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Straussians on Identity

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Amity Shlaes, Great Society: A New History

On lil Benji's show.

Geoff Lawton: Introduction to Permaculture


A Mistake?

Regenerative Agriculture and Regenerative Health Care

Pearl of Great Price by Christian Browne

Arouca Press

CWR: When French revolutionaries sacked Rome and kidnapped the pope

Disinformation or Incompetence, You Decide...

The Atlantic

Looks like it was made specifically to discredit Mike Cernovich as a journalist.

Mat Best and Geraint Jones

Eastern Christian Books: Syria in the Crusades

Eastern Christian Books: Syria in the Crusades

Edinburgh University Press: Syria in Crusader Times: Conflict and Co-Existence, ed. Carole Hillenbrand

El llibre vermell de Montserrat - Jordi Savall

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Another Program for A Prodigal Church

VOCES8: After Silence Album Launch Show

Talk About the Common Good

without realizing whether one has a true political community to instantiate it or not. Schools are a sort of community whose purpose is learning, but they are not political communities.

What Is Energy?

Resilience - Energy Transition Show

But Still a Latin


Hillsdale Radio

Bradley Birzer:

Too Contrarian

Go Train

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Civic Muscle

St. Alban

Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us and the Society of Jesus.

Anamnesis, Not Amnesia: The 'Healing Memories' and the Problem of 'Uniatism' by Father Robert Taft, S.J.

Moeyo Ken 燃えよ剣

First Things: The Rabbi Who Chose Trans Orthodoxy by by Sarah Rindner

The End of Gender

Debra Soh on Sex Differences and Science Denial

Dr. Debra Soh | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 11

Sex, Gender and Bullshit Part 1: Dr. Debra Soh on James Damore and the Google Memo; parts 2, 3, 4... goes up to part 10.

The Reality of Transgender & Gender Science - Dr. Debra Soh

Joe Rogan Experience #1147 - Dr. Debra Soh

Sex Research, Asian Discrimination, and #MeToo | Debra Soh | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

Ep. 5: We're Having a Theybie!

Race, Science, and Other Things You Can't Talk About | featuring Coleman Hughes and Dr. Debra Soh

Gina Rippon v. Simon Baron-Cohen

Rippon is using science for an ideological end, namely absolute egalitarianism, and it is difficult to see how she is not ignoring the obvious in order to fit her arguments to her goals. But because she is credentialed she expects us to accept her claims without questioning the arguments.

Male, Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences

info for the second edition

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She Grew Up in California, The Results Shouldn't Be Surprising

"I’m excited to donate all proceeds from this song to WhyHunger. They are working to eradicate hunger at a systemic level and understand that food is a human right. Here’s a quote from their website that demonstrates why I have chosen to support this organization - 'WhyHunger works to address the root causes of hunger such as poverty, racism, sexist, classism, homophobia and other forms of oppression and structural inequities that create disproportionate barriers to food and land access for communities.'"

COVID-19 Whistleblower

A Gadfly for the Latins

Douglas Murray on Wokeness

full episode

Will She Be Censored from Youtube Too?

The Photo Is Symbolic of the Priorities

of the Latin churches and their parochial school systems.

The Best Essay in the Special Issue So Far?

But then he started to say stuff like this:
This new Right understands not just ideas, but power. The Left’s ideological hegemony is not principally the result of better ideas, but of its long march through the institutions. We understand the need to build new institutions—in particular those with the power to shape public opinion—and to reconquer lost ones or, at the very least, defund them. The universities, in particular, must be brought to heel.

We also understand the importance of knowing how to govern. However much we may long for a return to constitutional government, the modern administrative-welfare state is here to stay. No one, not even the great Reagan, has succeeded in taming it, much less scaling it back. The right must be comfortable wielding the levers of state power. And it should emulate the Left in using them to reward friends and punish enemies (within the confines of the rule of law).

How Long Before They Try to Cancel "Dixie"

華僑 in the USA


A lot of existential angst could be ameliorated if immigrant parents knew the consequences of what they were doing before they migrated, instead of just chasing after "a better life," and prepared their children accordingly. I note that the author who is born of Chinese-Thai parents, does not mention the social separation that exists between huaqiao 華僑 (overseas Chinese) and the natives in SE Asian countries and the not-so-small animosity that can exist between the two groups when the Chinese do well economically or occupy the prestige professions. It is a part of human nature to be suspicious of ostensible outsiders and to test them in various ways, or even engage in overt hostility. This is not unique to the United States alone. Part of the joking and teasing can also be understood as male hazing, to test a male and see what he is made of. Unfortunately, Chinese parents tend to avoid confrontation with others and pass this on to their children, when what is needed in such situations is an appropriate response in order to gain some measure of respect. (This assumes that hazing is functioning in a healthy way, within a part of a community that polices its members for stepping over the line. Hazing is not the same as true bullying; but even real bullying requires the right response, which is not cowardice.) Did the author ever seek to integrate with Americans? Or did he do the Chinese thing and stick to Chinese- (or Asian-)American social circles? Following the Chinese plan for success (which is identical to the plan for success for many Americans) in which physical mobility and geographical separation even from family is required for professional opportunity and development entails that a localized identity centered on a real community, the only form of substantive identity, fails to develop or is attenuated. Even being a "Texan" isn't enough, just as being an "American" (in the civic nationalist sense as a dweller in a mass population center) isn't enough. We see this in the author's sort of identity, which is weakly founded upon relationships (primarily familial) and mostly based upon his experiences and personal history. There is little connection with a real, substantive community. (Hence the use of lang. of postmodernism in the essay.) And the author's focus on race as a "social and cultural construct" rather than on ethnicity confuses his own issues and feeds into the narrative advanced by the cultural revolutionaries. Will we see Church Life Journal publish an opposing view from an immigrant who has adjusted well to living in an American society? Civic nationalism still exists among older children of immigrants in areas which have been accustomed to diversity longer (e.g. the San Francisco Bay Area). Being part of the Body of Christ does not do away with our identities as a member of a people or a true political community, and cannot be a solution to what is a problem at the political level, which encompasses the lack of a genuine identity in that substantive way. One can see this essay as another push by Roman Catholics to replace dead civic nationalism with a new religious civic nationalism, even if this is not part of the author's intent. But they are in no such position to bring this about. The best they could do is admit that confusions about identity exist, and that "it's complicated," not admitting of an easy political solution, and certainly not the solution being advanced by the revolutionaries. But if they start advancing measures which are really just more forms of state domination and coercion of different peoples so that they all submit to the state in the name of "social harmony" or "peace" then they must be opposed. Civic nationalism is dead. Roman Catholics need to recognize this and the inability of their own tradition (especially when tradition is reduced to the opinions of a few recent authorities) to adequately understand and address political problems of this severity and scale.

Murders of Farmers Continue in South Africa

Was [Cardinal] Parolin Surprised?

Girl Power, All the Time

Do Latins Have Anything to Say to Those Espousing Some Form of Vitalism?

Much of which is to be found in the alt right and is a reaction against feminism and liberalism, errors which have infected Roman Catholic bishops and institutions.

Millenial Dissatisfaction, and the Over-Production of Elites

A Defense of Flannery O'Connor

Is It True?

William Tighe on Amon Sûl


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John Cavadini Weighs In on the Vatican II Controversy


Is it not beautiful to be able to say, with the Catechism’s summary of conciliar teaching, that “Christ’s Spirit uses these [separated] Churches and ecclesial communities as means of salvation,” while qualifying that their “power derives from the fullness of grace and truth that Christ has entrusted to the Catholic Church” (CCC §819)?

The response is more a series of responses to particular points, whether than a point by point argument. I think Latins should go farther than the Council and admit that the schism is not from the Church but within the Church, following the example of Louis Bouyer. How many years will it take for this development to happen?

Essentials of Personal Safety Virtual Seminar


Old School Manners for Men

killed off by multicultural mass urban population centers...


Urban Hannon Reviews The Prodigal Church

The publication of the book was announced in this post.




Consequences of IndustrialAg

Some Corporate Self-Promotion There, Too

The Lost Lectures of C. Vann Woodward

Chinese Empire

So It Begins

Of Course the CCP Would

What about feminization of the Church and clericalism?

Catholic Feminism

CWR: Former Cosmo writer: “I wrote this book as an act of atonement.”
“Rather than abandon the word ‘feminism’,” says Sue Ellen Browder, author of Sex and the Catholic Feminist: New Choices for a New Generation, “Christians need to restore it to its proper meaning.”

Another Catholic chick lit book put out by Ignatius Press and St. Augustine Institute.

Browder's Catholic feminism is still feminism (embracing as it does first-wave and second-wave feminism) and a false egalitarianism:

True, authentic feminism is about defending a woman’s personhood. Authentic feminism, which includes mothers, calls for women to be treated with equal dignity and respect in all areas of our society, both at home and in the public square.

Alas, she can find support about "authentic feminism" in the writings of two recent bishops of Rome. Do I need to remind Latins that the novel opinions held by two popes do not constitute Sacred Tradition? Then again, they think that the novel opinion (on the impermissibility of capital punishment) held by just one pope is enough to constitute Sacred Tradition.

Another LAV 1911

South Korea...

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No Empire Is Immune to Human Folly

Col. Douglas Macgregor Interview

Margin of Victory

Female Moral Psychology at Work

An example: Beyond the Divides of Black-and-White Thinking – Coming Together in the Heart of Our Wholeness: Part 2 by Kavita Byrd

This is a woman's fears:

And then there's just plain feminism:
Of Viruses and the Limits of Masculine (Dys)topias by Katarzyna Gajewska

Inifinite Growth and Collapse

Doom or denial: Is there another path? by Richard Heinberg

Acknowledging the Correlation Between Increased Education for Females and Decrease in Fertility Rates

It's social engineering, and it has been advocated as such before. But how far back?

Starting Out

More on Sacred Cow

Another HUNT Post

J.S. Bach

What happened to Canon 249?

Is Burke Worth Keeping?

If you are the type of conservative who is suspicious of markets and economic liberty more generally, holds business in low regard, prefers protectionist, guild, or corporatist economic arrangements, and nurse a hostility to modernity, Burke is not your man. Advocacy of the expansion of commercial liberty is a consistent thread of Burke’s thought. He believed that commercial society conferred great material, political, and moral advantages upon nations which embraced these freedoms and the limits to state power which they implied.

By the same token, if you are the type of classical liberal who cannot see beyond the lens of economic categories, is nervous about associating freedom with any conception of truth beyond the empirical, embraces hedonist ethics, or despises orthodox religion, then Burke is really not your man either. For to be an “oeconomist,” in the way that Burke’s Reflections used this word, is to detach yourself from these important realities. From Burke’s standpoint, this was to make the same mistake as the men in Paris busy pursuing dreams that would end in the guillotine and war.

Burke reacted against mercantilism but took some sort of free trade as a given, along with the British Empire and the "modern state." Does he resolve politike to first principles? I don't think so. MacIntyre's assessment of Burke in After Virtue is more correct than not.

Cambridge University Press: Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke's Political Economy by Gregory M. Collins


Tim Noakes on PUFAs

The Quincy Institute

Gotta Help Out the MIC

Joyce Benenson

Benchmade HUNT Collection


Pews in Latin Temples

Getting rid of them in favor of limited portable seating for those who require it, along with a restoration of ad orientem worship, would help with a renewal of liturgical spirituality.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Another Bureaucratic Initiative from the USCCB

CNA/CWR: US bishops launch year-long dialogue with young Catholics

Laws That Will Never Be Repealed

An Attempt to Interpet Aristotle as a Proponent of an Egalitarian, Companionate Model of Marriage

Angela McKay Knobel

Aristotle does think that there can be friendship between husband and wife; but this friendship is grounded upon the sex differences that exist between men and women, and Aristotle does not ignore the role of leadership that is proper to the husband, nor the requisite virtues that are thereby required of women as wives. A "conservatism" uses a watered-down Aristotle to advance feminism is no conservatism and its bad scholarship, too.

Keep Dreaming

A Civic Nationalist Take on Originalism

Debating the American Founding

False Alarm by Bjorn Lomborg

Improve the Planet


Bjorn Lomborg: Don't waste trillions on BAD Climate Policy

False Alarm Book Forum featuring Bjorn Lomborg

Dealing with the Heat

Using the DOI for Libertarianism

Midseason Already

This Some TO Stuff?

The Whiskey Rebellion

A Hint of Anarcho-Primitivism Here?

Proper Sleep

Healthy Soil

Posting This for the Sights

Not for the climate change propaganda.

VanDrunen's "Conservative Liberalism"


Zondervan: Politics after Christendom by David VanDrunen


A Review of Carlisle's Biography of Kierkegaard

Natural Law and the American Founding

This Is Conservatism

Sound any different from what leftist advocates of police reform are saying?

A Kirkian Look at Michel Houellebecq

Or Would the US Consider Giving Taiwan the Means to Defend Itself?

Undoing 70 Years of War

I Wouldn't Expect Him to Say Anything Different

An Interview with Patrick Deneen

Hilaire Belloc. Eternal Memory.

CWR: Hilaire Belloc: Defender of the Faith by Joseph Pearce
“Belloc’s understanding of intellectual history and the clash of cultures,” says biographer Joseph Pearce, “especially with respect to the history of Christendom, is simply astonishing.”