Friday, January 29, 2010

Joe Hargrave asks, Middle Ground Between Storck and Sirico? (via The Distributist Review)

I'm not going to enter into the debate between distributism/CST and the Austrian school at this point -- you can go over to the comments at the Distributist Review, where the question of how much practical cooperation there can be between members of these two groups is being addressed. What I do want to say is that for now, I wouldn't want to characterize the development of the Anglo-American political tradition as the Anglo-American Enlightenment. It is the whole question of which understanding fo the tradition is correct: the republican one, or the Lockean one? Furthermore, if there is an agrarian, localist impulse it is to be found in the South and the Southern tradition, rather than that of the North. I am still not clear as to what Dr. Wilson and John C. Calhoun (and others) mean by free trade, and how this fits in with their understanding of political economy, but Dr. Wilson is a believer in free trade (free markets) but it appears that he is not a supporter of big corporations as well. Is it too late for the South to bring its tradition back and live in accordance with it?

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