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Populism a Child of the French Revolution?

De Mattei: The Two Souls of the Yellow Gilets by Roberto de Mattei

From the historical-political viewpoint, both these concepts originate with the French Revolution, which marked the end of Christian civilization, and the rise of a “profane” political space. In 1789, when the General States assembled together in Versailles, the French Monarchic State was characterized by a social tripartite. At the top were the clergy and the nobility, at the bottom the Third State. After the dissolution of the General States, in the National Assembly, the defenders of the Throne and the Altar were located on the right, and on the left, were the liberals and the republicans. The first defend the upper class, the second the people – in the lower ranks. The two metaphors, those of the vertical and horizontal, are interconnected.

What sort of political authority, direct or indirect, would De Mattei like to see the Church have? And by what divinely-given competence would bishops have such authority?

Sovereignty is still a bad word, even though it can be defined differently and in a way that is consonant with Natural Law. But for Latin traditionalists it is a product of the Enlightenment. (And not a product of the modern nation-state and statism! Even if the philosophers who talked about it were not official spokesman for the nation-state or the ruling regime, they nonetheless philosophized in such an environment. While they may have rejected the claims of an individual or group to authority, how many of them denied the legitimacy of the modern nation-state? And if they did, would they have lived long?)

Of course, there is a reference to Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, the founder of TFP.

Is it true that primary leadership will never exceed more than the few? Probably. But, these sort of traditionalists forget that Aristotle also claimed that republic, or politeia, rule by the many, was also a legitimate political regime.

What distinguishes an elite, as Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira underlines, is being disposed to sacrifice its own interests in order to serve the common good which is the highest interest of society (Nobiltà ed élites tradizionali analoghe nelle allocuzioni di Pio XII al Patriziato e alla Nobiltà, Marzorati, Milano 1993). Pius XII calls being “an elite, is not only through blood or lineage, but most of all through works and sacrifice, creatively carrying out services to all social communities.” (Discourse to the Patriciate and the Roman Nobility, January 11, 1951).

This isn't the distinction that Aristotle offers, who instead focuses on the measure of virtue. One could say that because the elites are virtuous, they are disposed to sacrifice their own interests in order to serve the common good, but, again, what if the so-called elites aren't the only ones who possess political virtue?

Secondly, rendering services, is that another way of talking about some form of "servant leadership"? Or making sacrifices? Is the word "sacrifice" loaded with a Romantic or some other false connotation here? Their private goods, perhaps, but the common good includes the good of the elites, or any other virtuous group.

Not Really a Fan Film

But a excuse to make a movie about being a high-speed shooter...

Another THOT with a Gun

And something relevant...

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Fake News?

Do you not know the Miles Morales Spider-Man is a SJW character?

Post has been revised.

We don't need movie critics now, we need people who are aware of the culture war and cautioning parents before they buy some mass entertainment product designed to subvert their culture and destroy any sort of traditional identity, and this is what Marvel, Disney, and Sony Pictures want to do. Why give them the money to continuing to denigrate your culture and people?

Parents, boycott mainstream movies or do your own research on what is being sold to you.

Maybe city-dwellers won't care but if they don't, they just show again that they are lost.

SDG Reviews ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ by Steven D. Greydanus
Here, at last, is the Spidey that family audiences need and the Spidey they deserve — and that’s just two of them!

Byung-Chul Han

AmConMag: Pornography and the Definition of Power by SCOTT BEAUCHAMP
The reflections of a Korean-German philosopher can help us understand how we’re easily deceived by false freedom.

He Needs to Go Back

Breitbart: Lieu: ‘Would Love’ to Regulate Speech, But ‘First Amendment Prevents Me’

American Liberty

Star Trek: Axanar

An Outsider's Observations of Japan

Kawaii, Somber Japan by LINH DINH

The nice extreme of the effects of urbanization.

We’ve all heard about young Japanese recluses, the hikikomori, but did you know that at least 43% of Japanese between 18 and 34 are virgins? A third had never even been on a single date.

“How did Japanese go from bathing together, men and women, young and old, to being mostly alone?” I asked. No one could answer.

Writer Mieko Kawakami said that Japan’s previous tranquility and equilibrium were achieved only with much sacrifice by women, and the continuing breakdown of traditions is actually freeing women from onerous roles. Probing this theme, she is working on a novel about a woman having a baby without a man.

Many Japanese now live alone, then often die without anyone noticing, sometimes for weeks. Family members don’t call or even email them. Through a friend, I was able to visit an octogenarian who rarely left his messy apartment. His is the generation that built contemporary Japan. In the same complex, we passed a door whose letter and peep slots had been sealed by tape, to prevent the dogged stench of putrefaction from seeping out. It’s a common sight there. With its stigma of sordid death, the apartment will be hard to rent, thus adding to the glut of empty houses in Japan.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Catholic Classical Education in the News

And "traditional" or "conservative" Roman Catholics may be happy by the fact.

Lyceum School in Cleveland: This School Choir May Have Just Made History

Having browsed the photos I noticed part of the choir was composed of teenaged-women, presumably students at the school; and I confirmed with the information provided at the website that it is indeed coeducational. Catholic coeducation at the secondary level is still alive and well, even among certain "traditionalist" and "conservative" Catholic circles.

This is an institutional failure to address the first principles of education.

I suppose this phenomena will not disappear until continuing collapse wipes out most of the schools.

A Necessary Act of Inculturation?

Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Byzantine Rite

Should the supposed feast of the patroness of the Americas (rather than just Ibero-America) be observed by the BCA? Why isn't it sufficient for the United States to observe the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (or the Feast of the Conception of St. Anna)? It is not even clear to me that the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is important to the rest of Ibero-America, rather than just to Mexico. Was the declaration of Our Lady of Guadalupe as the patroness of the Americas by Pope John Paul II, in conjunction with the earlier "synod" of bishops, motivated by political or patriarchate concerns?

75th Anniversary of the Repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act

December 17. Celebrated by nuAmericans and leftists as a step in the right direction, and the remaking of America. How many of the Chinese-Americans who will attend the various celebrations have ever showed gratitude to the American peoples for taking them in, rather than subverting them through their support of leftists and leftist causes?

San Francisco Board of Supervisors passes a resolution to commemorate the event.

Capitulating to the Spirit of the Age

World Youth Day first testing ground for lessons of synod on young people by Claire Giangravè

Breitbart: Catholic World Youth Day to Focus on Immigration, Environment, Women

Because the Secretary of State Has Nothing Else to Do

than to lecture secular governments in an area that is beyond his competence.

Vatican Cardinal Pietro Parolin: 'Make Migration Work' for Everybody

Will the Army 6.8mm Rifle Program Lead to Results?

U.S. Army’s Next Rifle Fires at Pressure Equivalent to a Tank

More than a rifle: How a new 6.8mm round, advanced optics will make soldiers, Marines a lot deadlier

From a few years ago:

Nice Discussion of Theory

But what are the practical implications? We know that John Paul II tried to do something with "mutual submission." What would the author say about the authority of the husband and the submission of the wife? She clearly believes (and erroneously so) that "prescriptive roles were thankfully dissolved" by St. Paul in Galatians 3:28.

Hildegard of Bingen’s Vital Contribution to the Concept of Woman by Abigail Favale

Cathay Pacific

Part 1


Bill Rapier

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I Have My Doubts About This

"Southern Arizona also has a lot of slim, attractive young women who, except for some students, are very interested in traditional men."

Hadn't Seen This Photo Yet

Do We Really Need Catholics to Praise Entertainment Products?

I have posted some trailers of things produced by Netflix -- does the good outweigh the bad? How can we diminish the powers of corporations to reshape culture if we continue to give them money?

The Brilliant and Profoundly Catholic Daredevil by BRADLEY J. BIRZER
Netflix has canceled the single best thing currently on the screen, big or small.


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Hold the Dark


More Garbage for the Masses

nuAmerican at Work

What sort of indoctrination next?

Pastor Joe

Acknowledge the emotion, recognize the cause, and move on...

藍潔瑛. Eternal Memory.

粵劇 帝女花之庵遇 梁玉嶸 蔣文端

Monday, December 10, 2018

Another Movie About Will

and starring Sir Kenneth

wth, Kavanaugh

Washington Examiner: Brett Kavanaugh gives aid to Planned Parenthood by aborting principles of federalism by Quin Hillyer


By Alexandr Dugin (via PCR

Related: the counterrevolution against globalism By:Wayne Allensworth

Of Course RT Would Post This

Macron Comes Out of Hiding

Tribalism at Work

The sort of tribalism to which the 16 Points of the Alt Right [now renamed Nationalist Right] is a response.

Unz Goes Nuclear by Israel Shamir

Vox Day comments: Yes conspiracy. Get it?





鄭秀文 Sammi Cheng - 千年如一日

Mick Coup

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Another Video from Acte 4

Marion Maréchal

More from Cardinal Zen

Lifesite News: Cardinal Zen delivers new letter on China to Pope Francis: ‘Underground clerics have cried’
UCA News

Sgt. Will Gardner

Could be a movie with a positive image of fathers and vets but the action sequences and the tone of the movie strike me as being of Lifetime Channel quality.

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If Only Such a Bid Could Be Blocked by the People

Only in France?

Mark Bauerlein and Sanjay Samuel on Ivan Illich

First Things: Ivan Illich and the "Powerlessness of the Church"

Admiral Yamamoto

Had forgotten that this movie had been made.

聯合艦隊司令長官 山本五十六 – 太平洋戦争70年目の真実


A New Documentary on the Consequences of Porn Use

Crisis: New Film Documents Porn’s Harmful Effects BY K. V. TURLEY
The film series Brain, Heart, World has just been released. It consists of three episodes each about 30 minutes long. Each episode explores a different realm in which pornography causes [...]

Brain, Heart, World

Our WW2 Vets Slowly Passing From This World to the Next

Something on Siegfried Sassoon

From: 2017 My uncle Siegfried: Sister Jessica Gatty on her life-changing friendship with the great war poet by Joanna Moorhead
Siegfried Sassoon’s intense friendship with his niece caused a family fallout and led to her becoming a nun. As new opera Silver Birch explores the writer’s life and beliefs, we meet her in her convent

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Not Enough Data Already?

Don't bishops talk to their flock?

Does the Patriarchate of Rome Need Such a Production?

It reinforces an ultramontanist mindset.

How Big a Risk?

Posting This

just because it is in French...

This too...

According to Whom?

AmConMag: The Alt-Right’s Moment Has Come and Gone by GEORGE HAWLEY
A new book argues that the fledgling white nationalist movement’s own mistakes and deep opposition helped bring it down.

OUP: The Alt-Right: What Everyone Needs to Know, by George Hawley, December 2019, Oxford University Press

academic bio and website

No Illiberal Free Speech

AmConMag: Think Eastern Europe is Authoritarian? Try Germany and France by PAUL GOTTFRIED
A recent study concludes that liberal Western powers suppress speech more than their “illiberal” neighbors.



Episode 1

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Jordan Peterson Hasn't Fallen Out of Favor Among Conservatives Yet

Crisis: Peterson and Solzhenitsyn Speak Truth to Power BY JERRY D. SALYER
It is not hard to see why Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, whose 100th birthday will be celebrated on December 11, would be such a compelling figure for Jordan Peterson, the Jungian psychologist who [...]

Vox Day: Ruh-roh

Another Big Rally Planned for Saturday

The real story in France

Chicoms are probably wondering why the French haven't sent the tanks in yet.

Sgt. Clint Romesha


The Corrs, "Breathless"

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Chris Hedges

How to Shoot Like John Wick, Part 2

Marion Maréchal: "Le conservatisme n'est pas tant un programme politique qu'un état d'esprit"

Tucker Carlson on the World Over

full episode




More with Kate Beckinsale

During the publicity tour for Love & Friendship.

BCM Factor Tour

Killing It

in a good way...

張國榮 - 共同渡過

Disney Still Trying to Get the Golden Eggs

Kate Beckinsale

For the Highlander in All of Us

Sgt. Paul Cale

Colonel Bogey

Friday, November 30, 2018


Traditional Chinese Qipao dress featured at Beijing fashion show

If this is what he really believes

is he just clueless or inept with respect to leading the Patriarchate of Rome?

CNA: In new book on clergy and religious life, Pope Francis addresses homosexuality

America of Yesteryear

Feminism Triumphant

China is erasing its border with Hong Kong


EP.# 125: Pat McNamara – 13 year Delta Operator – Master Training Specialist


you can't talk about politics with friends, how close are you really?

In a more homogeneous America of 60 years ago, or more, when Americans were divided according to class, they could probably discuss politics more easily if they were united by class interests. (Democratic Party for the working class, Republican Party for the wealthy?)

But would there be much socialization in the big cities between the WASPs and the continental European immigrants (or the children of European immigrants)? And even if there was such socialization, would they talk about politics?

A Politically Incorrect Name!

The Song of Tyranny

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Guarding the Queen

Episode 2

Episode 3

The Household Cavalry Gets Ready For The Royal Wedding | Forces TV

Crye Precision

Not an Ordinary Coffee Table Book

They Shall Not Grow Old

UK website

Dreher's Latest on the Latin Bishops

AmConMag: Trust Them — This Time, They’re Serious

Volume 6

From 2016

Was just reminded of the article...

Metro: How Satan Became the New Face of Secularism
A meet and greet with Silicon Valley's Satanists.
January 27, 2016 by Jennifer Wadsworth

3 Dog Knives M.A.K.

The M.A.K.

More Hong Kong Stuff

The Favourite

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Uralic Languages

Steve Sailer: Mandatory Finnish Content

Another Update

Toxic Masculinity

And quite a few women aping that behavior too... Antifa protestors remind me of those boys of single moms who end up joining gangs and are pure aggression and ego, with no rational restraint because they weren't raised properly. Everything becomes a contest of proving their masculinity.

The Appalachians

SF in Afghanistan

One More Update

PC Who

Remembrance Day in HK, 2015


Should Have Watched More Hee Haw Growing Up

Didn't appreciate the music then, and was biased against it because I had suburban tastes.

Roy Clark

Breitbart obituary

What Country Legend Roy Clark’s Death Symbolizes for America in 2018 By Boyd Cathey

Advice That Should Have Been Given and Heeded in 1776...

Abbeville Institute: How to Run the American Revolution: Belated Advice By Joseph R. Stromberg


Ultraman Anime

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Identity Politics Is the New Reality


Both white American liberalism and white American conservatism are dying, because both ideological perspectives are fundamentally dependent upon the homogeneous majority white population that existed pre-1965. Note that neither the liberal nor the conservative ideology have ever taken root anywhere outside the United States despite the USA's global cultural influence. That's why they will not survive post-American US politics; neither holds any appeal to Diversity.

The big difference between Generation Z and its predecessors is that their knowledge of identity politics is real and formative, whereas that of the older generations is mostly symbolic and theoretical. The Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials love to feel that they are helping poor unfortunate minorities through their virtue-signaling, whereas Generation Z looks around and realizes that they are in the minority themselves and they are surrounded by a Diversity that hates, envies, and fears them.

St. Nikolas Monastery in Ajiro

Primate of Japanese Church Celebrates Moleben of Thanksgiving at New Monastery
First Divine Liturgy Celebrated at St. Nicholas Monastery in Japan

The Guerrilla Gunfighter - Clandestine Carry Pistol

Friday, November 23, 2018

Not Sure if Peter Jackson Can Do Justice to the Material

The Great War...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Oriental v. Occidental Table Propriety

Oriental Ways by LINH DINH

To be attentive to others at the dinner table is a trait inculcated in East Asians since childhood. It shows civilization, not obsequiousness. At an Oriental banquet, tables tend to be round, an egalitarian arrangement with no honored seats, and all the dishes are in the middle. Although you’re only supposed to pick, say, a piece of chicken that’s close to you, and not reach across a plate, you can choose a better morsel for anyone else, especially an older person, a guest or a social superior, such as your boss. To express concern, they can also drop food in your rice bowl.

Pastor Joe

Interview with Tony Leung, Wong Kar-Wai, Carina Lau, and Christopher Doyle about Ashes of Time and Wong Kar Wai

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Good Use of the Institute's Resources?

When the reform of the reform, or even a reform of liturgical praxis, hasn't spread in the archdiocese yet?

A Country That Doesn't Take Combat Seriously

More of the Same Blue Pill Stuff, I Bet

NCReg: Mobilizing Men: Rome Hosts First International Catholic Men’s Conference by Edward Pentin
The Nov. 3-7 event featured the papal preacher, Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, and aimed at fortifying men for the key role they play in their families and in the life of the Church.

National Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance - no website yet

WTH, Celine Dion?

NCR: Exorcist Warns About Celine Dion’s Occult Children’s Clothing by
“I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic.”
Patti Armstrong

After seeing her wedding vow renewal photos (this was supposed to be Orthodox??), I am not surprised by this development. To whom did she sell her soul in order to gain fame?


People's Republic of Desire



More Than Blue


Not to be confused with a Korean movie that has the same English translation of its title:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Marié Digby

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


The Unit

The Green Uniform

In other news...

A Good Way of Building up the Brand?

Twice in as Many Weeks

Or is it three?

Cardinal DiNardo calls for ‘reasonable’ gun control after Chicago hospital shooting

Brion McClanahan on the Acting AG

if his appointment is not blocked...

The Southern Political Tradition is Winning by Brion McClanahan
Nationalist Jeff Sessions gets canned and a nullifier takes his job. This is actually an odd twist of fate. A friend of mine knows Sessions personally, and he continually expressed disappointment at Sessions’s actions as… »

Defusing a Second Civil War Through Peaceful Secession? by Matthew Silber
Secession? Nullification? A second Civil War in the presently not-so United States of America? According to a historic and highly fascinating Abbeville Institute event that took place November 9 and 10, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, a number… »

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018

They've started playing Xmas Music Already...

on a local radio station. Not posting anything yet.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Because of the convergence of the U.S. military.

Woman qualifies for special forces training, on path to be first female Green Beret


Controlled Opposition

Richard Spencer's appearance in this "documentary" gives support to the claim that he is...

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Some Familiar Names

CNA: USCCB elects six new committee chairmen

To get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

CWR Dispatch: How many meetings does it take? by Peter M.J. Stravinskas
Any honest bishop will tell you that his life is one of meeting piled on top of meeting. At what expense? And to what end?

Go Army, but this...

is a bit much. It's like videos of seminarians pretending to be Jedi. It's undignified and then there are the reminders about the feminist remodeling of the US military.

From December of last year.

Is the NPC Meme Still in Currency?

3 weeks later... I don't really pay much attention to social media but is it still being used?

Soy Face

Two from Russian Faith

Conservative Fashion Trending Globally - Here's Why

Submissiveness: Why Christian Husbands Find It So Attractive

But should those with SSA be admitted to candidacy for Holy Orders?

CWR/CNA: Intense debate over handling of abuse scandal ensues at USCCB meeting
On Tuesday, more than 20 bishops and cardinals offered passionate interventions during an open floor discussion on the sex abuse crisis at the U.S. bishops’ meeting.

Following Wester, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco then gave a long intervention in which he described what he has been hearing from Catholics in his area.

“We’ve heard how important it is to listen to our people, I’ve held listening sessions in my own Archdiocese” regarding the abuse scandal, he said.

From this listening, Cordileone said he has found that Catholics tend to fall in one of two camps regarding the abuse crisis: the first camp believes that the Church is not talking about the real problem, which is the prevalence homosexuality among the clergy and its correlation with abuse, he said.

The second camp believes that the real problem is an all-male hierarchy, “because women would never have allowed this to happen,” and therefore women must be invited in to all levels of the clergy.

Cordileone, who clarified that he was merely reporting what he found among his people, said that both conclusions are overly simplistic, but neither are without some merit.

“We do sometimes act as a good old boys club,” he said, with problems of “cronyism, favoritism, and cover-up.” He urged the bishops to find solutions to these “legitimate concerns” of Catholics in the second camp.

When considering the first camp, Cordileone cautioned against the “overly simplistic” conclusion that homosexuality causes sexual abuse. That “obviously cannot be true” he said, as some priests with homosexual tendencies faithfully serve the Church, while some heterosexually priests serve the Church poorly.

Still, the concern “has some validity,” he said, pointing to a recently-published study by Father D. Paul Sullins, a Catholic priest and retired Catholic University of America sociology professor. Sullins’ analysis found a rising trend in abuse, and argued that the evidence strongly suggests links between sexual abuse of minors and two factors: a disproportionate number of homosexual clergy, and the manifestation of a “homosexual subculture” in seminaries.

“The worst thing we could do is discredit this study so we can ignore or deny this reality,” Cordileone said. “We have to lean into it…to ignore it would be fleeing from the truth.”

The archbishop recommended further studies into the correlation between homosexuality and sexual abuse, one that avoids “quick and easy answers” and would attempt to find the root causes of this correlation.

Cordileone’s was the first intervention met with applause from many bishops.

Rod Dreher, Why Catholic Bishops Can’t Solve The Crisis


Catholic Women's Forum: A strategic necessity? (attempting to witness through mass culture and rational prsuasion) Or is the strategy itself wrong?

CWR: by Jeanette Flood

Making “the prophetic voice of women” heard
For the last four years, the Catholic Women’s Forum has been working “to amplify the voice of Catholic women—within the culture and the Church—in support of Catholic teachings.”


Scott Beauchamp Reviews Anthony Esolen's Latest Book

AmConMag: Nostalgia: Why the Left and Right Both Get It Wrong By SCOTT BEAUCHAMP

Anthony Esolen's latest explores our connection to the past and the reality that transcends.

What Accents?

Does this trailer conform to current SJW totem pole?

More Slide Designs

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Cultural Marxists Know Propaganda

It's Not Cultural Appropriation When the Good People Do It by STEVE SAILER
From the New York Times: The idea is to recast Norman Rockwell paintings with Diversity. It's a pathetically lame idea, but who cares about artistic taste anymore? What matters now is Representation. We need more pictures of the Good People and fewer pictures of the Bad People. For example, Rockwell's Freedom of Speech is too..

Vox Day

The UK Marks the Centenary

The religion of the state usurping Christianity. The female "bishop" of Londonistan, the current prime minister, the "representation," an increasingly irrelevant Royal Family probably under the control of those who actually hold power... all of this shows how the UK has declined in a century. If they really wanted to honor the dead they would admit that the Great War was not just a mistake but a crime against God, Christendom, and humanity, and they'd be doing penance.

The Centenary of the End of the Great War

Kyrie eleison.

The last deaths of World War I
Remembrance Day: The legacy of First World War poetry, from Wilfred Owen to Siegfried Sassoon

Of course there is the LGQBTXYZ slant... ‘Youth that dying touch my lips to song’: The poetry of men who loved men in the First World War

How to Shoot Like John Wick

Part 2?


Thursday, November 08, 2018

Tim O'Brien and Kathy Mattea, "Gentle on My Mind"

The Cult of Youth

How many students in American high schools, both public and private, can be said to have been brought up well?

AmConMag: Political Mental Map: Life Is Like High School By ROD DREHER

Is He a Briton?

AmConMag: Political Mental Map: Young Britain Version by ROD DREHER

Piero San Giorgio Interviews the Golden One


Why not call it that? But the heroine is a feminist model, right?

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Scroll Factory Hats

Another Helmet

another light?

another jacket?

An Arch Rebel Like Myself

An Arch Rebel Like Myself by Daniel Peters
A review of “An Arch Rebel Like Myself;” Dan Showalter and the Civil War in California and Texas, by by Gene Armistead and Robert D. Arconti (North Carolina: McFarland & Co., 2018). Discussion of the… »

Jerry Salyer on VDH

A Neoconservative Wakes Up by Jerry Salyer
Pro-Southern writers have long been suspicious of Victor Davis Hanson, given his association with the neoconservative ascendance of the Bush II era. Yet unlike most of his former colleagues, the California classicist seems to have… »