Friday, November 12, 2010

Point shooting vs. aimed shooting

I forgot to mention this--I also brought up the question about point shooting (or instinctive shooting) vs. aimed shooting with Mr. C. I hadn't seen much discussion of this question lately, but I haven't been looking at shooting forums much either. It was a big point of dispute a while ago in online forums. Mr. C rejected the claim that "Delta operators learn how to do point shooting" -- in SF and Delta, they learned aimed shooting. It's just that some learn it so well that it seems like its instinctive, when it's really habitual and the aiming is something they do but are no longer conscious of it. As a result, it seems like something else when they think about it--they don't remember the aiming. The young are prone to making this claim when asked about their skills, but those who have experience and enough self-reflection realize what is going on. Mr. C even said, "It becomes like second nature." The use of habits to describe the state of certain abilities has not become obsolete.

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