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Varia, 23 November 2006

Culture - Nov. 22, 2006

Employees of Korea Yakult make kimchi for the poor as the kimjang or kimchi-making season gets underway, in front of Busan City Hall on Tuesday.

Remains of war dead
: Members of a military honor guard carry the newly recovered remains of South Korean war dead to entomb at the National Cemetery in Tongjak-dong, Seoul, Tuesday. The military retrieved the remains of 175 people in the second half of this year, but honored only 28, excluding 83 believed to be North Koreans. The remains of the remaining 64 have not been identified. /Korea Times 11-21-2006 20:48

Posingak Bell: Citizens ring Posingak Bell together in central Seoul on Tuesday in a ceremony that took place for the first time in 110 years since it was abolished in 1895. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will carry out the bell ringing ceremony every noon from today. / The Korea Times 11-21-2006 20:47

National - Nov. 21, 2006

The renovation and move of the Gwanghwamun or main gate to the Gyeongbok Palace is in full swing on Monday. It will be dismantled by March next year and then reconstructed 14.5 m to the south, its original location, by December 2009. The gate was first built in 1395, torched during the Japanese invasion of 1592, then rebuilt by Regent Heungseon, the father of King Gojong in 1864, and moved under orders from the Japanese governor-general in 1927. It was burned down again during the Korean War, and rebuilt with reinforced concrete in 1969./Yonhap

Cambodian dancers hold a cultural performance at the opening ceremony for the Kyongju-Angkor World Culture Expo 2006 in Siem Reap in Cambodia on Tuesday. The exhibition will feature two pavilions showing off the best of Cambodian and South Korean culture. / Yonhap 11-21-2006 18:32

Business - Nov. 21, 2006

Models dressed in flight attendant uniforms stand holding the newspaper saying “Do you believe, 17 miles?” in Seosomun-ro, Seoul on Monday as part of a teaser ad for a communications company. The point of the ad becomes clear on Tuesday.

National - Nov. 20, 2006

Some 3,000 Asian fans wait in line before a concert celebrating the actor Song Seung-hun's discharge from military service at a stadium in Seoul on Sunday./Yonhap

Hallyu star fresh out of Army: Actor Song Seung-heon, left, salutes his fans after being discharged from military service on Wednesday morning in Hwachon, Kangwon Province. Groups of Song’s foreign fans from other Asian countries, including Hong Kong, top right, and Japan, gathered in the remote village to see Song mustered out and celebrate. /Yonhap 11-15-2006 20:49

Business - Nov. 20, 2006

Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Kia Motors' partnership in China, unveils the Pride (named Rio there) at the 2006 Beijing Motor Show on Saturday./Newsis

Fancy corkscrews: Lotte managers look at the display of colorful wine openers designed by world-renowned Italian architect Alessandro Mendini at the Lotte department store in Sogong-dong, downtown Seoul, Monday. / Yonhap 11-20-2006 20:01

Culture - Nov. 20, 2006

Super-mini handbags are on display at Lotte Department Store in Jamsil, Seoul, during an event promoting leading brands to celebrate its 18th anniversary on Sunday./Newsis

Kimchi for the elderly: Sebastian Arcuri, third from right, HSBC senior vice president, and other employees dressed in Santa Claus costumes prepare kimchi for the elderly at nursing homes during a charity event held in front of the bank’s headquarters in central Seoul, Sunday. /Courtesy of HSBC 11-19-2006 22:08

APEC leaders wrapping up summit: Leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific economies pose for a photograph wearing traditional Vietnamese “ao dai” clothes at the end of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, Sunday (Nov. 19). South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, left in the back row, and other leaders called for the dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear program. 11-19-2006 19:41

National - Nov. 17, 2006

High school students bow to their seniors to wish them luck before the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) at Chuncheon High School in Gangwon Province.

Change of command: Adm. Song Young-moo, center, new chief of Naval Operations, and outgoing Navy Chief Nam Hae-il, right, inspect a guard of honor at the change-of-command ceremony at the Kyeryongdae military compound in South Chungchong Province, Friday. / Korea Times 11-17-2006 17:53

Business - Nov. 17, 2006

Samsung Electronics launches the phone Drift (SPH-A503) with mobile virtual network operator Helio, an affiliate of SK Telecom, in the U.S. on Thursday./Newsis

Culture - Nov. 17, 2006

A team makes a dish in a fusion kimchi cooking contest as part of the 2006 Gwangju Kimchi Festival that kicked off Thursday at the Yeomju Sports Complex in Gwangju.

Front - Nov. 17, 2006

Models show off wearable IT devices during the Next Generation Computing Conference 2006 at KINTEX in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on Thursday./Newsis

National - Nov. 16, 2006
Skiers in Yongpyeong Ski Resort in Gangwon Province enjoy the winter landscape from their lift on Wednesday, when a heavy snowfall warning was in force in some parts of the province.

Culture - Nov. 15, 2006

Asiana Airlines crew sort through donations for UNICEF. Asiana started the collections on flights back in 1994, and has taken in W3 billion (US$1=W937) so far.

Students check examination venues for the College Scholastic Ability Test at Yoido Girl’s High School in Seoul, Wednesday. The college entrance exam will take place nationwide today. / Korea Times 11-15-2006 21:04

Best Korean beef: Consumers taste the best of North Cholla Province’s Korean beef approved by the Korea Animal Improvement Association at the Agro-Trade Exhibition Center in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Wednesday./ Yonhap 11-15-2006 20:59

Front - Nov. 15, 2006
Two women take a picture of Seoul under the autumn sky at Mt. Namsan on Tuesday.

Front - Nov. 14, 2006

Shoppers try on winter hats at a stall in Myeongdong, Seoul on Tuesday amid news of an impending cold snap.

Smart phone: A model demonstrates a slim smart phone of Samsung Electronics, with the moniker of Samsung Black- Jack, Tuesday. Samsung plans to market the model empowered by the high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) network in the United States this week through Cingular Wireless. / Courtesy of Samsung Electronics 11-14-2006 20:26

BMW-LG alliance: A model demonstrates LG Electronics’ Shine Phone, a premium mobile phone, and BMW’s 7-series sedan simultaneously, in a joint marketing project by the two companies. /Yonhap 11-14-2006 20:35

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Singer's Sexy Getup Shocks Again

The second performance is fueling criticism. One irate Internet user posted opinion on the MBC’s audience notice board saying, “How can she come out on stage with those embarrassing, indecent clothes. Did she really have to come dressed in clothes that women might have worn in the 70s or 80s in cheap bars, and on a public channel, when families were watching?” Another Netizen admitted to feeling “very embarrassed” watching the display with his parents. “This is Korea. Why doesn’t she go and live in America?” he added. Related articles on major portal sites like Naver were flooded with replies condemning her getup.
Sigh. They might think they're liberated, but women who feel they have to prove that they can still be "sexy" even when they are older are simply making it worse for all women, not better. Uhm Jung Hwa isn't new to scandal, but she should really grow up and learn what it means to be a lady. Alas, many still admire her for her brashness and personality.

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