Saturday, October 09, 2010

Thought I might have some time to write today, but I just returned to Sarge's apartment about 15 minutes ago, and it's already past 11:00. Today was a full day -- first we had breakfast at a local diner, then he ran me through some shooting drills with the Glock and the M4. Afterwards, we went to Emo and Mr. C's house, where Sarge helped burn some leaves while I helped Emo with a crossword. I eventually went back outside to meet C's friend B. After they stopped yard work, we hung out at the pool and then had dinner -- delicious steaks cooked by Mr. C (who makes a great turkey for Thanksgiving, even if his cooking method is unorthodox).

Tomorrow: Mass at Emo's Korean church, and the afternoon over at their house again, probably.

I'm running on even less sleep than usual, as I couldn't sleep comfortably on the plane. My seat wouldn't recline and I woke up continuously during the flight.

On Monday we will be going over to V's house for more instruction in shooting. I heard an interesting opinion tonight from Mr. C about Larry Vickers.

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