Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back in the not-so-Golden State

I'm here in California, and AOL dial-up is really slow, and so is the computer at home. On the one hand I can appreciate the speed of dsl or cable, and a more up-to-date computer, but on the other hand, these are things that I should be slowly weaning myself from. Ah well. I'm visiting my friend the Dominican up in Oakland; it's been a very good visit. I haven't decided whether I will see the niece yet, but I'm leaning towards "yes."

Light blogging for the rest of break.

Anyway, here is an interesting update from Energy Bulletin:

Dollar hegemony - Dec 19
Staff, EB
The end of Dollar supremacy
Lester Brown: Why China is rising and the U.S. is declining
Venezuela, oil producers buy Euro as Dollar, oil fall
Dollar dropped in Iran asset move
Chief banker says Iran to use all currencies in int'l exchanges
WSJ: Dollars, debt and the trade gap
Debut of the 'Amero'?
published December 19, 2006.

No response to my email from Mr. Henry Liu yet; I would like to get answers from someone knowledgeable about how economics but not biased towards neo-liberalism or the Austrian school, or any other school for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, dear PB! Glad you're safely at home. I hope you enjoy a blessed Christmas. BG had a terrible, terrible date with CB. I am so glad my date was with V2 and that V2 is 1. normal 2. actually Catholic 3. polite 4. not cheap.