Sunday, July 23, 2017

She Attempted to Get a XX Pass and Failed

Wendell Berry and Higher Education: Cultivating Virtues of Place

FPR: New Book on Wendell Berry and Higher Ed by Jason Peters

All the Trailers from Day 1 of 2017 Comic-Con

Irina Ratushinskay

Pravoslavie: On Irina Ratushinskaya’s “Atypical Dissidence”, Faith, and Love for Her Country by Igor Gerashchenko

Irina Borisovna Ratushinskaya (born March 4, 1954), a poet, a former dissident and an Orthodox Christian, reposed in the Lord on July 5, 2017. talked with Irina’s husband Igor Gerashchenko, also a former dissident and a member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia.

Cultural Marxists in Greece?

Or just the secularist left... former Communists?

Religious Harbingers of Greek De-Hellenization by Themistoclis Murtsanos

Essentially, “new religious studies” is an additional path to the de-Hellenization and de-Christianization of our society. This is the policy: to create people without religious convictions, without memory, without historicity. People who are able to grasp only the most primitive concepts.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tommy Caruthers in Singapore



A movie/documentary with an agenda? Definitely anti-Russian. Does it go after any other countries, like China?

Southern Whigs

True American Whigs Opposed Unconstitutional American Government by Brion McClanahan


NPR signalling the correct thinking on this term?

'Half Asian'? 'Half White'? No — 'Hapa'
Who Gets to Be Hapa?

A Herb Movie

Men will go alt right.

He Is from South Africa...

Steve Sailer: Neill Blomkamp Is Pretty Based

No Invitation for the Anglican Ordinariate?

The Anglican Ordinariate might not be present in Oregon yet -- it certainly isn't present in northern California, though that may change in the near future.

Still, it might be too much competition for "traditional" Roman Catholics -- however one thing that does need to be done in the Ordinariate is a return to the propers and decreasing the use of hymns in their Masses.

Sacred Liturgy Conference in southern Oregon highlights the beauty, truth of Church’s worship

Brittany Pettibone Following Lauren Southern's Footsteps


St. Alban

Saint Alban of Verulamium, Protomartyr of Britain by Dmitry Lapa

We firmly believe that the very name of St. Alban predetermined that he became one of the symbols and chief patrons of this country. Let us hope and pray that through his intercession the ancient faith and spirituality will be restored in this ancient Orthodox Christian land.


Unfortunately the title of the video given by the person who uploaded it is a bit misleading as Beale does not spend that much time talking about the alt right.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Boyd Cathey on Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy, and the End of America? by Boyd D. Cathey

The Enemy of Traditional Culture

The Origins of the Neo-Marxist Attack on the South by Norman Black

On July 5th, the Abbeville Institute published an article entitled “Southern Identity and the Southern Tradition” by John Devanny. Mr. Devanny noted that Marxism is involved in attacks on southern culture and heritage and wrote… »

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Suicide Pact of Roman Catholic Higher Education

The Idea of a Catholic University 50 Years After Land O’Lakes by Fr. George W. Rutler

I Doubt They Will Represent the South Accurately

More likely it will just be about bad white supremacists... let me guess -- an illicit love affair between a white and a black will be a prominent part of the story?

Who does alt history for the South well?

'Game of Thrones' Bosses Reteam With HBO for War Drama 'Confederate'
The Guardian

Monday, July 17, 2017

So True!

You are one nasty woman.

"They've Done It"

and made the Doctor a woman. It was inevitable after what they hinted at with the Master and another Time Lord...

NuWho has been declining rapidly but with this development it is to be burned and forgotten.

One Thing Needful

Why mysticism is not an “Option” by Thaddeus J. Kozinski

Romano Guardini described, in the 1950s, a neo-pagan totalitarianism that no longer tolerates any threats to its secularist, atheistic, and humanist dogmas, one in which Christians and other theists are called to brook no compromise and live out their Faith all the more integrally and heroically. But Guardini’s prescription for action is something at once more bracing and consoling than Rod Dreher’s.

Another Trailer for Blade Runner 2049

Gurkha 200 , March Down The Mall And Memorial Service In Whitehall , 30th April 2015

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Robert Lewis Dabney

Robert Lewis Dabney and the New South Creed by Boyd Cathey

Only a few prominent Southerners actively questioned the call for the rapid industrialization of the South or pointed to the broader implications involved in such a policy after the Confederacy’s defeat in 1865. Of those… »

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Richard B. Russell

Reconsidering Richard B. Russell by Brion McClanahan

There was a time both before and after the War when the South dominated the United States Congress. In the antebellum period, James Madison, John C. Calhoun, John Randolph of Roanoke, and Henry Clay placed their mark on congressional debates, and several… »

Friday, July 14, 2017

Two Books on Nathan Bedford Forrest

Bust Hell Wide Open by James Rutledge Roesch

A review of Bust Hell Wide Open: the Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest by Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr., Regnery History, 2016. Writing a biography about Nathan Bedford Forrest – a man recognized by no less… »

A Rebel Born by Clyde Wilson

Foreword for A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate General, American Legend, by Lochlainn Seabrook, Sea Raven Press, 2010. There is a story that a year or two after the great American… »

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yankee Reconstructionist Revisionism

Carpetbagging Southern History by Gail Jarvis

A common technique of Liberal ideologues is to change the meanings of words to suit their agendas. So “illegal aliens” become “undocumented immigrants” and “adolescent criminals” become “justice-involved youths.” We’re witnessing a version of this… »

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Felt train sick on the way home; definitely some gas in the GI system. Not sure what the cause of it was, though I had just eaten two cookies. The cookies? Or something in the cookies? Not a pleasant ride.

ВИА Гра - Кто ты мне?

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Thursday, July 06, 2017

NK Military Parade

Does recent ICBM launch mean something will happen soon?

Sound More Natural in Japanese

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The Reboot Is Lame

Though it is good enough for viewers 50 years old and older...

Daniel Dae Kim on 'Hawaii Five-0' Exit: "The Path to Equality Is Rarely Easy"

His character and Grace Park's character are not as imporant as the dudebro main [white] characters of McGarrett and Williams, and it seems that the network agrees. Will his next gig get him the same salary? I doubt it.

Leopold Kohr Documentary

Kirkpatrick Sale, Global Future

Monday, July 03, 2017

It's Lonely Being Right All the Time

Some paleos may suffer from this but not as much as American Latin Catholic traditionalists? Though Latin traditionalists tend to band together; but do they get along with anyone else?

At any rate...

Does American exceptionalism still have something to offer the world?

Our national religion is a sort of divinely-mandated liberalism that makes politics a matter of securing and advancing the equal freedom to pursue our individual goals. Such a religion gives God nothing much to do once His will is accepted and the system set up. He becomes irrelevant except as an ultimate justification for the structure as a whole.

Mr. Kalb, as far as I know, didn't develop as a Paleo thinker in normal circles, though he is now associated with Chronicles Magazine. But I think paleos may dispute his version of American history and the timeline of the decline.


Trump Participates in First Pass in Review as Commander in Chief

From January

Not really related...

Posting This for the Photo of the Icons St. Benedict, St. Genevieve by Fabrizio Diomedi

So, Italy by Rod Dreher

Fabrizio Diomedi
Fabrizio Diomedi / Laboratorio Philokalia – Orvieto (TR)

Steve Sailer: Ancient India Really Was Invaded by Aryans

Oliver Stone with Ron Paul

Полина Гагарина - Кукушка (OST Битва за Севастополь)

Полина Гагарина - Нет

Saturday, July 01, 2017

But would our modern-day Uhmericans fit in them?

Army Set to Bring Back Iconic WWII Uniform. Soldiers Rejoice.
Army uniform board to consider bringing back iconic 'pinks and greens' uniform
Exclusive Army Times survey: Most soldiers support the return of iconic 'pinks and greens' uniforms
Overall, survey respondents were in favor of the pinks and greens uniform. However, the uniform seems to be more popular among men.

More than 80 percent of the survey’s male respondents said they like the uniform, while about 54 percent of female respondents said the same.

Any updates?

From 2015: SMA Dailey defends uniform changes at Solarium II

A World With No Etiquette

No standards, no enforcement, no expectations. A world of social idiots.

How was the performance?

Situational Awareness

Physical Fitness and Occupation Performance of Women in the U.S. Army by Marilyn A. Sharp

Not the Alt Right

Nor this...

But this is ok...

Полина Гагарина - Спектакль окончен

Friday, June 30, 2017

Peak Prosperity: The Pin To Pop This Mother Of All Bubbles? by Chris Martenson
A worsening shortfall in new credit creation

Потап и Настя - Умамы

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Will There Be a Wave of Inculturation?

Will Hollywood Ever Get Tired of Pushing the SJW Agenda?

Probably not. It'll go out of business first. How many African-Americans will watch this movie and take something positive away from it (like a desire to do well in school and work hard)?

The Foreigner

Does the movie have a disclaimer: "Islam is not blamed for terrorist acts"? Who are the terrorists supposed to be? Disgruntled white ex-IRA members? Why not just make the terrorists neo-Nazis hiding out in Britain?

Remembering Russian Words

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Russian Takes on the Benedict Option


Boris Mezhuev is correct that Christians may be obliged to continue their struggle in the political realm, but he misses the question about scale.

Vladimir Putin Versus The U.S. Mainstream Media With Inessa S

Could Come in Handy in Kazakhstan

Then again, what is needed is knowing what level of Game in Russian works in Kazakhstan.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kate Beckinsale Teaches Russian

Saoirse Ronan
Therapy babies are better than therapy dogs... well, until they are no longer babies.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Chechnya: Republic of Contrasts

Marry a Kazakh Woman, Convert Her to Christ

How amenable are Kazakh women to conversion to Christ through Orthodoxy? (Easier to convert than Malaysians/Indonesians?) How are the evangelization efforts of the Orthodox in Kazakhstan? Are they looking for volunteer missionaries?

Yankee Finance Capitalism

Yankee Finance Capitalism Part III: The Creature from Jekyll Island by John Devanny

The endurance of the system of Jeffersonian finance based upon the Independent Treasury system was remarkable given the post war transformation of the United States from an agrarian country to an industrial one. Tariff rates… »
Being a boomer means never having to apologize.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise

Roger Devlin

The Future of the Apostolic Churches in the U.S.

While they may not embrace alt right philosophy any time soon, it seems to me that the Russian jurisidctions (Russian, ROCOR, OCA), are probably the least likely of all the Byzantine churches in the United States to become converged on questions of migration and multiculturalism. The OCA may be more open to inculturation while the other jurisdictions remain more ethnic but they, unlike the Greeks and some of the other slaves, do not make noise about the United States needing to show "compassion" or "charity" and allow more migrants in. (I don't recall any recent statements about "racism," either.)

Similarly, one would think that the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Assyrian Church, with their long history of subjugation to Muslim invaders, would be especially sensitive to these questions, but they seem to have been encouraged to not assimilate or integrate into mainstream [white] American society. It seems that they will remain ethnic churches for some time. They may advocate for allowing Christian "refugees" from the Near and Middle East into the US, but I don't think they will extend this advocacy to Muslims. (I could be wrong.)

Sunday, June 18, 2017


In his swipe against DJT, that nerd-turned-SJW Harry Knowles is missing the possibility that this, like Elysium and District 9, is another political allegory about invasion by outsiders who do not share Western standards of behavior.

More with Jordan Peterson

His previous appearance: (#877)

Vickers Guide: AR-15, Vol. 2

More from Yamato 2202

Captain Saito!

The King's Choice

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Arise, Sons of the South!

Now is the time to double your efforts to defend your people, culture, and heritage.

The Forgotten History of the Confederate Flag
By James Rutledge Roesch

The Confederate battle flag is, as John Coski of the Museum of the Confederacy titled his book on the subject, “America’s most embattled emblem.” Recent polls show that Americans are split down the middle on… »

The War Between the States: Who were the Nazis?
By Clyde Wilson

Anyone who has been paying attention has heard many times the assertion that the flag of the Southern Confederacy is equivalent to the banner of the Nazi German Reich. That this idea should gain any… »

Yes, Someone Should Black Knight Stanford

and demand the university change its name.

Although the Chinese and other minorities there may protest the loss of branding and name recognition (and potential salary increases) that would result from a name change.

Should Stanford University Change Its Name? by Philip Leigh

Was California Governor and Senator Leland Stanford—founder of Stanford University—sufficiently racist to justify dropping his name from the university and destroying all publicly displayed memorials to him? Consider Stanford’s remarks in his acceptance speech as… »

The Blade of the Immortal Trailer

Screen Anarchy

David Chang

Ian Richardson on Accents

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ramen Heads

Screen Anarchy review

Director Chosen for Authorized Bruce Lee Biopic

Screen Anarchy

Perhaps Not Too Many Birthdays Left

Crisis Magazine Will Never Reproach Bishops like Archbishop Chaput

For pushing for more "refugees" and "immigrants," and thus providing support and comfort leftists and SJWs whose agenda also includes banning what they determine to be "hate" speech.

The "institutional" Church in the United States is part of the problem.

The Future of the West: Christian or Pagan? by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

#ZeeJLF2017: Of Black Swans and Intellectual Fallacies

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So "Ignatian"

No, not really. The discernment of spirits is older than the Jesuits.

Bruce Frohnen Reviews Leo Strauss and the American Right

The Imaginative Conservative

Ken Hackathorn

Probably Good for the Beginner With No Access to a Trainer

Provocative Title?

Black Swans And Interventionistas...With Special Guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Go England!

Express: Google Doodle celebrates ICC Champions Trophy 2017 with cricket game By Joe Tambini
GOOGLE Doodle has celebrated the ICC Champions Trophy with a simple but highly addictive cricket game.

Who wants to bet that the doodle was chosen not because of white anglophones but South Asians?


ICC Cricket Fixtures

Ok... but then...

he talks about women not building infrastructure at 23:48 -- leading a movement? They can be mouthpieces for alt-right ideas or "opinion-shapers" for the uninitiated, especially women, but leading people?

He has said that he doesn't like the medium so maybe he would have chosen his words more carefully if he were writing.

If I watch a pretty female face, is it more for the content or for the opportunity to watch a pretty face? Hearing something sensible come out of their mouths is an added benefit, but it isn't the primary one. But if men want something more substantial, they should seek a [male] teacher and not an information provider.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The US Army Needs Better Uniform Designers

And its soldiers need to look less Uhmerican. The rest of the anglosphere benefits from having uniforms being derived from British ones.

New Gerber Knife

Too bad tactical medics are usually already police officers and such.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Southron Economics?

Yankee Finance Capitalism Made Simple by John Devanny

Part One: Definitions and Origins Money is a great mystery. In my years of teaching economics courses and economic history nothing so confuses students, and their elders, as the subject of money. Or rather I… »

Yankee Finance Capitalism Part II: The Jeffersonian Triumph by John Devanny

“The revenue of the state is the state.” Edmund Burke The rise of the modern nation state in the 1600s was founded upon monarchies securing independent sources of revenue to pay for the royal armies… »

Boyd Cathey on the Goings-on in NOLA

Robert E. Lee, Revolution, and the Question of Historical Memory by Boyd Cathey

Two weeks ago New Orleans removed its Robert E. Lee Monument, one of four that the city decided to take down. As well, Charlottesville, Virginia, currently finds itself in the midst of a rancorous debate… »

New Orleans Mayor Hypes His Cultural Cleansing by Gail Jarvis

Political correctness didn’t succeed as well as the Left had hoped it would because PC conflicts with the concept “two sides to every story.” National media only presents the side that bolsters its socio/poltical agenda,… »

The Alabama Memorial Preservation Act and the Political Market by Marshall DeRosa

The political market, as the economic market, has the demand and supply dynamic. Interest groups make demands and the politicians provide the supply. In the case of Confederate memorials, interest groups demand Confederate memorials be… »

Lt. General Hal Moore

Tommy Robinson's BANNED speech: "The British Police State"

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Feminist But Willing to Share a Presumably Alpha Male

The movie description:
The unconventional life of Dr. William Marston, the Harvard psychologist and inventor who helped invent the modern lie detector test and created Wonder Woman in 1941. Marston was in a polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth, a psychologist and inventor in her own right, and Olive Byrne, a former student who became an academic. This relationship was key to the creation of Wonder Woman, as Elizabeth and Olive's feminist ideals were ingrained in the character from her creation. Marston died of skin cancer in 1947, but Elizabeth and Olive remained a couple and raised their and Marston's children together. The film is said to focus on how Marston dealt with the controversy surrounding Wonder Woman's creation.

Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union in 2015

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Glory Be...

Stills from the Mary Poppins Sequel


At least Julian Fellowes kept up with history in Downton Abbey. This looks rather unoriginal; they should have just done a remake.

Replacement Migration: Weapon of the Elites

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Latest Kpop Group to End

Maybe not the latest but the most significant of the three or four prominent Kpop acts that recently disbanded.

Colorized D-Day Photos

Daily Mail

Molly Tuttle, "Good Enough"

Sister Vassa's Response to the Zuck



In comparison...


Monday, June 05, 2017

The Great Crusade

The Union Army Continues Its Decline

So is Donald Trump and the Department of Defense going to turn this around?

18 Women Graduate from the Army's First Gender-Integrated Infantry Basic Training
First Women Finish Army's Infantry Training
Nearly Half of Females Failed to Graduate...
Fort Benning News

The Latest Thing to Be Marketed

This boot camp for men claims it’ll revive your ‘primal nature’ by Dana Schuster

How's this different from Robert Bly's Iron John: A Book about Men and the gatherings that grew out of that?

A Recent Advertising Outrage

Tiger mom and tiger cub... while the uselessness of college-aged students may be true of certain demographics, why give this image of young men? Because to do a commercial like this featuring daughters who might need roadside assistance (and doesn't that happen a lot?) would be offensive?


There's a Term Used by Gurney Halleck in David Lynch's Dune

"Bed play"? Some such euphemism.

Regarding the post on the [sexual] ascesis, I would be surprised if much was written on "love play" before the age of the manuals (and casuistry). What would be the justification for love play be? That all pleasure relating to touch/sensation between a husband and a wife is permissible in so far as it is ordered to the conjugal act/coitus? Otherwise it is "venial sin" or possibly "mortal sin." There are probably still some who have the view that this is too permissive.

What are the limits? TOB can be intrepreted in two different ways, with a permissive attitude towards everything in so far as "it is finishes in the conjugal act" and yet it may frown upon certain forms of "dominant" behavior as not being "gentlemanlike" or what have you.

I would maintain that some sorts of dominant behavior may be permissible (taking the initiative is the most bassic) while others are not because they are intrinsically disordered.

Curious if there is an academic or theological discussion of fantasy role-playing anywhere.

When St. Paul was talking about the necessity for husbands of pleasing their wives, was he also alluding to the bed?

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Not so original

Just more SJW writing...

Star Trek Discovery

Ascesis vs. the Red Pill

Would telling a husband that he needs to be more "dominant" in the bedroom be completely at odds with traditional Christian ascesis? It seems to be counter to Theology of the Body. Would a man be scandalized to hear a priest give him this advice? Even if it were a married priest, it may still be troubling to hear this from him. Would this ingrained reaction be justified? Or would it be better regardless for a man to hear this from a married layperson?

Leadership Lessons with Special Operations Veterans Kyle Lamb and John Lovell


Saturday, June 03, 2017

Didn't expect to have this experience at the Chino Pentecostal church tonight... married lawyer, seemed a bit attention-seeking and was rather sociable with some of the men. Her husband seems a bit too nice to be able to hold on to her. Does anyone else in her church notice this behavior? I don't think I am imagining it. (Nor do I think that some [involuntary] movement of lust/sexual attraction or desire would be an abnormal reaction to her.) Would anyone dare call her out on it?

Modesty, anyone?

I missing having a life.

Observations on the Social Hierarchy of Men

a comment at alphagameplan

Blade Show 2017

website and FB and FB event

Mark Collett: The Fall of Western Man, Globalism vs Ethno Nationalism

Jordan Peterson: My Message to Millenials: How to Change the World -- Properly

Fr. Greg Boyle

He may be doing good work with gangsters, but to use his work to draw out political consequences for the masses (immigration and the like)? Indefensible. The Jesuit does not understand that what may work on a limited level does not scale up. No chance for white Americans to strengthen their connections and kinship bonds among themselves.

Father Greg Boyle: It's Connection and Kinship That Ultimately Heals People

Globo-Homo Agitprop

Sam Gleaves, "Ain't We Brothers"

So proud gay man Sam Williams, are you proud of what you do with the man who is waiting at home for you?

Musicians do seem to be the embodiment of emotion -- but is an emotion guided by reason or not? And then there is the virtue-signalling: "I am tolerant." Which really means that their standards of morality are what matters, and that they are the ultimate arbiters of right and wrong, even if they pretend that it is all based on reason. (Liberals.)

When musicians believe they as "artists" should be messengers of change, they have crossed the line.

Does bluegrass as a genre belong only to traditional Americans? Who will stop the progressive musicians from making the music they want? But traditional Americans do not have to support them or play their music. The division between "Americans" will only solidify and grow.

Bluegrass Pride and the CBA-sponsored float in the SF Pride Parade -- leftists making a pitch for childless homo-consumers to become patrons for a genre that is losing audience in California thanks to bad economics and immigration. If these bluegrass musicians continue to wear their cultural Marxist pride on their sleeves they will end up driving away their conservative patrons, and perhaps the numbers lost will outweigh the numbers of new patrons gained through such acts. But the leftists don't care, they're making a point.

The Music Of A Struggle: Sam Gleaves' Traditional Revolution
Sam Gleaves's Ain't We Brothers and the value of listening

Interview de KYLE LAMB (V-Tactics)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Message from Ron Maxwell

Willing to do anything

even a TED talk... how's the reform of the Roman Curia going?

Peter Hitchens Remembers

A Church That Was


Inspirer Profile of AJ Lee


The Perspective of a Feminist

Cold Reality Of The Educational System - Jordan Peterson

What a punchable (((face))).

Give enough money and all your sins can be forgiven... by Harvard.

ABC News

The speech as written.

Mark Zuckerberg's Crusade Against Nationalism
Mark Zuckerberg 2.0 — the road to the White House

Victoria and Abdul

Multicult BS; now is the time for a movie such as this to be made.

Brittany's Turn with Simon Roche

*raises eyebrow*

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Whole Lot of Women

In The Last Jedi -- photoshoot by Annie Leibowitz.

Even though I've been aware of this since "Episode 7" was revealed, the photoshoot made it clear once again how much of a failure Luke has been written to be in this new series, to be surpassed and succeeded not by a son or a male Jedi, but by a Disney Jedi princess. (Even Mark Hamill doesn't like what's been done with the character of Luke?)

And yet males will flock to see this, and "fathers" will bring their children to the theaters.

Vanity Fair: The Definitive Preview

Françoise Hardy, "Soleil"

Friday, May 26, 2017

Notice a Pattern?

Two recent remakes of TV series -- CHiPs (alt) and Baywatch -- one non-white male who is serious and competent and one white male who is a clown. Just a coincidence! No agenda here!

Too late...

The video will probably be archived and be made available online?

Modern Uhmerican High Schools

In some ways hell may be like a perpetual high school with all the arrested development it entails.

Setting aside a similar "social" patterns for Western megacities, does the modern institution of co-ed secondary education have a convergence peculiar to it in Western nations?

German Army Uniforms


German WWII SS Camouflage Effectiveness

Françoise Hardy, "Parlez-moi de lui"

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How many female pilot characters will the movie have?

Tom Cruise on the Top Gun sequel

Master Sargent Bradley S. Keys



Is this series any good?

Moving Chanting by the Orthodox Faithful - Newly Built Cathedral of New-Martyrs

Tara McCarthy on the Manchester Bombing

The Trumps at the Vatican

The ladies adhering to the traditional dress code.

Les Brigandes - Le Procès de Rouen

Agree with the Basic Precept

It’s Essential For Men To Create A Tightly-Knit Crew Of Red Pill Men

A minor quibble on this point:
If they follow the typical, normative 9-5 lifestyle and waste a lot of time on social media or other time-consuming frills, assume that they are not suitable for your crew. In addition, you should take in consideration what their ambitions are. Do they want to serve society or themselves? If they serve society they are more or less blinded by it, thus decreasing their potential and worth. Remember, a man’s worth should be partly evaluated by his ambitions for the future, not where he stands in present time. So, think about whether he has such a drive for accomplishments, and make sure his soul is not a spark, but rather fully afire.

A false dichotomy, if the society is a true community, led by men -- in which case when they serve society they are serving themselves.

However, if society refers to a mass aggregate of consumers, immersed in pop culture and exploited by the elites for their own gain, then the division is valid.

I know some good men at one parish but they're not in my age group. At another parish, there are men closer to my age but we share no common political ideals and none of them have really taken the red pill. Where to find some like-minded peers? Can such a tribe be formed here?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Fall of South Africa


Surviving the Horrific Violence in South Africa


Interview with AJ Lee

The New UK

Dissing the old UK.

It still bewilders me that the Queen agreed to do this; the aftereffect of Diana's death? Needing to stay close to the people (by embracing pop culture) and keeping the monarchy relevant?

Roger Moore Has Died

And so has the Great Britain his Bond represented...

Rigidity in Worship

When we think of formal worship, do we imagine court ceremonial, restrained in the name of being "dignified," like the British royals and their rites for example? Just standing/sitting and singing? (Or how some think angels worship?) Does this image hold some back from embracing a worship style that is more expressive corporeally, with greater use of gestures and postures? (Not shaking and dancing, as some are wont to do in accordance with the "liturgical" music used in some Uhmerican OF Masses.)

He Exaggerates

Rod Dreher: 'There is No Plan B'

The alt right would beg to differ, but he won't engage in a dialogue with them.

Orthodox Patriarch of Belgrade serves Grand Divine Liturgy, Peć Monastery

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Trivium in Antebellum America

E. Christian Kopff

Will the movie tell the whole truth

about the Bobby Riggs - Billie Jean King match? Or will it just be a feminist propaganda film? Looks like it's got something about his gambling -- anything about taking a fall on purpose to pay off his debts?

More dedicated than Charlotte

A girl who loves her genetically altered pig... but a bit too much girl power in this "green" movie?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tara McCarthy follows up...

Bill Paxton, Now Powers Boothe Has Passed


Saturday, May 13, 2017

No Chinese Republicanism Here

Why shouldn't the Chi-Coms make use of historical movies depicting loyal servants of the empire in a good light?

The JQ

I was surprised that she would tackle this question but she does have Jewish heritage.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Why the Southern Tradition is Winning by Brion McClanahan

Will Taiqi Masters Line Up to Avenge His Honor?

Maybe the Communists tolerate traditional martial arts schools because they are ineffective at producing people who can actually fight?

As for the occult powers (all tied to "qi") that some taiqi practitioners claim to have, perhaps an exorcism is in order.

MMA vs. Tai Chi

Being results-oriented is good.

A couple of more challenges like this and it could be the death of the wuxia stories. (Western fantasy does not have this problem as their combat training is realistic.)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Go Be a Mother, First of All

And she seems to agree with that...

Whose Bright Idea Was It to Have Female Drill Teams in High School?

Seems like a poor parody or lampoon of the real thing.

I suppose the same could be said of co-ed high school marching bands. High school football, a poor social and political substitute for citizen soldiers?

Monday, May 08, 2017

What would the proper response be...

to the invasion of male spaces by women?

Don't like the initiative of female alt-lite personalities? Then build your own brand and channel, be an alt-right Mike Cernovich. Or help build a tribe. If an alt-lite-knight decides to be "chivalrous" to a woman acting like a woman, what is the problem? Should we expect something different?

What do corpses in coffins look smaller than the bodies of the people when they are alive? Water loss?

Eternal memory.

Looks Better than Alien: Covenant


But that's not saying much. Ridley Scott has attempted to tie the worlds of Alien and Blade Runner together. Would he accept Soldier as being a canonical part as well?

I would have preferred to see a different story taking place on the same earth of the original Blade Runner -- perhaps involving the military or a super soldier program.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Saturday, May 06, 2017

And the Results

A Beautiful Altar

Listen to St. Paul

A woman raises a question about another woman: "Where do bloggers and speakers like Hatmaker derive their authority to speak and teach?"

Neither woman should have been accorded any sort of authority to teach in the first place.

Rod Dreher: Hatmaker Heresy

Of course, Dreher does not question whether women should teach. Any lay Christian who thinks that he should be teaching others should receive permission from his spiritual father, the bishop. However, given the infection of the Church with liberalism, any Christian who dares to oppose liberalism in its various forms, including feminism, may risk the possibility that he will be condemned by his bishop. In that case, he must present a case against liberalism to his bishop, warning the bishop of heresy, or deviating from Sacred Tradition, or at least asking the bishop to support the case for liberalism from Tradition. And if such a defense is not given? Should the Christian continue to teach (or blog)?

Boyd Cathey on Conservatism and the Trump Administration

UNZ: The Conservative Rout and Donald Trump by Boyd D. Cathey

Unfortunately, Many Orthodox Bishops Follow the Same PC Line

Non-White Migrants and the Catholic Church by Tom Sunic
The Politics of Penitence

Bobby Hicks, "Faded Love"

The Summer Movie I Want to See Above All

If they're using CGI for the Spitfires I can't see it in the trailer.


Friday, May 05, 2017

"Based on a True Story"

That is, a life in service of an agenda... unclear why Amazon would think this would be a winner. White men won't watch it; it's questionable that white women will.

Poor Attempt at an '80s Look?

Thursday, May 04, 2017

What's wrong with this cast?

While there was definitely a lot of girl power going on in the previous seasons, the new season seems to take it even farther -- neither male character can be said to overshadow the females by their size. Even if they have the same technical advisers and trainers as before, I suspect the new season will not be as good.


The Modern Nation-State

The Strange Career of Individualism by Donald Livingston

Was It Not Worth Fighting for the Identity of PC?

Dr. Esolen explains why he left Providence College. Was Thomas More really that much more attractive? (via Mere Comments)