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More Dispersal of the New Greens


Was the AI Playing on God Mode?

Civil War Re-Enactment in Germany

Military Innovators

Anyone who would be a statesman or a leader must be familiar with the innovators and the synthesizers, Sun Tzu, van Creveld, etc., and with military history.


SJW Re-Envisioning of The Right Stuff Too?


Getting Tired of the Stunt SJW Casting

The Second Amendment

P.D. Mangan

Anything Short of a Moratorium is Unsatisfactory

Friday, August 21, 2020


Not an endorsement of the content. I will have to listen to it as well.

One Based Trailer

No time left for video-gaming. Prepare now for the future.

Vigilance Elite

Female Sexuality

Don't stigmatize female sexuality! We're for a sex-positive feminism!

The state of the modern uhmerican women.

Regenerative Agriculture

Michael Pollan on Caffeine

Piggybacking on a Position Given to Her

Get Your Tribe Started

More Fempowerment in Farming

The Rise of Chicken

A Liberal Reviews a Book by a Liberal Social Scientist

and uses it to uphold the "liberal" regime as the ideal. Never mind the antropological evidence (and the analogue from chimpanzee society) for patriarchy.

Law and Liberty

The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society by Nicholas A. Christakis, MD, PhD


Public Discourse: Poly Parenting and the Value of the Family by Matthew Lew Anderson
The emerging discussion about in vitro gametogenesis and other types of multi-parent technologies demands renewed attention to why children do well with only two parents, and why those parents do best to procreate in the ordinary way, even with all its inefficiencies, burdens, and failures.

AmConMag: Poly-Parenting: Is This The Brave New World We Want? by Hal Boyd and Alan J. Hawkins
Proponents emphasize how in vitro gametogenesis will 'dismantle completely the reproductive structure of heterosexuality.'

A Return to Tradition in Building Is Necessary in a Post-Carbon Age

Spengler on His Hobby Horse

More Woke YA Crap

Blue Duiker Calf

SEAL Team 7 Scandal

S. Trifkovic on a New Book about Metternich

HUP: Metternich: Strategist and Visionary by Wolfram Siemann; Translated by Daniel Steuer

The Unique Advantages of Latin and Greek

Imaginative Conservative


Eat a Cow, Save a Chicken


From Conservatism to Postliberalism: The Right after 2020 by Gladden Pappin

From Conservatism to Postliberalism: The Right after 2020 by Gladden Pappin

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Stone Skipping


Perhaps the Most Theologically Problematic Act of His Pontificate

The Beauty and the Terror

OUP: The Beauty and the Terror by Catherine Fletcher

Her website.

Good Husbandry

Simon & Schuster: Good Husbandry by Kristin Kimball

Review in The Guardian.

Returning Home

Japanese Catholics

The Chosen

A review of season 1 by Fr. Roger J. Landry: ‘The Chosen’ as Scriptural Visual Art

Egalitarian Nonsense

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

William Faulkner's Southern Guilt

A fair characterization of Faulkner and his feelings and motives?

Holy Martyr Andrew Stratelates

The Rise of the State

West-George Podcast

Some Recent Writing on Collapse

Smaje covers social/political aspect of collapse only briefly, and doesn't discuss the decline of morals in the general population, and the loss of community and morals due to oligarchic dominance.

Collapse: a Helpful Guide for the Perplexed by Chris Smaje

This one only mentions the probable inability of global elites to cooperate after highlighting the economic aspects of collapse. (But do some of the global elites have their own solution to collapse.) He also takes issue with JM Greer on the time scale.
Four Reasons Civilization Won’t Decline: It Will Collapse by Craig Collins

This one may focus too much on climate change (questionable) and black and white swan events (which are possibilities) and not enough on the more gradual changes that are already taking place. Still I may get the book.
How Everything Can Collapse: Excerpt by Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens

A Simpler Way

Women's Rights

In the future, if women want them they will have to defend them through the use of force and suffer the consequences, or they can leave to form their own political communities. "Good luck."

Inside the Bruderhof

BBC One (available for a limited time only in the UK

Bruderhof page on the documentary

Unherd: Finally! A religious story that is not about escape

Huntington's Who Are We?


Simon & Schuster, Google Books

Convergence 24/7

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A Discussion about the Current Situation

Another compare and contrast between two members of the same ethnic group.

The 24th

"We Just Need More Civic Nationalism!"

American Mind

By contrast, the Right often places greater emphasis on content civics, implying that a clear account of one’s history and an understanding of American institutions is sufficient for cultivating civic virtue.

Both approaches to civic education are inadequate because both are flip sides of the same coin. Each shares the aim of answering what it means to be a citizen, before answering the far more pressing and profound question, namely: what it means to be human. Answering this question is not a distraction from civics education. It is a necessary precondition for beginning to understand American citizenship.

What is Man?

This distinction between man qua man and man in his capacity as citizen is neatly delineated in theory in Aristotle’s Politics. But it is blurred by our regime’s own tendencies and political practice. Our civic order is centered not on the accidental qualities of the citizen body—important as they are in political practice—but on the essence of what it is to be human. As the Declaration of Independence states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

It is because this document provides the cornerstone of our regime that the task of citizenship in the American republic is particularly demanding, for it presupposes an understanding and assent to what we hold man to be at his most basic level: created equal and endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable rights.

Yet, when K-12 reformers focus exclusively on civics—whether it be defined by activism or by content knowledge—they easily neglect exploring this more fundamental understanding embedded within out conception of citizenship: the understanding of what human begins are. Educating an American citizen demands first and foremost that one examine the truth of this statement from the Declaration and consider its implications for the political order.

An Example of Leadership from the Ivory Tower

American Mind

Finally, at the intellectual level, those who are committed to the Electoral College, a federal republic, and checks and balances must make the case for them, and those who want to see the United States remain united need to dust off their Federalist and their Lincoln and begin making the constitutional and political case for unity and against secession.

And if that is not enough? Would the author be content for others to do the dirty work of using force to maintain the union? Academics.Clown face

Interview with Dr. Dale Bredesen

The Paleo Diet

The End of Alzheimer's Program

Interview with Robb Wolf

The Ready State

Tiger Mom Standards

But the application of those standards to non-East-Asian minorities would be deemed racist.

Both the guest writer and Dreher miss the egalitarianism/feminism of the co-ed school environment and its impact on development of males.


Hazony goes farther than Gottfried in calling it Marxism.

Not Enough Status in the SJW Hierarchy

Benchmade Infidel

Infidel Family
Infidel 3300 Series

Repeal the 19th


Don't Demonize Cows

Inculturation in Taiwan

I thought I had a post with thoughts on inculturating Christianity in China, referring to the Opus Dei center in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Roman Catholic seminary.

I will have to see if I can find it later.

My thoughts haven't changed; while I appreciate the efforts to depict Christ and His Mother, etc. as ethnic Chinese in order to get the message of the Incarnation across and to make Christianity more acceptable to Chinese, I think in the long run it isn't such a good idea. Depicting Christ as a Jew, as the Byzantines typically do based on one received miraculous image or another, seems to be a better idea, and there is nothing wrong with having an iconographic tradition that is set like that (to some standards of realism) while maintaining other architectural and artistic features in the cultural traditions of another group.

Actually, Charity is the Firewall

along with a healthy sense of the order of charity. But charity does not require massive political integration.

Another Trailer for Pawn/Collateral

Preparing for Prayer

Orthodox America's Battle

America began with dedicated Protestants and Catholics, migrating from the cultic heresies within their religions, but many did not let those cultic activities go. They birthed MORE of a cultic community in their new land, and thus attracted a new kind of government that was forced to merge all religions. The course has been ran and it’s time to for America to pay the piper. It has all finally caught up.

Definitely not irenical, and the historical claim is questionable.

Orthodoxy has always first built their core community of pious people who often associated themselves with monastics and/or ascetic people, and then their national community that extends into the greater populace. Not the reverse! It’s impossible and in my opinion, apocalyptic. We cannot just flood ourselves into pagan lands because we have some special financial abilities. We must do as the great evangelists of all time have done it. We must build the core community first, where people are interdependent on each other and not dependent on the secular/pagan system of the antichrist world.

It would be more appropriate to say: "We cannot just flood ourselves into pagan lands because we are in search of economic opportunity and greater wealth."

Missionaries do need to be evangelizing. Whether those who stand apart from the natives and neighbors are in a position to do this, I find doubtful. The author is no different from Latin traditionalists who see themselves as apart from the historic American nations.

The Grey Room

Monday, August 17, 2020

St. David of Wales

The (D)s Have a Plan

Livestreamed Video with Agnes Chow

Interview with Oka Midori 丘みどり

West and George Discussion for the Federalist Society

Latins Might Be Interested in This

Recusant Culture

Maintaining American Integrity? Or Utilitarianism?

American Compass
The result would be higher prices for us, fewer investments in poor countries, and, because of that loss of capital, a net increase in exploitative labor practices worldwide. Profiting off slavery is bad; preventing those profits, but in a way that actually adds to slavery, is clearly worse.

My obligation to those of other political units is not equal to my obligation to my people. And I am not responsible for the evil actions of others if I am not coercing them to do them. This seems to go beyond liberalism. What sort of moral agency are people learning? A sort of integrity that requires that I have to factor other people's decision-making into a utilitarian calculus?

Luke C. Sheahan Reviews A Constitution in Full: Recovering the Unwritten Foundation of American Liberty

Kirk Center

A Constitution in Full: Recovering the Unwritten Foundation of American Liberty by Peter Augustine Lawler and Richard M. Reinsch II.

Stephan Guyenet on the AoM Podcast


We Built Reality


Justice Thomas

Social Gospel Christianity

The Secrets We Keep

Who has a disproportionate influence in mass media and mass culture? The Zuck has banned any references to their media power...

Proud of Being a CCP Lackey

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Zeynep Ton

From TedX Talk to...

An Integralist's Take on Strauss

An oldie from The Josias.

The Network State

Axis of Easy Salon #17

Won't Disagree with This Headline

First Things

Patrick Deneen reviews The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite by Michael Lind.

Not unlike the managerial elite he criticizes, Lind fails to draw the correct conclusion from his own analysis. What’s ­needed is not “democratic pluralism” in which the ruling class remains a neoliberal, managerial elite who strategically concede some wealth and status to their inferiors. What’s needed is a fundamental displacement of the elite ethos by a common-good, popular conservatism that directs both economic goals and social values toward broadly shared material and social capital, toward the support of family and community life. We do not need libertarian overlords who buy off the working class with some welfare, nor a federal government that doles out tax receipts to localities, nor secularists who grudgingly grant some space to religious believers, but a ruling class that is itself informed by the very values that Lind believes were once regnant as the price of admission to elite status itself. Only the fear of not conforming to the regnant ethos will sufficiently move elites, but that fear will arise subsequent to the wholesale defeat, displacement, and discrediting of the regnant elite ethos.

This means, contra Lind, that what is needed is not “democratic pluralism,” which Lind envisions as a balance of power between an otherwise exploitative ruling class and an electorally powerful underclass. Rather, the current ruling class needs to be displaced by the ethos of the underclass: people shaped by and supportive of guild, ward, and congregation. The ruling class, no less than the working class, should be shaped by commitments of solidarity and subsidiarity, and not merely accord grudgingly with those who are. Lind regards the revival of such institutions as the Church as an unrealistic goal and calls for some sort of functional equivalent. Yet the decline of organizational forms of unions, local politics, and Church has been significantly advanced by the ­individualist, materialist, and secular ethos embraced by today’s managerial elite. If these institutions declined due to sustained efforts by the managerial elite, their renewal can be effected through the displacement of that elite with a different one informed by an opposing ethos. The power sought is not merely to balance the current elite, but to replace them. In the end, there is no “functional equivalent” of solidarity and subsidiarity, and only a leadership and working class steeped in such values will restore the ­republic.

This is the conservative fantasy, that they will gain power -- the "illiberals" or common-good conservatives will enact common-good conservatism when they get power, after enlisting the support of the working class. Tell me, who is going to provide the financial support to make this happen? Donald Trump? How are they going to overcome the gatekeepers within the Republican Party who act on behalf of the oligarchy?

A Hollow State

Raising Livestock