Friday, September 01, 2006

More pointless debates about Fr. Amorth

Unless one is really just trying to attack his credibility and to diminish his status as an authority on the subject. (With the same attackers and defenders seen elsewhere.)

Jimmy Akin
American Papist (who turns out to be the son of Dr. Ed Peters, who also blogged on the same subject)

I appreciate the work being done by the defenders, but I don't think those who are personally opposed to Fr. Amorth, or disapprove of some of what he has written, would be truly satisfied unless someone with ecclesiastical authority stepped in and provided a statement. (Not even Fr. Amorth being present to respond to his critics would satisfy, though I would like to see some people address their criticisms to him directly. He has an address in Rome, after all.)

Perhaps people should be doing more praying than debating/attacking--if they wish to issue a caution about his books based on their authority, they may be free to do so in the blogosphere, but really, until Fr. Amorth is stripped of his status and rebuked by the Church (or someone with authority provides some sort of reasoned justification why such action should be taken, instead of advancing their own opinion on how canon law and liturgical norms should be interpreted and adhered to), some reserve in judgment would be called for.

Makes me wonder if Catholics should waste (oops, spend) time on the Internet instead of practicing corporal and spiritual works of mercy with their neighbors. (And yes, this criticism applies to me as well.) Too many people advancing their own opinions in the name of "teaching." (As for this one, if you think I have this same problem, feel free to call me on it or ask for the arguments. It's what a real philosopher looks forward to, until the discussion obviously become pointless. While my time is limited, I will try to at least give the beginnings of the argumentation. Just keep in mind fraternal charity, and pray that I remember as well. Haha, as if no more than a few people are actually reading this.)

The Western Confucian notes this post at The Inn at the End of the World recounting a story:

And it reminds me of a story I heard in school years ago. I was educated by the Salesians and one of our priests told this story he heard from one of the "participants" when he was in seminary. (Yes, it means this is a third, possibly fourth hand story, depending upon how you count. The hearsay objection would be sustained if this weren't my own blog.)

In the 1930's some German priests had already been arrested for their anti-Nazi activities. These two Salesian priests had been arrested and were in prison. (Not a concentration camp but as I recall a general common or garden variety sort of prison.) At one point the inmates were bused in to some sort of Nazi rally to swell the numbers. They were well out of the way and guarded but it looked good when photographed from a distance. Hitler was to speak at the rally. The two priests had talked of Hitler and had similar opinions about him. When he appeared they planned quietly to recite prayers of exorcism over him from wherever they happened to be. They did so. He was not very far into his speech and the priests not too far into the exorcism prayers, when Hitler stopped in mid sentence and fell to the floor as if he'd been sandbagged.

At which point the rally was over and the priests and other prisoners were shipped back to the prison and the rally was never mentioned again.

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