Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still on vacation, continued light blogging...

Some links:

Gareth Porter, The Unending Occupation of Iraq
Thomas H. Naylor, Shattering the Myth of Vermont
Pam Martens, How the Fed and the Treasury Stonewalled Mark Pittman to His Dying Breath
Franklin Lamb, Is the American Public About to Toss Israel?
Richard Forno, TSA and America's Zero Risk Culture
Michael Hudson, Obama's Greatest Betrayal
Paul Craig Roberts, Eyes Only on Burma
Gareth Porter, Intel Failure in Yemen
Mike Whitney, Erin Go Broke
Bill Hatch,  Jerry Brown's Parable of the Rocking Boat
Jonathan Cook, Re-Unifying the Palestinian Nation
David Swanson, Tall Tillman Tales
Kim Nicolini, An Intimate Look at How Things are Made in China
Paul Craig Roberts, Licensed to Kill

The limits of ownership
Andrew Curry, thenextwave
Market-based ownership models have damaged the public and social interest. Innovation is inevitable.

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