Saturday, November 03, 2007


The more time I spend in the Cupertino library, the more I can't stand teenagers, especially East Asian teens. Noisy, talkative, inconsiderate, oblivious to the bigger picture and issues. Even a so-called "democracy" such as this needs some bare minimum of character in order to function, but I fear that we aren't even meeting that level.

Now if the parents of these teenagers go on to harbor certain attitudes towards other Asians, seeing them as being "inferior" in some way, I would have a few words to say to them. On average, I find Vietnamese students in San Jose to be better behaved than Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean students in Cupertino. Does a lack of parenting and too much luxury explain the difference? Vietnamese students (and many Mexican ones as well) are taught to respect their teachers. While this is the Confucian ideal, these days how many East Asian parents pass this on to their children? Sure, some may remember to offer a gift for the holidays or the end of the school year, but one is suspicious that this isn't a form of guanxi being practiced, rather than Confucian respect. At any rate, this rarely happens.

Parents not doing their job, a bad mass culture, an educational system that retards and infantalizes... there is plenty of blame to go around. There isn't much improvement once they enter college.

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