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The Fortress

The Fortress (남한산성/南漢山城) is not the best movie for a brief escape from reality. It can be a rather depressing movie, with a limited number of action sequences, so it may not be that appealing to a modern audience. It may be too dreary even for a Korean audience, but I don't know what the Korean reviews of the movie have been like..

The movie is critical of the hypocrisy of the royal court (and of most officials in general). The pro-democracy sentiment expressed briefly by one of the characters in the movie was perhaps anachronistic, even if we might agree with it. (And it is this sentiment which leads to the small emotional pay-off at the end of the movie.)

Some may think that the characterization of the minister of the interior Choi Myung-kil and the minister of rites Kim Sang-heon is inadequate. I thought the conflict (and limited cooperation) between them was sufficient enough to draw a contrast between the two men. (Does the original novel pay more attention to court intrigue and conflicts between the various officials?) Their different understandings of what duty and loyalty require are the engine of the story. (Is the movie, or novel, an adequate representation of the neo-Confucian mindset, though?)

The movie does raise an important moral question: of the prudence for waging a just defensive war against an invader when the defeat seems more likely than not.

Given the historical circumstances of the story, watching the movie can be a bit of slog, and the character arcs of the two officials may not be enough to keep most people's attention.

Still, LBH should do more saeguk -- he's good in these roles.

旺角羅文 17-11-18 喜歡你 美女新人王Yuki 雪兒

Some small mistakes but not bad.

And Here Is the Problem with Roman Catholic Leadership

Catholics Mixed on Boy Scouts' move to family scouting

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting’s executive committee simply announced it accepted the BSA’s girl membership proposal.

George Sparks, the NCCS’ national chairman, told the Register that the organization did not have an objection to BSA’s proposal to admitting girls into traditional pack and troop units, while maintaining single-gender programming, since the vast majority of Catholic youth-ministry programs are already coed.

Sparks said the BSA wants to have a model of “family scouting” that brings both parents and children into its programs as a family. From the Church’s point of view, packs and troops chartered by Catholic parishes are part of a “youth-ministry program” that allows the parish to minister to people who otherwise do not engage in their other youth programs.

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What is denied to law-abiding citizens in California

Posting this for the photo

Vickers Guide: AR-15, Vol. 2

SOCOMD Australia

Eternal Memory

AsiaNews: Msgr. Lucas Li Jingfeng has died. The memory of a young Catholic Piccolo agnello del Signore
Once social capital is destroyed, it can be rebuilt only slowly through fragmentation and coalescing aided by exclusion and the use of force.

The last days of the Imperium Americanum... what a poorly-run sh**show it's been. That's what happens when craven oligarchs are in charge.

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Who said the sensitive, new-age man is gone?

He is alive and well among TOB Catholics!


Waiting for the first panderingly sincere TOBs-er to say #MakeApp is demeaning to women because it reduces their value to their appearance and that all women deserve to be loved. Count the # of fallacies there--here's a hint: there's one non-sequitur and one fallacy of equivocation.

All women should be loved with agape, but not all women inspire eros, nor should all women be wifed up. As for the objectification of women simply by looking: Men objectify everything -- it is a feature of male psychology and is tied to their being visually-oriented and primarily directed towards the external
world and action. In addition, visual markers of health and fertility are important for male-to-female attraction. Feminists, despite their credentials and "education," simply hate the Other because they don't understand him/them. Unfortunately some of their biggest allies and enablers in this respect are social conservatives.

Daily Femail article and video

The mental gymnastics and outrage of feminists over MakeApp is very amusing.

Ted Lieu, Useless Partisan Tool

What Future for Catholic Higher Education?

Taking Catholic Out of Catholic Universities

Are the small Catholic colleges really doing a better job when it comes to fighting cultural Marxism and feminism? The book smarts they deliver may be better than that of the large dechristianized Catholic universities, but it is far from being thorough, and the practice of life that their campus arrangements offer is is deficient. Hard to say who as a group will be the last to take the red pill, but conservative Catholics are certainly in that contest.
If investing and profiting from water rights sounds repugnant to you, then how about speculation on housing? The claim that housing is a fundamental human right, even if it can only be justified partially and conditionally upon the existence of a political-economic system, has more substance to it than the claim that a house is a mere financial asset.


Northern Red

Celtic? Or American?

Is the South Celtic? by Clyde Wilson

John Horvat, Socon

The Hollywood Scandals: A Problem of Male Dominance

On par for a TFP member.

Unser Rommel

A bit of a personality kult around the general?

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Amazon Makes LOTR Deal

Press Release

Does Christopher Tolkien have (or think he has) creative control and veto over the project? Or is someone else now in charge of the Tolkien Estate?

Jack Donovan

"I'll Fly Away"

Model EDC

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Civic Nationalism

A product of liberalism and the modern nation-state.

via Oz Conservative:

Lee Ann Womack, "Chances Are"

She will be in Livermore in February.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day

Remembrance Day 2017

A student asked me if i know the flag he had drawn on his paper; he had drawn the well-known (battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia). I asked him how he knew about the flag and he said he just knew it. I suppose he knew that it was not something PC to draw.

Jerry Salyer Reviews Roger Scruton's Latest

“What a piece of work is man”: A review of Roger Scruton’s “On Human Nature”


In Flanders Field

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Christopher Tolkien, Have You Capitulated?

And betrayed your father's legacy?

There is news that Warner Brothers and Amazon are in negotiations, along with the Tolkien estate, to create a new TV series based on Lord of the Rings. Is this a new adaptation (in which case the rights are not possessed by the estate) or a new story based on Tolkien source material? Why would Christopher Tolkien choose to collaborate? Or is he no longer in control of the estate?

What's to prevent Hollywood from adding even more SJW elements to this new LOTR story? More gay hobbits? More invented female warriors for girl power?


The new Doctor for nuDoctor Who. That franchise is dead.


(((Stranger Things)))

Apparently the concern I had about Stranger Things going in a PC direction of girl-power was justified. But then again
this may have been the plan of the Duffer brothers all along, with El. First they hook you then they feed you propaganda.

That the show received praise from a writer for The American Conservative should have sparked suspicion that all was not right? And even if SJWs, who might prefer their antifa wet dream that is Bushwick, are critical of the series for being too white or some other reason, it does not mean that "conservatives" should embrace the show as their own.

The actress who plays Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, reminded me of a young Nathalie Portman in The Professional. It turns out that she is also a Jew. And then there's Paul Reiser and Winona Ryder and at least one other actor, Finn Wolfhard. What about the creators, the Duffer Brothers? Are they Jewish? One of them has married a staunch Jew.

More of a resonance with Talmudic Judaism than just the portrayal of outcasts, the nerds of Stranger Things? Will Eleven turn out to be a Super Pharisee? Another orphan girl with super powers who saves the day, like Rey of nuStar Wars? Are the Duffer Brothers engaging in more Pharasaical subversion of American pop culture, once again through 80s nostalgia, following the footsteps of Jar Jar Abrams? ("Hello fellow white people"?) Avoiding the sentimentalism of Steven Spielberg is not enough to make their show good.

A story that has the moral that one should do good, avoid evil, is not sufficient to make it a good American story, if what is "American" is understood as properly having a Christian facet, even if only implicit, like in the fantasy of Tolkien. What is the Divine component of Stranger Things, if there is one? How is the embodiment of evil in the Upside Down to be understood? Even if the series is a good riff of or homage to 80s horror and fantasy, this would not be a point in its defense, as much of that genre wasn't Christian either, even if some element of truth can be found in it.

The evil thing reminds me a bit of the smoke monster of Lost. Is there any connection between the two series? And how is it "evil," other than being destructive of life or causing death? (Is there an equivalence being made between science of sci-fi and magic of fantasy?)

What about the supposed Biblical allusions?

Season 3
The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2 The Lost Sister
"Stranger Things" and the sinister innocence of Reagan's America
NBC 'Think' piece: Netflix's ‘Stranger Things’ is racist
How Stranger Things 2 Explores Trauma

Behind the Old Guard

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

He definitely needs to go back.

Another Asian-fake-American politician; worse he's in the Air Force Reserve (but of course as a lawyer). And a beneficiary of Hart-Cellar.

Democrat Ted Lieu Walks Out of Moment of Silence for Texas Victims

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Another Step

The Wailin' Jennys, Fifteen

Patriarch of SJW-Land

Audience with the members of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, 04.11.2017

Pope Francis highlights importance of education for migrants and refugees

Pope condemns xenophobia, calls migration a ‘sign of the times’ by Inés San Martín

Related: International Federation of Catholic Universities

But Is It Really Christianity?

Or a form of liberal Protestantism/Gnosticism?

Anarcho-Primitivism Mainstreamed

What if Rousseau Was Right?

Why, Indeed?

Why the Hush on the Neoconservative Links to the Trump Dossier by Paul Gottfried

Female Academics Talking about the Contemporary Sexual Marketplace - Clueless

More Women Have Joyless Sex Than You Think by Amy L. Wax
Yet the hook-up culture persists. Why?

Jonathan Pageau on Replacing the Masculine


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What Do the Chinese Have to Be So Proud of?

Especially when comparing themselves to white Americans?

I've never heard a Chinese person express such a sentiment, not that I can recall, with one possible exception (family). But maybe such a sentiment does exist and is more widespread than I am aware of.

Possible reasons:

1. The love of education? Not when it is ordered solely to the pursuit of wealth.
2. Language and a 3000-yr old civilization? Do they really embody the highest values of this civilization merely because they speak a language in the Sinitic family of languages? Is that language superior to English with respect to its versatility in philosophy or theology? How about poetry? Or is just the felt superiority through being associated with a superior group?
3. The entrepreneurial spirit? Some Chinese are industrious and successful at making a buck in a foreign country, but is that really something to be proud of, if we take into account what they are neglecting?
4. A superior moral code or etiquette? This is questionable as well.


Jonathan Haidt, "Two Incompatible Values at American Universities"


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More Based and Papabile than Most European Bishops

or even Western bishops, including the current bishop of Rome. May God grant him many years.

Cardinal Sarah: every nation has a right to distinguish between refugees and economic migrants

MARs Unite.

The Protestant Reformation Led to the Rise of Feminism?

A link suggeted by Amy Welborn: Women and the Protestant Reformation

Luther and the Reformers went to war against the evangelical counsels as ideals and as the core of a vowed, religious life. Every woman—it was assumed—was meant for marriage, children, and homemaking.


Dmitry Lapa

Pravoslavie: Russian Translator Dmitry Lapa on England, the Handicapped, and Ancient Saints

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Orthodox Discuss The Benedict Option

Orthodox Christian Synergy


Must truth always be expressed through a proposition, or can it be expressed through other forms, such as poetry or rhetoric?

But Amy Schumer is in this movie!

Inside look

St. Alfred the Great, Pray for Us (and England!)

Fr. Z: King Alfred, the great White Horses, and today’s creeping heathen weeds


Aaron Barruga

Unfortunately even warriors can be susceptible to ideological myopia and virtue-signalling:

Nonetheless, it is disappointing.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What Version of Conservative Feminism Does She Espouse?

"Feminism of the 2010s < Feminism of the 1980s"

More on Summit in the Sand

Not Quick to Wear Out?



1st Security Forces Assistance Brigade

Hoist the blag flag...

Here's one possibility...

iGen by Jean Twenge

book description

The Power of the Vice of Pride

Feminism is built on the error that just because a woman has a quality (usually intelligence) comparable to men or perhaps even superior to most men, she can take the place of a man.

Anthony Esolen on Fraternity and Same-Sex Attraction

Talk to Your Father

City of Ghosts

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Breitbart: ‘Blasphemous and Insulting’: Tsar Nicolas Romance Film Triggers Russian Outrage

Kevin Gutzman Reviews Liberty & Union: The Civil War Era and American Constitutionalism by Timothy S. Huebner

Shredding the Constitution to Save the Union by Kevin R.C. Gutzman

Boyd Cathey on Victor Davis Hanson

Demonizing the South to Purify the Nation by Boyd Cathey

At the Tip of the Spear

Former Green Beret’s Post Blasting Leftists for Politicizing Niger Goes Viral

The SCU Disgrace Who is Gavin Newsom

From 2013:

These days, that Jesuit institution may pride itself on having him as their glory.

Confessions of Love

Maybe beta confessions of love as shown in this AKB48 PV (and held to be ideal by many immature Asian teenagers) can be somewhat successful with those who are more innocent or naive (or emotionally repressed) -- and after all, don't East Asians mature later? Still, being alpha would be even more effective with the innocent girls.

Where are the men to teach these teenaged males how to be men? And if the ones who are successful in the video are the more assertive and "attractive" males " (there is one rejection), we should not be shocked that so many Japanese men are going their own way and being "herbs."

(Makes one wonder if the AKB48 girls are being genuine in their expression of emotions. Are they really touched by such gestures of "pure love"? Or are they themselves actually waiting for the high-status Japanese men to take ownership of them?

Monday, October 23, 2017

TradRight: The West IS White Supremecist by Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

The Paris Statement


New BCM Products

HK 416A7

A Libertarian Doubles Down

Libertarianism, the Alt-Right and AntiFa A Libertarian Strategy For Social Change by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Apache Warrior

Te Ata

The movie seems a bit PC, but it's good to see Q'orianka Kilcher again. And the movie's PC factor may backfire; this is old America in which white tolerance and multiculturalism were just being planted.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Any Hope for the Millenials?

How Millennials Became ‘Generation Meh’ by Teresa Mull
With nothing to rebel against, we've lost our edge.

A r-selected population? Or should one reduce political conflict, as Jonathan Haidt does, to individuals with competing personality traits that are somehow equal in value and goodness, with the corollary that millenials have come to possess a set of certain traits but lack [many] others? I prefer a more classical analysis: what has been generated is a soft, pampered, dulled male population that has been successfully pacified and emasculated. There is nothing to "rebel" against because someone in such a condition is unable to perceive the evils that exist and to take action against those evils. "When liberty is taken away, no one will miss it."

Is this the natural consequence of urbanization or the intended outcome of a deliberate program by the state to preserve its power against all possible threats (including the people)? The cause does make a difference in how we respond to the problem.

The incorporation and application of feminism as state ideology by those holding political and economic power, leading to a soft matriarchy over education and increasingly the government bureaucracies and the judiciary, expedites the emasculation even more.
But generation Z may turn out to be more based than the millenials, especially if we help to make it so.

Will There Be a Return to the Medieval University?

There is no financial infrastructure for it, and today's good Catholic colleges are a pale comparison with the Catholic medieval university. They may feel fortified within a conservative enclave, but just wait until they hire their first SJW (who is more likely than not to be a woman, and of course our conservative Catholic intellectuals have to show how egalitarian they are but hiring women). The sort of accountability that is required for honest debate and discussion can only be found within a group of men, and that is not always what happens. A woman who must submit and show deference or respect to men because of their unequal social standing isn't really a peer for such a discussion. An university doesn't not operate separate from the political community; rather it is an instantiation of the political community, and a teacher or scholar cannot divide his identity into two separate spheres of life. As a teacher or scholar he is also at the same time a member of the political community; he is accountable not only to his colleagues at the school but to his fellow citizens in the polis.

Imaginative Conservative: Why the Christian Philosopher & Christian College Need Each Other by Thaddeus Kozinski


Task Force Dagger

First to Go: Green Berets Remember Earliest Mission in Afghanistan
Operation Enduring Freedom, The First 49 Days
Green Berets Who Liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban Tell Their Stories in New Documentary
Interview with ODA 595

Legion of Brothers

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Something on Stillman

The Witty, Wistful Films of Whit Stillman by Anthony Paletta
His work lightheartedly catalogued the story of the human condition.

What Would Fr. Giussani Think?

The ‘Francis Option’: An Alternative to The Benedict Option? by Rod Dreher

One might think that Fr. Julian Carron, the head of Communion and Liberation, is just name-dropping Pope Francis and presenting a "traditional" view of how Christianity is an evangelizing force rooted in a personal encounter with Christ. But he seems to be more of a Francis fan than that.

Does Fr. Carron address a Christian's political identity and duties? Or does he just assume that a multicultural empire will last forever and that a Christian is an rootless cosmopolitan meeting other rootless cosmopolitans?

Of Course This Was Written by a Man with a Woman's Name

He doesn't understand that dialogue has been destroyed because we are no longer one people. There are too many conflicting non-negotiables. "Can't we all just get along?"

She is right in principle that the Federal Government should exercise its authority only in those areas designated by the Constitution. But who is going to restrain the Federal Government, especially the judiciary, from interfering with states that want to preserve their culture and traditions?

Social Issues Are Destroying American Politics by Addison Del Mastro
The next president should call a temporary culture war cool-down.

A Carved Icon

St. Thomas's Commentary on the Sentences

Gamma Qi

Is there a disproportionate number of gammas practicing taiqi in comparison with their percentage of the Chinese population? Various teachers and masters claim that they have the ability to win fights, but it seems to me that this is rarely shown to be the case. In fact there is a video of a Chinese boxer challenging a taiqi master and winning. The gamma thinks he is secretly invincible thanks to his cultivation of qi, and doesn't need to prove himself in real combat. How about the sorry number of Chinese men who bought into the esoteric invincibility crap during the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions? This belief that they would be impervious to blades and bullets wasn't built on knowledge but belief, one approaching religious faith. They thought they could defeat the Qing or the Westerners. Small wonder that after their defeats the terrible image of the weakness of China came into being, along with the Chinese inferiority complex. Now the Chinese government and military is doing its best to catch up with the West, but their videos (and even their appearance in Chinese entertainment and movies) seem to be just propaganda, laughable.

Where is the strong Chinese military of the imperial times? Or was that just an illusion, with mercenaries and barbarians supplying most of the martial strength?

MONDO GROSSO / 惑星タントラ (Short Edit)

Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham and Dr. Sebastian Gorka speech at the Values Voter Summit Oct 14

Donald Trump
Phil Robertson
Judge Roy Moore

Steve Bannon at CAGOP



It is good to see Sean Bean getting work but does the series give Catholic Christianity and the celibate priesthood a fair shake?

Kenneth Branagh: A Life In Pictures

『宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202 愛の戦士たち』第三章 純愛篇 君、ヒトヒラPV

Powered Suit or Mecha Action to Come?



Barbara Yung Mei-Ling 翁美玲

Electric Dreams

Jack Ryan TV Trailer

The Outlaws

Friday, October 20, 2017

Another Martyr

Catholic Herald: Coptic Priest Killed in Street Attack in Cairo

The Good and the Bad of the 80s

Not Quite Republicanism

But the essay does explain why a "conservative" should be opposed to the modern nation-state and seek alternative forms of political organization, if not competing authorities.

Should Conservatism Seek to Destroy the State? by Alexander Salter

The Departure

The Real ODA 595

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

HK News


Get Rid of That Ugly Advertising Patch

SSI, whatever. Still looks bad.

Will this be adopted in addition to the current blue ASU (Union Army blues)?

On the class A uniform: The End of the Green Service Uniform

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sell Those Mugs in the US!

Council Shuts Down Bookseller for Selling Knights Templar Mugs Deemed ‘Offensive to Muslims’

Indeed, He Is

Maybe someone in the alt right could put the poster to good use.


He plays a mainland Chinese who is causing trouble in the UK, pursuing vigilante justice. Of course that the villains of the movie must be Irish, instead of Muslim terrorists.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Start from Scratch

Jettison one's professed culture and history; this may be emotionally or psychologically possible only if one never had them in the first place. That is, one never actually lived and breathed it as a member of a community.

Monday, October 09, 2017

The Boy Should Have Saved Some Wood for a Coffin

The Giving Tree by S. Silverstein.

What did the boy give back to the tree? And why was the tree so pathologically altruistic? In fact, the book seems to be the perfect Boomer book. Boomers seem to fall in both categories, though they may be altruistic more with other people's resources (including their children's) than their own. There are definitely Boomers who are just takers.

From 2014: “The Giving Tree” at Fifty: Sadder Than I Remembered

SJWs Always Double Down

Vox Day blogpost

Understanding Myself


More on the 7.62 program

Let's see, what color crayons do I need?

Black, black, black, black... maybe a camo pattern for this one, black, black...

Piero San Giorgio Interview with Jack Donovan

For the Tribe


From a review of MG's class:

"When asked for a training triage template, the priorities of work from Mosby’s perspective for the every day citizen was medical, combatives, pistol, rifle, then team tactics. All to often it’s the exact opposite, particularly for folks of the prepper bent."

1996 Interview with Ivan Illich

The Freelance Teacher

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Bigger Brains = ?

Men 4 Points Ahead

Paul Gottfried on Populism

Who Are the People Anyway

What does charity require?

I have no reason that even for Christians the liberal assumption that all people are equally rational is true, or that all Christians are capable of dialectic, as opposed to being accustomed to rhetoric. Are we required by charity to maintain the pretense that Christians are? Or should we instead relate to them according to how they actually are?

Charity is not opposed to justice.

Friday, October 06, 2017

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - "Black Out 2022"

Life in Suburbia

The husband of the husband-wife managing team of the storage place passed away suddenly a month or two ago, and the wife decided
to move to Oregon. No forwarding address to which to send a condolence card, no announcement of a management change from the company or
of the death, and not much info from the new managers. Didn't ask if there will be a new manager moving into the residence or not.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

CBS's Play for Trump Voters

Don't remember hearing about this show, which premieres tonight -- SEAL Team.

Should I give the CW show Valor a shot?

VICE BTS Featurettes for Blade Runner 2049

Inside the Making of 'Blade Runner 2049' | Created with Blade Runner 2049

The Cast and Crew of 'Blade Runner 2049' on the Original Film | Created with Blade Runner 2049

Indoctrination Starts When They Are Young

Cartesianism? Idealism? Take your pick.
What Do You Do with an Idea by Kobi Yamada

Teaching Children Philosophy recognizes this.

Johnny Cash, "A Boy Named Sue"

Today someone would write this song as an anthem for transgendered people.

Chris Janson cover

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Not properly prepared and relying on male strangers to help them solve their problem...


Chasing Dragon

Opening at AMC Cupertino next weekend...

Interesting that Andy Lau is picking up the role of Lee Rock again; wonder if his performance at this age is better than his attempt to play an old Lee Rock more than 20 years ago.

Operation Market Garden Commemoration Jump

Last weekend...

WW2 photos

James Williams

7.62 Intermediate Combat Rifle Program

Milo Presses On

The faces of anarcho-tyrannical statis boomer UC bureaucrats:

Fake Eyelashes

Something instinctual is triggered by long eyelashes, which is why fake eyelashes work in getting male attention, just like long hair, and other attributes which signal youth, health, and fertility (and femininity itself?) in women.

Saw some Asian women with fake eyelashes at a certain boba place in stinky town; they reminded me of import models.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Berkeley Patriot Surrenders

Subtle coercion by the university.

"Drunk Girl"

The song may appeal to those "traditional" (i.e. social conservative) Americans who love chivalry and to women and feminists who love chivalry but is it too blue pill? Does a man have an obligation to help a drunk girl get home? Why isn't it the obligation of the university or college (if she is a college student) or of her dorm RA? I suppose they wouldn't want such a responsibility, and even claim that they don't have it. But isn't it their job to prevent rape (or regretful consensual sex)? Maybe he should call her parent/guardian. But what if he/she/xe is not living in close proximity? Perhaps every drunk woman should have a tag with the contact info of a designated friend who will take her home.

Would Chris Janson really raise a daughter who engages in such risky behavior?

I find it funny that another of his recent songs is "Fix a Drink."

Friday, September 22, 2017


The "New" Pro-Life Movement

The New Pro-Life Movement: Been There, Done That by Peter Wolfgang

The manifesto sounds like it could have been written by the r-selected soft Catholics over at Vox Nova. It is good that Rebecca Bratten Weiss is gone from Steubenville; she should hold no position at a Catholic school or teaching authority.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Antifa Trailer

The Last Jesuit in China

CWR: The Last Jesuit in China by CWR Staff

Dr. Amanda C. R. Clark’s book China’s Last Jesuit tells the little known story of Fr. Charles J. McCarthy and the end of the mission […]

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Milo's Latest

Get the Ex-Californians out of Texas


Hamilton Fans Will Be Triggered

The Abbeville Institute: How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America by Clyde Wilson

A review of How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America by Brion McClanahan, Regnery History, 2017. A thinking American must choose between Hamilton and Jefferson, whose contrary visions of the future were contested in the first… »

Populist Communitarian

Crisis: Christopher Lasch: One of Bannon’s Favorite Authors by Jerry D. Salyer

Monday, September 18, 2017

Something for Yesterday

The Abbeville Institute: Comparing Constitutions
By James David Altman

Southern leaders had few complaints with the old Constitution under which they had lived. The heart of the conflict, they felt, was that the intent of the written law had been subverted by Northern sectionalists.… »

She's Cute

She should go make some white babies.

U.C. Berkeley v. Free Speech

Samuel Johnson's 308th Birthday

Didn't think I'd see a dead white male featured in a Google Doodle ever again.

TMACS TAPS Pistol Review and Pat Mac Interview

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Is the author a Straussian? A liberal? Both?

His version of originalism is just wrong.

Where Liberals and Conservatives are Wrong About the Constitution by Ilan Wurman
On Monday, Constitution Day, an ode to originalism.

Dan Brokos on...

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

No More Female Judges

I don't care if she's Catholic.

Milo to be at Berkeley

The lineup of speakers.

What are Julian Assange's true sympathies?

I like the spirit of the shirt

but in truth, the imperial sociopolitical structure of the Byzantines may have been a sin in itself reckoned by God against the Byzantines (in addition to all of the personal sins committed by those seeking power).

Lord, Save Thy People…

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

USASOC Digital Memorial Wall

The Blue Pill Mindset Dies Hard

Archbishop Chaput recommends Mark Regnerus's latest.

Why a Rockford Files Reboot is Impossible

Magic Dirt Fail in L.A.

A lesson from Sunday...

Never expected the scenario of needing an emergency go bag at church to happen. Now that it has happened, one might think
that it won't happen again and that one doesn't need to prep a bag but that would be bad probabilistic thinking and probably unrealistic as well. Still, even if one has a bag, one has to be able to go to it and not be stuck in the basement, unable to cross the street and get to the car in the parking lot. (Though the cops wouldn't be able to stop one from crossing, and the city wouldn't be liable if one were shot by the armed suspect because one took the risk of crossing.) Without access to the go bag, one has to rely on what one has for EDC, but this is lame California...

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Still Blue-Pilled

Rod Dreher and Mark Regnerus -- Cheap Sex = Dying Christianity

LeAnn Rimes - Blue

Usury makes the world go around. Heaven's vengeance is on the way.

Friday, September 08, 2017


An attempt by NBC to get Trump voters to watch the network?

The Brave. With female operators on a diverse counter-terrorism team, of course.

We are back to the days of G.I. Joe.

I'll take The Unit over this. I doubt David Mamet would have taken the show in this direction. Who is responsible for the introduction of the female Army intelligence character in the third season?

The CW has its own garbage, too. Valor:

The reboot of Strike Back is going 100% on equal representation, apparently.