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EB, Permaculture and peak oil, August 1

Permaculture and peak oil - Aug 1
David Holmgren on Peak Oil, Energy Descent and Permaculture.
Ecological Options Network (EON), YouTube

Online permaculture talks: "The Era of Post Carbon Transition"
Tim Winton, Permaforest Trust
Screencast presentation called The Era of Post Carbon Transition.

It was done as part of a Certificate 4 in Accredited Permaculture Training at Permaforest Trust's (a not-for-profit organization) sustainability education centre and demonstration farm.

We have changed the focus of the permaculture training to creating 'Post Carbon Professionals'- people trained in hands-on permaculture and community development who can act as catalysts in grass roots adaptation to energy decent, climate change and related limits to growth.

The Permaforest Trust is focusing on creating educational resources for post carbon work. The Screencast mentioned above is part of a planned series of open source educational content we are calling our 'Low Fi is the New Hi Fi' series.

Screencast links can be seen here at . In the Low Fi is the New Hi Fi' folder there is are links to a four-part screencast titled "Energy Fundamentals- an energy primer for post carbon sustainability". We hope to get the whole course online this coming year.

The plan is to create enough of this sort of material along with other supporting links, open source content, other content on our site, support forums, project templates, etc. so that people can give themselves a basic post carbon education online.

It seems to me that awareness raising of impending energy descent is reaching critical mass (in large part due to the great work at EnergyBulletin, Global Public Media and others) and we are now moving into the earlyish stages of creating scaleable resources for motivated folks to use in transition. This is how Permaforest Trust sees its work in the scheme of things
(July 2007)

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