an ideological link by Anupama Katakam

Getting Ready to Run in 2024?

CNA/CWR: Sen. Rubio: Post-coronavirus world needs economy for the common good

He is making some Catholics happy with his "common good talk." Is he going to advance some form of [fake] "common good conservatism" (instead of "compassionate conservatism")?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Gottfried on Buckley

How Buckley’s Anti-Communism Morphed Into Neoconservatism by Paul Gottfried

Protecting One of Their Own?

A Defense of Orban

Phillip Blond is still around, and so is ResPublica UK. ResPublica US didn't get off the ground. What has Blond done lately?

Men and Women are Essentially Different | Phillip Blond

MA and ME Have Patriots' Day

Should November 17 or April 20 be the equivalent for the South?

Breitbart: O’Donnell: History Matters–The Battles of Lexington and Concord

Major General John Frost

The Brion McClanahan Show Episode 305: Is Tradition an "Ism"?


This is probably one of the few topics of which Law and Liberty has any essays of that are useful to a paleocon.

The Honesty of Originalism by James R. Rogers

The central case for legal originalism is commonsensical and compelling: Read legal texts as we read everything else—honestly. Think of it as an application of the Golden Rule: Read others as you would like to be read yourself, including legal texts. And if you don’t like what you read in a legal text when you’ve read it honestly, the solution is not then to read the text dishonestly, the solution is to advocate changing the legal text.

So, contra F.H. Buckley, it is not the case that “if originalism commends itself, then, it must be because the Framers’ Constitution is morally superior to that of today’s Constitution.” You don’t read the letter from Aunt Jenny honestly only if what she wrote is morally superior to anything else she might have written. You read it honestly and then disagree with her if you find what she’s written to be morally wanting. (We might even advocate to Aunt Jenny that she amend her letter: “That’s not true; you take that back!”)

And, contra Adrian Vermeule, reading texts honestly—including legal texts—is not a “political and rhetorical” strategy based on fleeting political “utility.” If one doesn’t believe that the current Constitution promotes society’s “common good” if read honestly, then propose a different constitution that would achieve the common good as one sees it, and we can debate the proposal. But don’t advocate reading the current Constitution dishonestly to achieve purposes any honest reader would admit the text doesn’t support.

COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Not a Black Swan

Not the Right Conversation At All

They are still looking to make the state a solution when it is the problem.

A Lot of People with Axes to Grind

against the stricter forms of Judaism...


Felix and Meira

Had to balance these with something more positive.

There is a theme of women rejecting such strict forms of Judaism to find freedom or to find "true love" because their arranged marriages turned out so badly. Does their dissatisfaction with their husbands (whether because of real flaws or because they do not rank high enough in the SSH) explain their discontent, resentment, and radicalism? "The pursuit of indignation."

Bodyguard 경호원


What Is the Solution?

The standard Roman Catholic wedding vows do not include a promise for the wife to obey the husband:

Couples wedding in the Roman Catholic Church essentially make the same pledge to one another. According to the Rite of Marriage (#25) the customary text in English is:[4]
I, ____, take you, ____, to be my (husband/wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.
In the United States, Catholic wedding vows may also take the following form:[4]
I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded(husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.
The priest will then say aloud "You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, men must not divide. Amen."[5]

Monday, April 20, 2020


I hope mom taught them better so that they won't be the type of female who uses or some similar website.

Breitbart: College Admissions Bribe Scandal: Feds Release Pics Used to Get Lori Loughlin’s Daughter onto USC Rowing Team

An Explanation for the "Western" Sound?

I have been critical of the sound of Gregorian chant and possibly other forms of Western sacred music. This article at OAJ may explain the reason for the sound of Western sacred music leaning more towards higher voices.

Is the following true of the architectural styles that succeeded the Gothic?
In contrast, Gothic architecture has a distinct acoustic difference. The majority of the wall surface in a large Gothic church is leaded glass. These big expanses of glass are smooth and hard, but they are not unyielding. High-pitched sounds will reflect off them readily, but low-pitched sounds will actually shake them, and this shaking motion absorbs the energy out of the sound. Furthermore, many of the big north-European churches that were famous centers of musicianship had wood, rather than stone, vaulting, and the thin wood ceiling paneling was likewise shakable and absorbent to low pitches. Acoustic measurements show that large Gothic churches have a notable drop off in reverberance in the bass range.

Has this "typical" sound influenced the way schola and choir directors have recruited and organized the voices for their groups, so that this is the sound they wish to mimic or present?

This is significant for the development of western church music. The great composers of the baroque period were mostly employed at huge Gothic churches, and they wrote music tailored to those spaces. The continuous modulation and contrapuntal bass lines in the music of J.S. Bach, for instance, depends upon an acoustic in which the bass decays rapidly. Those bass lines are played on immensely loud organ pipes, and were they to reverberate for several seconds, the music would become muddy and the harmonic modulation would be irritating. The long reverberation in the high frequencies is not a problem, however, because high harmonics are consonant with all notes of a scale. A ringing bell-like descant of high reverberance gives a pleasing sparkle to baroque music without muddying the forward motion.

Would Western chant and singing sound "better" in an Orthodox temple or in the oldest Roman churches, as the lower male voices can be heard more clearly? There are East European temples that are built of wood rather than stone--do these preserve the "Byzantine" sound, and how are they able to do so, in a way that the bass is not preserved in Western temples that have wood? (Is it merely the lack of large [stained-glass] windows?)

It would seem that there should be rules of architecture and building composition so that the bass is preserved, so that there is the presence of masculine voices during the liturgy is emphasized; otherwise there may be consequences on the participation of men during the liturgy, even if they happen at a subconscious level. (And for the West, we should also remember that the actual participation of the majority of the laity in the liturgy was limited as they did not understand Latin.)

Kyrie "In Resurrectione Domini" - Old Roman Chant (Home Edition)

SJWs: "Science is patriarchal!"

No Response from the US Team?

I was browsing through some more haka videos.

No Yankee yell? (They can't appropriate the Rebel yell.) The United States (and Western Europeans) really need to recover or recreate their war chants. Military drills of the modern nation-state are a poor substitute, and one can't really do them on the playing field of a stadium anyways, even if one had a band. Would the recovery of European war chants entail embracing a form of neo-paganism which is at odds with Christian civilization? Maybe. Did the Byzantine armies have any sort of war cries in addition to their hymns and prayers?

Get the Message Out

Mike Krieger: The Future Must Be Decentralized and Localized (ZeroHedge)

Take Names

A Victory?

First in, probably the last out.

What a waste of this particular asset.


Prelude to Another Push for More Gun Control in Canada?