Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peter Hitchens weighs in on President Obama at Notre Dame: 'Stop killing our children!’ cried the hecklers. ‘Yes, we can’ chanted the Obama fans

Some of you will have seen that Saint Barack ran into the first serious public hostility of his career on a visit to Notre Dame University, an old-established Roman Catholic college of some reputation, in South Bend, Indiana. The headline on this posting refers to the shouts which echoed across the hall as he addressed the student body and picked up an honorary degree, against the opposition of many American Roman Catholics. They are right to oppose these unjustified and mistaken compliments. I do not think Mr Obama seeks genuine compromise with this great Christian institution. I think on the contrary that he hopes to co-opt it into his machine, and compromise it so that it moderates its opposition to him.

I also do not think that 'Yes, we can' is much of a response to the accusations of abortion opponents. It reminds me of the general empty-headed rock-star worship which became such a feature of Mr Obama's campaign. What, in this instance, does it mean? So far as I know Mr Obama's attitude towards abortion is at the extreme end of permissive, as he will no doubt show when he picks his candidates for the Supreme Court, the USA's potent and unelected third legislative chamber.

(I'm always amused when people attack our House of Lords, which in recent years has been an outpost of independence and free thought, while calling for a US-style constitution, which would enthrone such a court here, autocratic and chillingly liberal.)

'Yes, we can' certainly doesn't mean that Mr Obama can fulfill all his promises. His recent decisions, on military tribunals and the publication of pictures of prisoner abuse, really ought to have given his more gullible supporters reason to doubt. Time he was treated as a normal human being - as he always should have been.

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