Monday, August 31, 2009

The Thinking Housewife: Men in Ads and Why the Image of Spineless Men is Real

It's not just misandry -- it is also reality: the rise of the betas. Were the men of the past, who provided for the family and so on, mere betas? I wouldn't want to make that claim without more evidence, although it may be that American men have been slowly transformed into compliant sheep by the combined forces of government and industry since the second half of the nineteenth century.

Yesterday someone asked me what I thought about Milgram's experiment and what it supposedly said about people's morality and obedience to unlawful authority. She compared it to the participation of ordinary Germans in World War II. One thing that I didn't not was that these people submitted themselves to the researcher in the first place, much like the willing participant who volunteers for the hypnotist. I did make the point though that it may be an indicator that we have not been raising "active citizens" -- by which I meant citizens who can think critically and have the virtues to back up their principles. Secondly, that we do not really live in a "democracy" (or a republic), though it is claimed that we do. Members of centralized nation-states that claim to be democratic do not have the virtues necessary for the creation and maintenance of a republic? It doesn't surprise me. In fact, Aristotle points out that a good citizen is one who serves the regmie well and is not necessarily a good man. It is only in a good regime that the good citizen is also a good man.

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