Sunday, February 06, 2011

On the 100th Anniversary of Ronald Regan's Birth

It is funny how certain people whom I thought were more "traditional" have written posts praising Ronald Reagan. That Republican faithful and mainstream conservatives do this is not surprising. Perhaps those in Europe remember Reagan fondly because of the Cold War and the supposed role he played in bringing down Eastern European Communism. I remember being a supporter when I was a child--in Kindergarten when we were asked about the election I proudly said we were voting for him, and told everyone else to vote for him too, because we were supported the Republican Party, which was obviously better than the Democratic Party. I continued to be a supporter throughout elementary school, even during the Iran-Contra scandal--we had to fight against Communism. In high school, though, I wasn't so interested in defending his legacy, and this continued throughout college. Even though I listened to "conservative" radio, I was more concerned with the principles than with the personalities.

Now, I just want to read some issues of Chronicles from that time, and see what the paleos had to say while Reagan was in office. I suspect that his record with respect to the defense of tradition and the Constitution while in office is not as spotless as some conservatives think. - Reagan's Centennial Celebration
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