Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Even Rod Dreher, Orthodox convert, uses that lousy classification proposed by liberals and those studying comparative theology:

Should Christians practice martial arts? I'd love to see a (civil, philosophical) discussion on the question above. Though I ask for a view on whether or not Christians should do this, I would also be interested in hearing from Jews and Muslims about whether it is advisable (or not) for believers in their respective traditions to take up the Asian martial arts -- and if so, under what conditions might that be OK?

The problem, it seems to me, as someone who has never practiced a martial art, comes from the fact that many (most? all?) of the martial arts are grounded in a certain spiritual and metaphysical worldview incompatible with Abrahamic religion.

Is Christianity more than a belief system? There is something to be said for Protestants rejecting the word "religion" in favor of having a "relationship" with Christ. Do Jews, Muslims, and Christians observe the same laws with respect to the virtue of religio? No. Do they share the same beliefs? No. If a religion can be said to be Abrahamic, it is because it is bound with the historical person of Abraham in some way. Even if Jews and Muslims look to Abraham as the patriarch or founder of their peoples, is this true of Christians? No.

Calling a religion "Abrahamic" glosses over the question of whether God actually does any revealing, and how and where the salvation He has given is to be found.

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Seraphic said...

Oh, is he still Orthodox? I thought he would have changed to something else by now. The Mennonites are pretty crunchy.