Monday, December 28, 2009

Some honesty from the writers working for the BBC?

*spoiler warning*

In the series 8 finale of Spooks, Ros and Lucas have to evacuate the Home Secretary and the Pakistani president to safety, after a bomb is found in the hotel in which talks between India and Pakistan are being held. Both the Home Secretary and the Pakistani president have been paralyzed by drugs, so the MI5 agents have to carry them out. Ros admits that she is weaker, and tells Lucas that he must bring the Pakistani president to safety first, since if he dies, war will ensue between India and Pakistan. Ros is left behind to struggle with carrying the Home Secretary.

A female agent is having problems carrying her principal to safety? When she is regularly tasked with protection detail? How many women are physically capable of bringing an adult male to safety, even if they are just dragging him (as it is required in firefighter and LEO physical fitness exams)? And if dragging is too slow, and danger requires a faster evacuation, can they do a one-man carry?

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