Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NLM: St. Mary's Chapel, Boston College: Aspirations for Both Forms

Is BC still proceeding with expansion? Do they have the money to do it? "Pride goeth before the fall..." With the property they purchased from the archdiocese I suppose there is a lot that could be done. The school certainly has great aspirations.

I had a post about the expansion, but it seems to have been deleted. Unless I actually finished it. Perhaps the plans made sense if the status quo could be perpetuated indefinitely, but with the recession and the higher education bubble (and BC's participation in that bubble), is expansion prudent? As far as I know, the university has not done anything to prepare for peak oil, and this is probably true of all of the other Jesuit institutions in America.

From June of this year: Buildings & Grounds - City Approves Controversial Boston College
Brighton Centered: Two Brighton Residents Sue City Over Boston College's Expansion

From late 2007:

Boston College - Institutional Master Plan
$1.6 billion plan calls for grand expansion at Boston College
Buildings & Grounds - Mayor Criticizes Boston College's Expansion

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