Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Items of Interest, 11 May 2011

Alte, The Artifice of Submissive Femininity

Transition and the collapse scenario
Dave Pollard, how to save the world

At the risk of exasperating my crisis-fatigued colleagues in the Transition Movement, here’s a collapse scenario, not inconsistent with those of many researchers, scientists, historians, economists and theorists who’ve looked at peak oil, runaway global warming, economic depressions and the history of civilizations.

Good news on the right to food by Timothy Wise (EB)

Are food prices too high or not high enough?
Gene Logsdon, From The Contrary Farmer, Mulligan Books

Not one mention was made of the best way to be farming this year: letting the animals graze for their food as they turn untilled pasture into meat, milk and eggs. It has been so wet that you did dare put cows on some pastures some days but, on the whole, pasture farmers are happy with all this rain: we could graze twice as many animals as normal.

Making a Living (Economy)
We're wasting our resources subsidizing a war economy, sprawl, and consumerism. What we could do differently in a living economy.
by David Korten

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