Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MG, The Economic Boffo Comic

The Economic Boffo Comic

Last week we set a new record in the national debt, which has now officially breached the $9 trillion mark.

We are also setting records in sheer, slimy corruption, as the limit on that debt (as last set by Congress), was only $8.965 trillion, and is now overspent by Congress (except Ron Paul) and they are all pretending not to notice! What absolute dirtbags!

And speaking of dirtbags, I cannot believe that Christopher Dodd, longtime chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has not resigned in disgrace at this subprime fiasco (which, lest we need reminding, originated in the banks, as do all economic crises). I mean, he was THE guy in the Senate Banking Committee position to look at this crap and say, "Whoa! Maybe That Idiot Mogambo (TIM) is onto something here, because these insane degrees of money and credit expansion by the banks are obviously wrong, and if we keep this crap up we are going to be freaking doomed!"

Even more amazing, I can't believe that he is actually running for President! Hahahaha! The most provably economically clueless weenie in Congress now wants to take his worthless act to the White House! Hahaha!

The only saving grace in this whole stinking mess is that I am not from Connecticut, the weird little state that actually elected, and consistently reelected and reelected, this selfsame Christopher Dodd, and who now must live with the shame of having done so.

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