Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just returned home not too long ago. I flew into SFO this morning from PHX--the flight wasn't too full, so we were able to get seats rather easily, and in one of the exit rows as well. It was a nice trip to PHX to see my mother's mother. My sisters and their families drive to PHX from SLO, so almost everyone was there. We won't be going to AZ in December, so I don't know when I will be going there next. Last night was a bit disappointing, since we didn't meet up with the cousins as we would have liked. (And they didn't call back, either.) Ah well. At least we saw them on Thanksgiving Day.

I had breakfast this morning with my mother over at Top Cafe (Tsim Fung) in Milpitas. I think it is related to the one in Cupertino; a third is being opened on Dixon Landing Rd. We had congee and yau tieu (which was fresh). The congee was ok, though the one I had in SF a couple of weeks ago was better. The won ton mein... the mein was bland. The won ton was ok.

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