Saturday, October 31, 2009

Times Online: Joffé sparks row with Opus Dei film

A spokesman for Opus Dei denied There Be Dragons is its film, although an Opus Dei priest, Father John Wauck, is an onset adviser in Buenos Aires, which is standing in for 1930s Madrid.

Last week Joffé confirmed that the film had been funded by a member of Opus Dei, the independent Hollywood film producer Heriberto Schoeffer. Joffé said he had torn up the original script, written by a former nun, to make it more like Indiana Jones, the Steven Spielberg action movie franchise.

Schoeffer said he had offered it first to Hugh Hudson, the director of Chariots of Fire, who rejected the project because the script was too “pro-Franco”.

Opus Dei defectors who have been watching the filming allege in their blogs that There Be Dragons is still “dark Dei propaganda”.

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