Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I was thinking watching The Last Jedi would be like this

Was it that bad? Well, not every single minute, but close enough. Plenty of negative reviews out there for you to read if you want to know why; my biggest complaints remain: (1) they defecated upon Luke's character arc in the first trilogy (in this respect, the movie doesn't even measure to fan fiction, or the decent products of the "Expanded Universe", and (2) Mary Sue Skywalker is still a problematic protagonist, created solely for feminist purposes. Of course there was plenty of SJW service, and the constant denigration of men was wearisome.

But there were plenty of idiocies in the plot as well. For example, the whole First Order chasing the "Rebel" fleet seems to have been borrowed from Master and Commander. It may have made sense in the age of sail, but you're telling me that the First Order fleet is limited to a few star destroyers, and that they couldn't call upon reinforcements to surround the rebel fleet and pound it to bits? Or that they didn't have enough TIE fighters and bombers to finish the ships off? After all, it seemed that the Rebels had only a squadron of star fighters, if that, and most of that was eliminated when Kylo Ren attacked the cruiser.

You wouldn't think that professionals could create a story this lousy. There is fan fiction out there that is probably better than this garbage.

Star Wars fans remind me of Proverbs 26:11.

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