Friday, July 10, 2009

유리 - Save the World Quiz 090530 (cut)

This has all of the major clips featuring Tiffany and Yuri from Girls Generation. But I'm posting it because you can catch a glimps of Jang Yoon Jung (장윤정). Is she still a MC on 1000 Song Challenge? Anyway, she sings a couple of lines from Girls Generation's Gee--I don't think in a Trot style but pansori style? I could be wrong, but her way of singing reminded me more of the latter than the former.

090530 Tiffany & Yuri - 6/6 @ Sebaqui

If you look hard enough you can watch the entire May 30 episode of 세바퀴 online.

An oldie!--Jang Yoon-Jeong - Yeogo joleopban (장윤정 - 여고 졸업반)

Another oldie: Jang Yoon Jeong - I always ... you (장윤정 - 나 항상 그대를)

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Iosue Andreas Sartorius said...

"Is she still a MC on 1000 Song Challenge?"

No, there are two new MCs. I don't know who there are, but the look so much like the original ones, that it took me a while to figure.

UPDATE: My wife just told me the show is gone, and has been replaced by one with a similar theme, but different format and title.

"1000 Song Challenge" was my wife's favorite show. I always kind of liked it to.