Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cowards, Bullies, and Killers

Cowards, Bullies, and Killers
Posted by R. Cort Kirkwood on May 03, 2007

Is radical feminism the only cause at fault? What about the nanny state and the indoctrination that goes in schools? Now, one could say that the radical feminist agenda has taken over the public schools, but might it not be the case that it is in the interest of the powers to be to create a docile, passive people through the social instruments they have at their disposal as well? Isn't this what one would expect a centralized nation-state to do, to maintain control over the populace and to get rid of any threats to the power of the political and economic elites?

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Lady Downstairs said...

Wow. Powerful article. I will now send it various men I know to see what they say.